Wulf Stronthammer's page

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Full Name

Wulf Stronthammer




Fighter 2




M (6'6")



Special Abilities

Power Attack, Improved Unarmed Attack, Improved Grapple, Indomitable, Improved Initiative




Gorum (Mostly as oaths rather than worship)




Common, Skald



Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Constitution 15
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Wulf Stronthammer

Wulf Stronthammer is a tall, well muscled Ulfen man with his pale blond hair pulled into a thick braid over his shoulder and a thick, but trim beard. He has pale skin and piercing blue eyes. An earth shaker, referred to as the Happy Stick, is commonly slung across his shoulder, and a mug of ale or haunch of meat is often in his hand. A chain with the remnants of shattered manacles hang from his be, a reminder of his past and what he currently fights for.

Wulf is an expansive man, given to overly indulging in the vices of food, wine, women and song, not necessarily in that order. Coins do not stay in his hand long. He tends towards strong emotions. If he likes you, he'll stand by your side in the face of a linnorm. If he doesn't, he's as likely to bet you about the head as look at you. Much of his coin goes in the way of damages or fines, and he is often eager to leave town for a few days to avoid vengeful foes, jealous husbands or protective parents, sometimes all at once.

Wulf grew up a proud son of warriors, Hagar and Helga, in Halgrim. He sailed with White Estrid but was captured and enslaved by the Chelaxians. Languishing as an unsold slave as every owner found the tall Ulfen impossible to tame, Wulf's ship was attacked by a band of Andoran raiders who freed him. Wulf has committed himself to return to his homeland only when he has expunged the stain of capture from his life. In the meantime, he has become a Pathfinder mostly for the gold, gaining new stories to weave into the saga he hopes to tell to announce his return. If he encounters the slaver who took him, he'll be happy to introduce him to the Happy Stick. Several times.