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Full Name



Aasimar Deep Earth Sorcerer 8 / Dungeon Rover Ranger 4 |


HP 52/52 | AC 19 T 15 FF 14 | Fort +5 Ref +8 Will +8 | CMB +5 / CMD +19 | Initiative +4 | Perception +19/+21/+23: to auto-notice underground hazards and unusual stonework within 10 feet | Darkvision 60 feet | Active Effects: None






Chaotic Good




Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome


Appraiser, Bookkeeper

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 20

About Zadira

HP 52/52 | AC 19 T 15 FF 14 | Fort +5 Ref +8 Will +8 | CMB +5 / CMD +19 | Initiative +4 | Perception +19/+21/+23: to auto-notice underground hazards and unusual stonework within 10 feet | Darkvision 60 feet | Active Effects: None

Height 5' 6"
Hair dark
Eyes hazel

Str 10 -- [with belt of giant strength]
Dex 18 +4
Con 12 +1
Int 18 +4 [level 4 bonus]
Wis 12 +1
Cha 20 +5 [level 8 bonus]

BAB +5 | Speed 30

Resistances acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5

Dungeon Ally: Emperor Cobra

=== Melee ===
Silversheen Longsword
+5 Attack | 1d8 Damage | 19-20 x2 Critical | Slashing

=== Ranged ===
+1 Longbow
+10 Attack | 1d8+1 Damage | x3 Critical | Piercing
(+1/+1 and focused shot +3 within 30 feet, standard action)
(Rapid Shot, one extra attack at highest bonus with all at -2)

Favored Enemy bonus: Undead (+2 attack and +2 damage)


[102 skill points [Ranger 6, Sorcerer 2 +4 Int +2 background skills, +1 favored class = 9 odd levels, 13 even levels]

Acrobatics +5 |+4 Dex +1 rank
+Appraise +8 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
Artistry: Design Rings +7 |+3 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Bluff +15/+17 |+4 Cha +8 rank +3 class skill +1 trait [+2 v Undead]
+Climb +11/+13 |+0 Str +8 rank +3 class skill [+2 with Climber's Kit]
+Craft Jewelry +8 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Craft Mapmaking +15 |+4 Int +8 rank +3 class skill
+Diplomacy +18 |+4 Cha +8 ranks +3 class skill +2 racial +1 trait
+Disable Device* +15 |+4 Dex +8 rank +3 class skill
Disguise +4 |+4 Cha
Escape Artist +4 |+4 Dex
+Fly +8 |+4 Dex +1 rank +3 class skill
+Handle Animal* +15 |+4 Cha +8 rank +3 class skill
+Heal +5/+7/+10 |+1 Wis +1 rank +3 class skill [+2 with Healer's Kit, +3 to treat poison with antidote kit]
+Intimidate +9 |+4 Cha +1 rank +3 class skill +1 trait
+Knowledge (Arcana)* +11 |+4 Int +4 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge (Dungeoneering)* +8/+10 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill [+2 to navigate underground (with compass)]
+Knowledge (Engineering)* +8 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Knowledge (Geography)* +8 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
Knowledge (History)* +5 |+4 Int +1 rank
Knowledge (Local)* +5 |+4 Int +1 rank
+Knowledge (Nature)* +11 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
Knowledge (Nobility)* +5 |+4 Int +1 rank
Knowledge (Planes)* +5 |+4 Int +1 rank
Knowledge (Religion)* +5/+7 |+4 Int +1 rank [+2 v Undead]
Linguistics* +5 |+4 Int +1 rank
Lore: Rappan Athuk +8 |+4 Int +1 rank +3 class skill
+Perception +19/+21 |+1 Wis +8 ranks +3 class skill +2 racial +5 Lens of Detection [+2 v Undead]
Perception +21 to notice underground environmental hazards (traps, potential cave-ins, dangerous flora, etc.) within 10 feet (Automatically notices this as she goes.)
Perception +21 to notice unusual stonework (traps, hidden doors, etc.) within 10 feet. (Automatically notices this as she goes.)
Perception +23 to notice underground environmental hazards involving stonework within 10 feet. (Automatically notices this as she goes.)
Perform: Storytelling +4 |+4 Cha
Perform: Wind Instruments +4 |+4 Cha
+Profession* Smuggling (Appraiser/bookkeeper) +5 |+1 Wis +1 rank +3 class skill
Ride +4 |+4 Dex
Sense Motive +1/+3 |+1 Wis [+2 v Undead]
Sleight of Hand* +5 |+4 Dex +1 rank
+Spellcraft* +15 |+4 Int +8 rank +3 class skill
+Stealth +15 |+4 Dex +8 rank +3 class skill
+Survival +5/+7/+10/+12 |+1 Wis +1 rank +3 class skill [+2 v Undead, +2 to avoid becoming lost (using map or compass), +5 while tracking (Lens of Detection), and both bonuses when tracking undead, if that ever comes up.]
+Swim +11 |+0 Str +8 rank +3 class skill
+Use Magic Device* +8 |+4 Cha +1 rank +3 class skill

Traits, Feats, Abilites:

Drawback: Betrayed [roll twice and take lower result on sense motive]
Extremely Fashionable [bonuses if wearing expensive items]
Two-World Magic [Grants zero-level spell from another class]

Dodge [+1 Armor Class]
Endurance [bonus from Ranger class]
Eschew Materials [cast any spell with a material component costing 1 gp or less without the component]
Focused Shot [add int bonus to damage within 30 feet]
Forge Ring
Point-Blank Shot [+1 to attack and damage within 30 feet]
Precise Shot [no penalty shooting into melee]
Rapid Shot

Special Abilites
Archery (Combat Style) [access to combat feats]
Darkvision 60 feet [see in dark]
Deep Earth Bloodline [Sorcerer type]
Dungeon Rover [Ranger Archetype]
Favored Enemy = Undead (Ex) [bonuses against this foe type]
Rockseer (Su) [adds stonecunning, tremorsense, x-ray vision at different levels]
Stone Scouting (Ex) [Adds automatic chance at noticing underground hazards]
Stonecunning [Adds automatic chance at noticing unusual stonework]
Tremor (Sp) [allows 7/day tripping within 30 feet]
Variant Aasimar Abilities [rolled 100, got 22 and 65: +1 racial bonus on will saves, the other is pointless]
Vermin Affinity (Ex) [kind of diplomacy for vermin]


Caster Level 6 | Concentration +10 (Caster level + ability mod)
Spells Known 7/5/3/2

=== Zero Level === (DC 14)
Acid Splash
Create Water (bonus: Two-World Magic)
Detect Magic
Mage Hand

=== First Level === (DC 15)
Spells per day: 7 [includes ability score bonus]

Air Bubble
Burning Hands
Expeditious Excavation (bonus)
Feather Fall
Magic Missile
Monkey Fish

=== Second Level === (DC 16)
Spells per day: 7 [includes ability score bonus]

Create Pit
Darkvision (bonus)
See Invisibility
Spider Climb

=== Third Level === (DC 17)
Spells Per Day: 6 [includes ability score bonus]

Dispel Magic
Shifting Sand (bonus)

=== Fourth Level === (DC 18)
Spells Per Day: 4 [includes ability score bonus]

Dimension Door
Stoneskin (9th level bonus spell)


+1 Longbow [2,375 gold]
Air Bladders (3) [3 silver]
Antidote Kit [100 gold]
Belt of Giant Strength [4,000 gold]
Belt pouch (2) [2 gold]
Blankets (2) [1 gold]
Canteen (2) [4 gold]
Chalk (10) [1 silver]
Charcoal sticks (10) [1 silver]
Climber’s Kit [80 gold]
Compass [10 gold]
Crowbar [2 gold]
Explorer’s Outfit [free]
Fire-Resistant Boots [20 gold]
Grooming Kit [1 gold]
Handy Haversack [2,000 gold]
Healer's Kit [50 gold]
Ioun Torch [75 gold]
Journals (2) [20 gold]
Lens of Detection [3,500 gold]
Mapmaker’s Kit [10 gold]
Mess Kit [2 silver]
Mithral Chain Shirt [1,100g]
Pickpocket's outfit [5 gold]
Ruby necklace [1,000 gold]
Quiver with 60 regular arrows [3 gold]
Quiver with 60 blunt arrows [6 gold]
Scrivener’s Kit [2 gold]
Silk Rope (200 feet) [40 gold]
Silversheen Longsword [765 gold]
Spell Component Pouch [5 gold]
Trail Rations (20) [10 gold] >1 eaten<
Traveler’s Any-Tool [250 gold]
Wandermeal rations (20) [2 silver] >2 eaten<
Waterproof bags (2) [1 gold]

Souvenir: bent copper piece (from the bed room)
Keepsake: sketched map from Zelkor’s Ferry to the Mouth of Doom’s entrance (from the trapped adventurer/chest room)
Fork as a souvenir (from rat room)
Reward poster for the bandits

Potion of cure light wounds

Note: When I hit 12th I need to go back and save those stone people in the maze.

Current Wealth: 2,040.15 gold

Starting Equipment: 4800.7 gold
Starting Wealth: 5,000 gold
Total "real" Weight: 129.5 pounds
Total Weight with Handy Haversack/only things worn: 25 pounds


The Soap Opera Terrible Tragedies of Zadira
Zadira comes from a long line of very successful smugglers, and was down in the mines with her father learning how to extract and appraise gems at an extremely young age and also went "treasure hunting" with them to local digs and tombs, recovering valuable items that the dead didn't really need anymore. Ever since then, she has been drawn to underground places, always feeling more comfortable in and around them.

She was supposed to follow in her parent's footsteps and become a smuggler herself. She learned many things in this pursuit (appraisal, bookkeeping, jewelry making with the smuggled gems, etc.) and was groomed to take over the family business someday. Learning the business was put on pause when they discovered that she had a budding magical talent, but her family was very supportive. They sent her off to school to learn how to control and use it better, but she went home often to help with the business. Those days with both school and family in her life were some of the happiest she has ever had.

Unfortunately, they were all too short. One day, out of the blue, Zadira received word at school that her family had been killed in a terrible tragedy: a flying carpet accident. She returned home to bury them and put the family's affairs in order.

As she was going through her parents' things, she began to find evidence that there was something very wrong. She knew there was a second set of books. That's just necessary. She didn't know, however, that there was a third set, showing not only the traditional bribes and under the table transactions necessary to conduct business, but things of an even shadier nature than she had ever known. Payments to Munavri and Drow and many other underground groups (both literally and figuratively), not only to buy gems and the other treasures that her family dealt in, but also it seemed, some assassinations.

She thought back to much of the political turmoil in the area, and realized that much of it--too much of it--could be traced directly back to her family. She also discovered that her mother had been blackmailed for years concerning "her daughter's true nature," whatever that meant. She dug further and found that her mother had long-term affairs with a number of underground contacts, with her father's encouragement, in order to cultivate unique business contacts. They had been paying the blackmailer steadily only so that she would never find out. ... And apparently the blackmailer was her true father, one of the assassins.

She reacted badly. She set fire to the third set of books and the malfunctioning flying carpet in the middle of a warehouse full of illegal mushrooms, which had a marked effect on people who stayed close enough to get a whiff.

Although she left well ahead of the effects and was careful about leaving any evidence, somehow someone knew of and reported her involvement, and she was taken into custody, beaten, and told she would be killed. However, she still had access to all of her family's accounts, and when the young men finally stopped to listen to her, she was able to bribe her way out of an arson charge with the proof of wealth in the jewels that she wore, as well as the promise of more (a promise she kept immediately upon release), and it went down in the records as a terrible tragedy. Except... "terrible tragedy" seemed to be a theme, and after she returned with the additional gems, the very well-bribed and now-friendly guardsmen gladly told her the group that had sent in the tip, and showed her also the other things that they had recently covered up for the group, including a recent flying carpet "accident."

She couldn't be certain who was behind all of this, but she knew her uncle belonged to that group, as her father had. He was her only remaining family. He had comforted her at the graves of her parents and brother.

Not knowing who she could trust, and knowing her life was in danger, she decided to tell her uncle that she was too overcome by events to run the business and offered to let him buy her out for a fraction of the amount the business was worth, thinking that if that was the reason for the killings, perhaps this would deflect him.

He agreed to buy her out, and did so at almost a fair price, giving her more than she asked. This confused her further, and she wasn't sure if he was being kind to her because he was about to kill her, or because he had already killed her parents, or for some other reason, but regardless, he had to have known. (Right?)

Regardless of her uncle's specific involvement, she had no one left to trust here. She bought false papers and smuggled herself out, taking only what she could carry, including her mother's many jewels since she had given her own to the guardsman. After getting out, she changed her name again and traveled further, knowing that her uncle could easily have tracked her that far because he had the same contacts she did. She used up most of her wealth escaping, and gave up any trace of her family's questionable past. She got an honest job as an appraiser for a mine, thankfully able to go down and also appraise the quality of a vein or deposit rather than just sitting at a desk all day. Gems were a particular love, and she still had an affinity for wearing them well.

She had started developing friendships and was learning to be a different, better person when she got a letter from her real father, asking to meet. Scared that someone had tracked her, and knowing that as an assassin, he was certainly also part of the group that was after her, she panicked and ran again.

She has learned to use her magic amazingly well, and all of the sniper skills she learned in her younger days have seen much use at the mines and archaeological digs where she usually picks up work. She travels a lot, trying to make sure no one can track her or betray her again, drifting from place to place, but especially drawn to underground jobs and the lure of gems or other treasure.

Which brings us to now. She had been working at a mine appraising finds and also doing their books (honestly), when she heard some of the miners talking about Rappan Athuk. It was about time for her to be moving on anyway, and she decided to travel there next, and see if she could pick up some work. She started studying as much of the lore of the place as she could find, and became fascinated, and has now been studying the place for close to a year, working part time at a local mine to support herself. She is interested in mapping the ruins, although she is only an amateur mapmaker, since although she has asked around, it seems that there are only very, very limited and rudimentary maps available.

She's been in a lot of mines and on a lot of digs, but nothing she's experienced seems close to the breadth of this place. She is excited to give it a try, but the stories she has heard have made her very cautious, so she continues to study and prepare, waiting for the right group of people that seem able to overcome the potential challenges.

Appearance FAQ:

What indications are there that you are an Aasimar?

I mostly look human, but if you are super observant you would see that I never seem to sweat, and that I never, ever look dirty, even when I have just been crawling through mud standing in mud. My clothes might, but I don't. No other obvious signs. Zadira doesn't even know that she is Aasimar... doesn't know her specific parentage. Her father was a Munavri (I think... not specified, but only hinted at in backstory, so if his character enters he could be almost anything). That's why she is drawn to the underground and gives her the bloodline she has, but since she was born an Aasimar, that covered up all other racial traits of being half... so lots of being an Aasimar for her is actually just being more normal than she would be otherwise. :)