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Full Name



Changeling (Mauxi Mwangi)


Mwangi Spiritualist 12







Special Abilities

Revelations (Misfortune, Natural Divination 4/Day, Reminder of Death 10/Day, Undead Servitude 10/Day, Fortune 2/Day, Path of the Snake, Dread Gaze)






Taldane (Common), Draconic, Infernal, Osiriani, Polyglot, Shoanti


Spiritual advisor gone rogue, planar repatriation expert, high-stakes negotiator

Strength 9
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 25

About Yahirma


As the most "civilized" of the extended Mwangi family, the Mauxi people present a cultured face to Rahadoum and Thuvia by speaking Osiriani and trading readily with outsiders. Behind closed doors, the social masks are removed, revealing a rich heritage of Polyglot dialects, spirit worship, art, and mysticism. Yahirma is representative of her host society, despite the stigma of having no known birth mother.

It might be argued that nobody knows her father's identity, either. When the one she calls father undertook his Maa'tokali - a ritual vision quest required to enter adulthood - he disappeared for months. None could find his tracks once they entered the jungles, and none found any sign of what befell him. Believed dead or abducted by apparitions, he was gradually forgotten. All were surprised when he struggled through the treeline over a year later, his body sticky with his own blood and one arm cradling a baby.

By tradition, nobody questioned the nature of his child, and for reasons all his own, he never spoke of her origins beyond naming her Yahirma - "Forest's Gift." Now fully accepted into the society, Yahirma's father married and fathered many other children, all of whom were received happily by the rest of the settlement. Yahirma, though honored for her slightly atypical features and quasi-mythical origins, never fit in entirely, which suited the two eminent shamans perfectly. Each took her under a separate wing, trying to teach her the craft while also using her spiritual connections to bolster his own influence.

As Yahirma grew to womanhood, she began to hear whispering voices, rarely and quietly at first but growing stronger and more frequent with the passage of years. Her squabbling mentors clashed over the rights to interpret the messages, each publicizing the phenomenon to the whole town in the hope of gathering more support. Upon shepherding her to the Speaking Tree and gathering a crowd, the shamans entreated her to speak as the voices spoke (certain that they would speak unintelligibly and require inspired interpretation). Instead, the voices called to Yahirma in fluent Polyglot, and she repeated their summons to the crowd; the voices were calling Yahirma to the Ruins of Kho.

As the two spiritual leaders stood in stunned silence and struggled to recover the situation to their respective advantages, Yahirma demanded the right of Maa'tokali so as to commune with the voices further. The elders ruled in support of her plan, and she was equipped with ceremonial goods (donated with reservations by the two shamans) befitting her spiritual strength. What she did not know was that the voices were the call of her hag mother and two coven sisters - a call designed to lure her to her own transformation into a hag.

As the young shaman apprentice trekked through the jungle, she encountered and overcame natural obstacles, gradually coming to understand and apply the teachings of her people's Wendo spirit guides. Tragedy could have struck the day Yahirma first sighted the Ruins of Kho but for the Wendo's unknowable desires. Viewing the crumbling skyline, Yahirma received a terrible vision of ruin, despair, and desperation that would strike an unfamiliar and colossal settlement build of stone and timber. With each image an single, unknown word throbbed in her head, impressing on her its importance, a sense of need, and a direction.

When the painful divination subsided, the young woman walked no closer to Kho but rather turned away. With difficulty she worked her way to the northern coast through Thuvia, paying for transport, defending her gifted wealth, and offering blessings to the road-weary. Her efforts to find a vessel to ferry her across the giant lake in the middle of the world landed her a fight for her money purse, but she found she could shout nothing beyond the one word from her vision as she shielded herself from blows with magic. The toughs were called off by the whistle of an older gentleman.

"A speaker of the Devil's Cant, is she? Give way and let her be. We have no business attacking her sort," he muttered to his hired muscle as he started to turn away.

"Wait," cried Yahirma. "Where is it that word is spoken?"

"Nowhere near here, and even there the word you kept shouting isn't a common bit of vocabulary."

"Take me there," she called back. As he shook his head with a sour look, she threw a pouch of gold at his feet, saying "take me there, and I'll see you have that much again."

Scratching at graying stubble while pondering the details of this woman's situation, the man gaped at the rich glow of gold that shined from within the leather pouch. "We're headed as far as Westcrown, so I hope you don't expect much more," he chuckled while tossing the heavy pouch between his hands.

"Westcrown will have to do," the woman responded with little sign of emotion.

Having just arrived and confirmed that Westcrown matches her visions, Yahirma is uncertain as to how to proceed with her investigation. The marvels of Cheliax are foreign to her, so at present she is lying low while trying to secure a trustworthy guide.


Yahirma is not physically imposing, standing about five and a half feet tall with a somewhat slight, attractive build. Her skin is a grayish-brown, like ash-stained wood, and her hair hangs straight with a rich ebony hue. Perhaps most striking are her eyes; one is a deep brown while the other is a vibrant green radiating thin flecks of black.

Despite the somewhat bulky and unflattering traveler's clothing and wooden armor she often wears, Yahirma is a beauty. Instead of flaunting her appearance, she seems completely oblivious to her attractive features and the looks they draw. Unless something strikes her as important to her Maa'tokali, she can come off as dismissive. Those who travel with Yahirma learn she can change between two masks quite quickly, sometimes shifting without warning from an uncaring stranger to a driven charmer.

Lacking a permanent home, Yahirma is accustomed to carrying all of her possessions on her back. She typically sports a hefty backpack to which is attached a cage containing a scraggly chicken. Heavy gloves cover the lethal inheritance acquired from her mother, and she carries a staff (to which are attached several small cloth pouches) in hand when permitted by local law.

Yahirma's Pet Projects:

- Free the Delvehaven water elemental
- Somehow pay back Madjaw
- Learn more about the Delvehaven Dolls
- Lay to rest (or simply come to terms with) the Delvehaven haunts
- Construct an ambulatory form for Khazrae
- Restore Khazrae to her original form
- Assist the Ciucci's butler in aiding the head of household
- Engage Sandor in arcane dialogue (likely returning his staff to him)
- Animate the elder Drovenge as a juju zombie and have a pleasant conversation with him.

Character Sheet:

Role: A versatile spirit-healer, sage, and debuffer that plays well with others, Yahirma also packs a solid social "punch" through a mix of personal magnetism and mystique.

Female Changeling Oracle 12
N Medium Humanoid
Init: +1; Senses: Perception +2, Darkvision 60'
Speed: 30'
AC 19, Touch 12, FF 18 (+5 Armor, +1 Shield, +1 Natural, +1 Dex, +1 Deflection)
HP 15/75 (12d8+12, taking the average)
Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +12
Claw +8 (1d4-1, 20/x2)
Cold Iron Dagger +8/+3 (1d4-1, 19-20/x2)
Darkwood Teaching Staff +9/+4 (1d6-1, 20/x2)
Blowgun +9 (1d2, 20/x2)
Spiritual Ally +16/+11 (1d10+4, 19-20/x2)
Str 9, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 25
BAB +9; CMB +8; CMD 20

Extra Revelation
Craft Wondrous Item
Spell Penetration
Extra Revelation
Hag-Blood Revelation
Hag's Revelation (Dread Gaze)

Conspiracy Hunter (Stealth)
Hedge Magician

Bluff +25 (+27)
Craft (alchemy): +8
Diplomacy: +22
Escape Artist: +1 (no ranks)
Heal +7
Intimidate +14
Know (arcana) +5
Know (history) +7 (+9)
Know (nature) +13 (+15)
Know (planes) +18 (+20)
Know (religion) +12 (+14)
Perception +2
Perform (Oratory) +12
Profession (Sketch Artist) +6
Sense Motive +12
Spellcraft +19
Stealth +18
Survival +7

Languages: Common, Draconic, Infernal, Osiriani, Polyglot, Shoanti

Combat Gear: Darkwood Buckler, Darkwood Teaching Staff, Cold Iron Dagger, Blowgun, 16 Blowgun Darts, Ceremonial Tien Armor (Chain Shirt +1)

Magical Equipment (Worn/Carried): Muleback Cloak of Resistance +2, Headband of Charisma +4, Belt of Constitution +2, Handy Haversack, Ring of Protection +1, Spectral Shroud (1/1), Mnemonic Vestment (1/1), Circlet of Persuasion, Deathwatch Eyes, Scarlet and Blue Ioun Stone, Potion of Remove Disease

Magical Items (Bandoleer): Prayer Bead of Healing (1/1), Bead of Karma (1/1), Oil of Daylight
Scrolls (Stored): Remove Fear (2), Know the Enemy (2), Remove Curse, Consecrate, Desecrate, Bless, Dimensional Anchor, Sending, Breath of Life

Wands: Deathward (6), Break Enchantment (7), Divination (9), Restoration (2), Cure Moderate Wounds (19), Cure Light Wounds (--)
Rods: Lesser rod of reach (3/3)
Staff: Staff of Healing (6/10)

Mundane Equipment: Monk's Outfit (in darker colors), Spell Component Pouch, Heavy Gloves, Fine Scarf, Wooden "Holy Symbol," Hemp Rope (50 ft.), Whetstone, Bullroarer (Treat as a signal whistle), 2 Scroll Cases (10 sheets of paper, 10 sheets of parchment), Ink, Inkpen, Twine (50 ft.), 2 Sacks, 10 Candles, 3 Pounds of Salt, 3 Acid Flasks, 8 Flasks of Holy Water, 2 Sticks of Charcoal, 2 Weapon Cords, Compass, 2 Flasks of Lamp Oil, Map-Making Kit, Area Map (Greater Westcrown region), Flint and Steel, Waterskin, 6 Days of Trail Rations, Vermin Repellent, Fire Corentyn Wine

Special Texts: The Rogue Journal, The Libra Malefactum, The Imprisonment of Marcos Trom, Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer, Pathfinder Chronicles (Arcana, History, Nature, Planes, Religion)

In Storage: Darkwood Armor, MW Backpack, Hot Weather Outfit, Tear-Away Traveler's Outfit, Chains of Contrition, 7 Pounds of Salt, Hammock, 1 Pound of Corn, Live Chicken in a Cage, 10 lbs of Flayleaf, Spell Component Pouch (5), Darkflare (3), Vermin Repellent (7)

Carrying Capacity: 116 / 233 / 350
Remaining Gold: 36,541.63
Primary Curse: Haunted
Secondary Curse: Tongues (Infernal)
- Misfortune (Remaining:) Appario, Derek, Maddok, Xerath, Yahirma
- Natural Divination 4/Day [0/2 Skill, 0/1 Save, 3/4 Initiative]
- Reminder of Death 10/Day (Will DC 23) [10/10]
- Undead Servitude 10/Day (Will DC 23) [10/10]
- Spirit Vessels
- Fortune 1/Day [1/2]
- Path of the Snake [1/1]
- Dread Gaze (Will DC 23) [0/1]

Green Widow: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks made against characters that might be sexually attracted to you.
SPELLS (Concentration +21)
Create Water
Detect Magic
Enhanced Diplomacy
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Read Magic

1st (6/8):
Cure Light Wounds
Ill Omen*
Inflict Light Wounds
Liberating Command
Protection from Evil
Remove Fear

2nd (7/8):
Align Weapon
Cure Moderate Wounds
Lesser Restoration
Minor Image*
Oracle's Burden*
Pilfering Hand
Remove Paralysis
Sound Burst

3rd (4/8):
Bestow Curse*
Blood Rage
Chain of Perdition
Cure Serious Wounds
Dispel Magic
Resist Energy, Communal

4th (0/7):
Charm Monster*
Cure Critical Wounds
Debilitating Portent
Freedom of Movement
Spiritual Ally

5th (2/6):
Create Undead*
Cure Light Wounds, Mass
Fickle Winds
Jungle Mind

6th (2/4):
Animate Objects
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Magic Jar*