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Seo Jones' office looked like it always did. There were notes all over the room. Links with index cards from all periods of human history dusted on the shelves and the mail of the past two weeks piled up on the desk. The professor of linkology had been traveling again. He had searched for the last US gov links in the Washington catacombs and had been able to save some. After his first lecture this morning on the link structures of medi-adonisera, he made himself comfortable. With his feet on the table, he was about to bite his roll with two centimeters of nut nougat cream when his assistant, Anna Lytics, stormed into the room. "Mr. Jones, here's a telegram from your father, Sem Jones. ”The professor almost fell off his chair in shock. "Can't knock," Seo growled at the young woman, wiping the brown cream off her cheek. He made short work of the telegram and simply tore it open. "Have the decisive track - stop - I'm in danger - stop - all information in the brown envelope - stop - dad." The professor rolled his eyes. "The and his golden link, that goes from me to Sat ...". Before completing the sentence, Seo Jones corrected himself "on the ghost". Anna Lytics seemed confused. "What is the golden link?"

The linkologist hadn't exactly been waiting for this question, but he answers. “The golden link is a myth. With him you should dominate the world and be able to put yourself at the top of all rankings. If even guys like Ernst von Dönecken write whole books about it and explain that the golden link was brought to earth by the planet Googleos and shaped the first civilization, that can only be Mumpitz. In any case, researchers have been looking for this link for generations. Even Seo, the mercenaryto whom I owe my first name is said to have been a link hunter. ”While Seo Jones was talking, he rummaged on his desk. "Was there a letter with the telegram? Here is something of a brown envelope. ”Anna Lytics shook her head. "Nah, today's mail is already on your table." Within a few minutes, envelope after envelope flew into the corner until an old, worn envelope appeared. "There we have it." Seo opened the envelope and held his father's old notebook in his hands. "Here he wrote down everything he knows about the golden link. Then something really must have happened ”. Jones leafed through the last entries and called to his assistant, who was already sitting in the anteroom, "Book me a flight to Central America."

Thirty-six hours later, Seo Jones was crouched in a bar in a village whose name you wouldn't find on a map. Here he waited over a lukewarm beer for his acquaintance, Mini Vip. The mustachioed man had a seventh sense of left and had helped the professor several times. "Hello Seo," it sounded from the entrance. Jones turned to see Mini, with a red t-shirt and a camera around his neck. "You can't leave it, can you? Always the finger on the trigger. ”Seo was happy to see his old comrade again, but got straight to the point. "Did you hear anything from my father?" Mini sat down, leaned over to Seo and whispered: "He was here, accompanied by Linkwoman. Shortly after the two, dark figures came into town. "Mini Vip turned as if afraid a stranger could listen to his words. "The Chinese circle called" The Blue Pill ", Russian link dealers and the casino cartel have followed Sem and the woman. I think the Russians are keeping them in hiding. ”

At night, Seo and Mini reached the Link Merchant Fortress. They managed to get over the wall onto the site and from there through a cellar window into the house. They didn't have much time. They didn't have to search long anyway. The loud snoring of Sem Jones led her straight to the prison. While Seo's father slept in peace, Linkwoman couldn't keep an eye shut. They were chained to the wall with chains. A few targeted blows with the sturdy Mini Vip photo tripod loosened the stones around the anchor. The rest was done by a heavy hammer and hacksaw, which they found in the workshop. "Junior, we have to hurry. Otherwise the Russians will get the golden link and everything will change. ”Seo Jones rolled his eyes. "My name is Seo, father, not junior. Remember that. ”But Sem wasn't listening,

They were on the way two days' marches when they reached a cave. There was no sign of the Russians. "I told them the wrong way," laughed Sem Jones. At that moment a young boy jumped into the cave. "You won't come in here," he said, proudly showing his flintlock rifle. "Why do you speak our language?" Seo was surprised at the appearance of the man. “My parents let me study in Germany. I made my money as a bouncer. Don't come in here anyway. ”Acidified Seo Jones took out and hit the guard full on the twelve. "So much for bouncer and you won't come in here, you whistle." The group around Sem and Seo ventured into the cave.

They provided a little light with flashlights. They had to bypass seven spam traps, which would have dropped tons of stones into the corridors, until they stood at a door. It was secured with a lock, in which symbols must be placed in the correct order. "Do you have my Kladde Junior?" "Seo, father, my name is Seo. Here you have your old notebook. ”Sem Jones leafed through a little and began to move symbol by symbol. "First the symbol for G, then O, another O, a G, an L and an E," murmured Seo's father. "You don't really believe in the story with Googleos," asked the link finder. "Yes, you see. The door is open, now almost anything is free on itunes"

There was a large room behind her, full of links. One more beautiful than the other. Some twitched, clouds of smoke rose from others. "Which one is the real golden one?" Linkwoman touched individual specimens, but did not dare to pick them up. "It should be beautiful, but also simple," said Sem Jones and purposefully went to a small link that was deformed like a G. "He is." But when the man tried to break the link, the cave started to vibrate. Stones fell from the ceiling. "We have to get out of here," Mini Vip called. Sem Jones kept trying to take the golden link. "Father, leave the link. Run for your life. ”Seo grabbed his father's arm and yanked him aside before a boulder had crushed him. "Now go, the link is lost." In front of the cave, Sem Jones took his notebook, tore it up. "That’s it. I know that there is the golden link and nobody else can use it for its own purposes. Too bad, I would have liked to know what it was like to be at the top. "Seo laughed:" With me you always come first.