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Female Half-Elf Witch (Cartomancer)/2 HP 14/14 | AC 12 T 12 FF 10 | Fort +2 Ref +2 Will +1 | Per +4 | Init +3


Medium (5'7")







About Zeldana Amaria

Hell's Rebels Zeldana:
Stats and Abilities
STR: 10 / DEX: 14 / CON: 14
INT: 20 / WIS: 7 / CHA: 14
HP: 14
Initiative: +3
Move Rate: 30 ft
AC: 12 (Touch: 12 , Flat Footed: 10)
BAB: +1
CMB: +1
CMD: 13
Fort Save: +2
Reflex Save: +2
Will Save: +1
Conditional Modifiers: +2 vs enchantment spells and effects.
Patron: Portents
Racial traits: Keen Senses, Elven Blood, Low-light vision, Arcane Training
DC: 15
Evil Eye
Quarterstaff +1 1d6+0
Appraise: +7
Diplomacy: +7
Knowledge(Arcana): +10
Knowledge(History): +10
Knowledge(Planes): +10
Perception: +4
Perform(Dance): +8 (BGS)
Profession(Fortuneteller): +5 (BGS)
Spellcraft: +10
Pattern Seeker
Clever Wordplay (Diplomacy)
Harrow Born
Tattooed Wanderer(Perform: Dance)
Skill Focus: Diplomacy
Deadly Dealer
Spell Cards (AKA:Spell Book)
0-Level Spells
DC: 15
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Daze (P)
Detect Magic (P)
Detect Poison
Putrefy Food and Drink
Read Magic (P)
Touch of Fatigue (P)

1-Level Spells
DC: 16
Burning Hands (P)
Charm Person
Enlarge Person (P)
Mage Armor (P)
Ill Omen
Hex Vulnerability
Witch's Kit backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, candles (10), chalk (10), a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.
Harrow Deck
Entertainer's Outfit
Book of Poetry
GP: 130
Weight: 31
Carrying Capacity
Light: 33
Heavy: 100

Hell's Rebels Background:

Zeldana Isabella Mireal Anca Amaria was born to the Amaria caravan that travailed all of Varisa, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Cheliax, and over the crown of the world bringing back goods to sell along the way. Her mother had joined the caravan as a guard and within her time among them fall in love with her employer's eldest son. They where married and she was welcomed into the caravan as a part of the family. The following year, while her father and grandfather where speaking with then Shriikirri-Quah about trading horses, Zeldana was born. Since the Amaria family had been trading for horses with the Shriikirri for generation, they welcomed the new born as much as the caravan did.

From there on out Zeldana's life was on the road, moving from town to town selling goods from all over their trade routes. Along the way, as Zeldana grew, her father's mother taught her the way of the Harrow cards. A deck of cards meaningful to the Varisan people.

Though as the years went by Zeldana's grandmother passed away and her father felt it would be best to settle down so that Zeldana could have some form of stability. So her parents picked her mother's home town, Kintargo, to open up a luxury goods store called Butterfly's silk that got it's goods Zeldana's uncle who now ran the caravan. After a few years and the store made enough money her mother opened up a flower shop named The Blooming Butterfly right next to the Butterfly's silk. The shops did very well and Zeldana's years for there forth where filled with endless hours of working for her mother or father. When she finally came of age Zeldana asked her mother for one of the small rooms in the shop, so that she might set up a place to sell fortune reading. Her mother agreed and The Blooming Butterfly became The Blooming Butterfly & Fortune's Flower.

The following two years where some of the best years of the half-elf's life. Business for all three where good and no one seemed to mind the fact that there was a small Desna shrine in the flower shop and goods store... Until a week ago. When the proclamations first became law it didn't seem like it was going to be that bad. Zeldana and her parents where able to get three portraits of Her Infernal Magestrix Queen Abrogail II, but it only seemed to get worse. It didn't take long for the Hell Knights to be at the family's shops, shackles in hand, to arrest them for Desnan worship. Because shrines where found in both her mother and father's shops their fates was sealed, but Zeldana's mother thought quickly on her feet and told the Hell Knights that their daughter had never taken to Desna but found faith with Shelyn. With the fact that Zeldana was known to dance and her bright colored clothing being similar to that of a Shelynite priestess, the Hell Knights bought it and Zeldana was spared.

The following days Zeldana did her best to take care of all of the shops, though she mostly closed Fortune's Flower and focuses mainly on The Blooming Butterfly and the garden out back her mother had started. Yet through the days Zeldana seemed to be visited by the same Hell Knight who was apart of the group that took away Zeldana's parents. He hardly ever bought anything and most of his time in the shops was spent talking with Zeldana, or more talking at her. Whether he was trying to get the the exotic varisian beauty to slip up and tell him she was a Desnan or this was his ill attempt at courtship, Zeldana didn't know. She just knew she didn't like the look in the man's eyes when he looked at her.

Finally present day, with the protest going about Zeldana has decided that it would be a good way to stay up on current events and hope to hear some form of good news that might help her get her parents out of prison.

Zeldana is a rather intelligent yet passion driven woman. Friendly, and rather fun to be around, Zeldana always tries to balance things out by seeing the good in the bad. She believes flaws are just unique parts of people that give them their shine, and those who have more... damaging flaws, she tries to help. To move them past and become something better.

Zeldana is varisian beauty with the slim elven form. Her whole body betrays her mixed blood, from her duel colored hair to her heterochromia eyes: One golden, the other an amethyst purple. Dressed in the typical Varisian style, Zeldana's most notable piece of clothing is the long extravagant silk scarf, known as a Kapenia, symbolizing her adulthood to all who know it's meaning. Out side of that Zeldana also has three varisian tattoos. One upon each arm just above the wrist, the left a crescent moon while the right a sun at dawn. The last upon her upper back, a set of wings the left a white dove wing while the right a black bat wing.