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So, just trying to figure something out here, and I can use a little clarification. Let us make a human, we'll call him Larry. Larry is a fighter (crossbowman) 11. He has an 18 dex and an 18 int. He has the following pertinent feats and abilities:
Deadshot, Imp. deadshot, Grt. deadshot, crossbow expert (+2), vital strike, imp. vital strike, devastating strike, exotic weapon prof. (double crossbow), weapon focus (dbl crossbow), weapon spec. (dbl. cr.bow), deadly aim (-3,+6), and focused shot.

Larry has chugged a potion of enlarge person with a gravity bow chaser.

Larry also has a shiny +2 frost, shock dbl. crossbow. It's loaded... and dangerous. He stares down his sights at some ugly orc and says something in orcish (probably a clever and witty insult given his high intelligence), and readies to attack the orc if he attacks. The orc doesn't like being told what to do, not by pinkskins, not in his language, and especially not wittily. The orc charges, and larry fires. Larry hits trying to use all the above mentioned feats on his shot.

How much damage does Larry do?