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Full Name

Woodcliff Tanner




Ranger 3







Special Abilities

Favored Enemy (Humanoid (Human)) , Bonus Feat, Skilled, Track, Trapfinding, Wild Empathy


Neutral Good







Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Woodcliff


Woodcliff Tanner stands an imposing 6'1" and his stocky frame clearly shows his Ulfen heritage. He wears his shoulder length Blonde hair drawn back into a pony tail, and his dark eyes seem too small for his face framed as they are by his thick brows and high cheek bones. He carries a great axe, and a rather dodgy looking composite bow, neither of which he takes any effort to conceal. He wears a finely crafted chain shirt that has been dyed so the links are less lustrous. He speaks with a rural Brevoy accent, and his choice of words leave listeners with the impression that he has seen little if any classical education.


Woodcliff Tanner was born to a family of subsistence hunters and farmers in the backwoods of Brevoy. The 8th child in the family, Woodcliff was raised by his older brothers as much as his parents. He learned to shoot a bow almost before he could walk, and long hours spent in the wilderness sharpened his senses, honed his knowledge of the natural world, and taught him to move cautiously and unseen. It wasn't until his 14th birthday that he finally saw a city, when he accompanied some of his older brothers to town to sell the furs they had spent a year collecting. While his brothers saw the lure of city life, with easy access to drink, comfort, and women, Woodcliff only the the filth of too many humans crammed into too tight a space, filled with people who would sooner slit your throat than share a pleasant word with you. From that day Woodcliff has tried to avoid cities where possible.

Like most backwoods families, the Tanners were desperately poor, and not above using some less than scrupulous means to supplement their income. The wilds of Brevoy are scarcely patrolled and many an unfortunate trader has met his fate at the hands of the bandits that call these woods home. In order to combat the issue House Surtova issued issued a reward for the elimination of bandits, sometimes up to a gold a head depending on the infamy of the bandit in question. The tanners took to this task with relish, using skills born of years of living in the wild, the tanners successfully eliminated over a score of bandits, and maybe a few innocents who looked to much like bandits for their own good. This all changed when bandit power in the region was consolidated by a self proclaimed lord with delusions of grandeur.

The Tanners proved to be a constant thorn in his side, and when he found out where the Tanner homestead was he personally lead a large group of bandits to eliminate them once and for all. The Tanners had prepared for reprisals from bandits, but not for the dozens of bandits that soon encircled their home overwhelming their defenses. Surrounded, trapped, and outgunned Woodcliff and his family fought desperately to create an escape route for Woodcliff's sisters and parents to escape. It was no use though, they were completely surrounded, but held out long enough for the Lords patience to wear thin. In the end the lord ordered the homestead to be lit ablaze with Woodcliff and his family still inside. Woodcliff's last memories of the battle were of heat and chocking smoke. He awoke two days later in the ruins of the families home, he buried his family, viewing his life as a gift from the gods, he set out to seek his fame and fortune.