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Full Name

Zafina Sabbah


Human, Sarcosan


Ranger 1







Special Abilities

Darkvision 60 ft.; Natural Horseman; +1 on attack rolls with light melee weapons; Favored Enemy: Orc (+2); Track; Wild Empathy +3; Horse Empathy +5


Southern Erenland


Colonial, Erenlander (2), Norther (2)



Strength 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 9
Charisma 14

About Zafina


Hit Dice 1d10+2
Hit Points 12
Fort +4 = 2 + 2
Ref +6 = 2 + 3 + 1
Will +0 = 0 - 1 + 1
(+2 save vs. Divination effects)
Initiative +3
Armor Class, Touch , Flat-footed

Base Attack +1 CMB +3
_ + melee
_ + melee
_ + ranged


Acrobatics + 7 = 3 + 1 + 3
Handle Animal + 6 = 3 + 1 + 2
*Handle Horse + 12 = 3 + 1 + 2 + 6
Heal + 3 = 3 + 1 - 1
Knowledge (geography) + 6 = 3 + 1 + 2
Knowledge (local:S.Erenland) + 6 = 3 + 1 + 2
Perception + 3 = 3 + 1 - 1
Ride + 7 = 3 + 1 + 3
*Ride: Horse + 13 = 3 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 2
Stealth + 7 = 3 + 1 + 3
Survival + 3 = 3 + 1 – 1
*Survival: Southern Erenland + 5 = 3 + 1 – 1 + 2
*Survival: Track + 4 = 3 + 1 – 1 + 1
*Survival: Track in S.Erenland + 6 = 3 + 1 – 1 + 3


Mounted Combat
Sarcosan Pureblood Prerequisite: Sarcosan.
Benefit: You gain wild empathy (as the wildlander class ability) with all horses. Additionally, you gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC when riding horse and a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks when dealing with horses or with other Sarcosans.

1st: Darkvision 60 ft.

Nomad: Horsemaster
Your people wandered the steppes on horseback, going where they pleased and robbing, herding, and conquering as they saw fit. You were born into the saddle.
Mechanics: You gain a +2 bonus to all Ride checks, as you have spent more time on horseback than on your own feet since you were born.
Horsemaster: Under your care, a horse becomes stronger, faster, and tougher than normal. Through a combination of exercise and training, you grant any horse that you own for more than a week a +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. This bonus fades if the horse leaves your possession for more than a week. Only one horse can gain these benefits at a time. (Source: Iron Heroes)
Carefully Hidden (Human)
Your life as a member of an unpopular ethnic group has given you an uncanny knack for avoiding detection. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Will saves and a +2 trait bonus to saving throws versus divination effects. (Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory)[/b]

• +2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence, –2 Wisdom: Sarcosans have a long history of scientific advancement, artistic development, complex social structures, and strong personalities. However, their pride in their own accomplishments along with their sometimes foolish daring in the face of danger reveal a lack of caution and foresight.

• Medium: As Medium creatures, Sarcosan humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

• Sarcosan base land speed is 30 feet.

• 1 extra feat at 1st level. Sarcosans are quick learners and come from an unusually diverse culture.

• 1 extra skill point at each level. Sarcosans are ambitious and capable.

• Weapon Familiarity: Sarcosans may treat cedeku and Sarcosan lances as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons.

• +1 racial bonus on Reflex saves and on attack rolls with light melee weapons. Sarcosans are small but quick.

• Sarcosans may begin play with a Sarcosan riding horse or a Sarcosan warhorse (at one-quarter the normal cost).

• Favored Region: Southern Erenland.

• Natural Horsemen: Even those Sarcosans that don’t make their living by the horse take great pride in their abilities to ride and direct them. Many Sarcosans ride as soon as they learn to walk, and someone of another race that rides well is said to “take to a horse like a Sarcosan.” Plains Sarcosans therefore gain many benefits in regards to horses:

• Sarcosans gain a +4 racial bonus to Ride and Handle Animal checks when working with horses, as well as on Concentration checks to cast spells while mounted on a horse.

• Sarcosans suffer only half the normal attack penalties for using ranged weapons while their mounts are taking double moves or running.
The benefits of this ability stack with those from the Mounted Archery feat.

• Sarcosans gain a +1 racial bonus on damage rolls against creatures smaller than their mounts when using a melee weapon from horseback. This combines with the normal +1 bonus on melee attacks for being on higher ground to grant Sarcosans a +1 to hit and damage in these situations.

• Automatic Languages: Colonial and Erenlander. Bonus Languages: Courtier, Halfling, Norther, Orcish, and Trader’s Tongue.

• Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass Sarcosan suffers an XP penalty, his highest-level class does not count.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A ranger is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Favored Enemy (Ex): At 1st level, a ranger selects a creature type from the ranger favored enemies table. He gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. A ranger may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures.
At 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the ranger may select an additional favored enemy. In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2.
If the ranger chooses humanoids or outsiders as a favored enemy, he must also choose an associated subtype, as indicated on the table below. (Note that there are other types of humanoid to choose from in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary—those called out specifically on the table below are merely the most common.) If a specific creature falls into more than one category of favored enemy, the ranger’s bonuses do not stack; he simply uses whichever bonus is higher.

Track (Ex): A ranger adds half his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow or identify tracks.

Wild Empathy (Ex): A ranger can improve the initial attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of a person (see Chapter 4). The ranger rolls 1d20 and adds his ranger level and his Charisma bonus to determine the wild empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly.
To use wild empathy, the ranger and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time.
The ranger can also use this ability to influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, but he takes a –4 penalty on the check.

Cedeku, Explorer's Outfit, Leather Armor, Arrows (x20)
Backpack, Beltpouch, Flint and Steel, Sack, Waterskin, Whetstone
Sarcosan Riding Horse
Bit and Bridle, Riding Saddle, Saddlebag
Explorer's Outfit, Hemp Rope (50 ft.)

White-Bone Horse Figure


200 xp


Human, Sarcosan; Female; 20 years; 5'4"; 87 lbs; Black Hair; Deep Brown Eyes
Zafina is a very slight young woman with typical Sarcosan skin bleached with traditional whorls and swirls. She is attractive looking, though she usually doesn't appreciate being told so. She is well-muscled and lean, due to her life on the plains. She typically dresses in leather armor covered by the flowing garbs favored by her people.

Zafina does not have a very level head. She easily loses her temper, and is very impulsive. She rarely thinks things through, and this has gotten her into trouble before in the past.

She despises 'weak people' who collaborate with the Shadow out of fear, even more than the creatures who are born its servants, and she dreams of one day taking back Southern Erenland from the invaders and traitors. Her short temper and brash behavior usually keep any feelings of fear out of her mind, and even when there is an exception to this, she denies it hotly, hiding her fear behind anger.


Zafina Sabbah is the daughter of one of the freerider sussars, Hassan Sabbah. She has an older brother named Fattouh Sabbah, and he has a young son, Maruk. Fattouh's wife was killed by orcs shortly after Maruk was born. The same orc raid left her father with a laim leg.

They were raised in one of the nomadic tent camps, and she has rarely entered the cities of her people. She is a hot-headed youth, who often acts before thinking; her father often labels her actions as rash and dangerous. She has always been somewhat of a loner, and has grown up without making any close friends amongst her people other than her family. She has never even been in a relationship.

As she grew up, she spent many nights roaming the plains around her people's camps, and has developed an affinity for the darkness, and can now see as well in the night as many of the more dangerous beings who stalk it. She is also very agile, and between the two, she has become quite good at staying unnoticed when she so wishes.

She has always had an exceptionally close bond to the horses that accompany her people, and even as a child, she was one of the best riders in her father's camp. She recently gained her horse-rights, and when her father told her she could pick a horse from his herds, she chose a sleek, black stallion with a dark roan mane, that she named Lar'Hadri (Shadow-stalker). She often goes out on solo rides at night (much to her father and brother's dismay), guiding her horse through her own superior vision.

Despite her reckless ways, her father has recently begun to let her ride with his freeriders on raids and ambushes against the minions of the Shadow. While she knows how to use her cedeku, she prefers to use a bow, as she is smaller than most of her foes.