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We're planning on having at least 32 bloodlines when the book is ready. These 5 are currently the most complete. I'm sharing them both to get thoughts and critiques, and see if anyone would be interested in such a book in the first place.

In this preview you'll find the Arachnid, Jabberwock, Ooze, Pixie and Wendigo bloodlines.

Book PDF

We've also got some sorcerer archetypes we're working on, they aren't complete enough to share though. One is the Bound Artifact sorcerer, who has an artifact, which when they wear it, only then can they use their magic, they also get some vigilante talents, and wearing the artifact moves them one step closer to Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Neutral. (Based on Dr. Fate). The other archetype is the Wandcaster, a metamagic focused archetype, who must use a wand as a focus for her spells. (Based on HP)

All the art is sourced from old public domain books, though we are also looking into finding artists for things like oozes and wendigos, which we can't find any good art for.

The plan is to sell this book on drivethrurpg when it's done. Probably for 15-20$.

As you can see in the PDF, we originally titled it Blood of the Ancients, before being informed on reddit that there was already a Paizo book by that name. We're currently brainstorming a new title.

Cause my understanding was that the reason other gods aren't OGL, is because they're product identity. But since these are public domain gods, it should be fine, right? (Question also applies to Lovecraftian deities.)

Follow-up question regarding the other gods. Are the actual rules regarding them (their deific obedience bonuses for example), OGL?

I'm asking, cause me and a friend are working on a book of IRL deities converted for pathfinder (and 5e), and were hoping to just copy and slightly modify some existing deific obedience stuff, and just expand the official rules regarding the Egyptian gods.

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Bravo!! This right here is why I love Paizo.
I just hope this new license allows making video games using the pathfinder ruleset, something that was possible with the OGL (if a bit obtuse, and overcomplicated)

Leon Aquilla wrote:
Stephen Glicker/Mark Seifter are saying something else might be happening in 45 minutes.

Link? I can't find anything with google.