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I've got an idea kicking about for a goblin rogue who battles with two torches. the core of which is Burn!Burn!Burn! and Fire Hand feats.

There's a lot I can do, but I'm concerned about weapon viability as he progresses.

Right now 3rd level, he can strike a flat 1d2 base +1d4+1 for feat bonuses. before sneak attack dice. The primary stopper is the the damage cannot come from magical fire sources, so I'm stymied at the moment on improving weapons as he rises in level to remain competitive.

My first thoughts are a battle aspergillium and alchemist's fire. I could enchant the weapon itself and maybe treat it as a torch? but then for me that's bending the rules a bit, and I wouldn't consider it an actual torch for game mechanics.


I've gotten the special boon race, and wish to go with an ifrit, since that sorcerer archetype wishcrafter really stands out when there's only three available on hero lab.

I went to the message boards, and google, and have only found a few references that it sounds like a good RP idea, but almost no actual input on playing a wishcrafter.

I see a primary failure right off (and it may be a wrong interpretation of the wording) but having, at most 4-6 other players in the group, the whole make-a-wish-for-one-one-of-these-specific-spells-i-can-cast is pretty ridiculous with a 24 hour limitation. Especially since I cannot benefit from group or personal spell effects. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind setting up a buffer, but in a basic group? 3 requests and bonuses for using the wish as a verbal component are lost. And why would anyone wish specifically for burning hands or fire missle(modded magic missle)? You know they're going to ask and it's going to be a half hour of explanation of why you cant.

Where's the synergy for other fire-themed builds? An ifrit sorcerer doesn't go well with the efreeti bloodline at all? What if I'd wanted to go wizard instead of sorcerer. my only racial in that area is charisma and fire elemental bloodline only.

Why wouldn't I follow an efreeti bloodline wishcrafter? Has anyone had any real play with these issues that i bring up?

Oracle Revelation: Energy body

Is the stated 'move through square' passing bodily through either creature or just next to each other?

If it is passing through each other;

Does the weapon held by oracle also phase into the elemental form?

Should the weapon do so, can the oracle 'strike' other players to heal them? (Case in point Longspear.)


Is there any thought/effort to integrate the reported sessions for a character from the official site to/into hero lab? It's a pain in the ass to document every detail into the journal just so I can keep my OCD happy. All I'm really looking for is the basics, title, gold, PP. And maybe a purchase log to document buy/sell done on the character generator as well.

My friend just linked this to me, it may be why Gen Con's touting such record sales on badges and the like.

Roomjacking bastiches

Kind of explains why I couldn't get a room within 6 hours of registration. Instructions on the website on what to do and say.

Isn't there someone we can go to hold them responsible for what they've pulled?

Life in the arena continues for our intrepid shmoes. Come by our site. As always, if you enjoy, say so and pass us onto your friends.


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A nearby hobby store is charging 5$ to play for PFS. I guess it's his right to do so, but he's implied that it is a 'part' of PFS, not his policy. He's also implying that he's the 'head person' to deal with for PFS, not the venture captain. Understand, he's not said anything outright, but controls the system in his area with a tight fist.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to breach this palisade? I want gamers to know the full truth about the PFS, which can be played exactly the same way, less than a half hour away, for free. Nor do I want to alienate him and his business, because he is the only game in town, so to speak. One bad owner shouldn't be able to ruin the campaign for a large community that could have a phenomenal pathfinder following if treated right.

My Ideas coalescing so far is a paizo-approved brochure that states some pointed details out, while also introducing what PFS is to new players. Included Paizo links for more information, volunteers to contact, etc. Then at least the power to choose would be directly in the player's hand. Quite frankly, I would also like to see an ad or two on TV, or Hulu too.

I plan on regularly visiting this store, as a player and an active member of the PFS volunteer team, so getting into an all out grudge match with them is out of the question. I think we can come down to an equitable idea as a community, give me your best.

Is there a unified source, something everyone knows where to go, to look up/post/index a list of conventions nearby centric to gaming/comic/animation?

Come on over and enjoy a high fantasy comic about an undead warrior, and a swashbuckling kobold trying to find their way in an imperfect utopia.
The comic Page.


When executing the defense of the town, I've picked up that one does not tell when the circumstances culminate, but my question is; How in depth rules-wise do you as a gm involve the players? i.e. do you just let them flap in the wind, to guess on their own, or do you get down to brass tacks, tell them what manpower, time consumption, and rewards exist?