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Full Name



Yuan-Ti Greater Doppelganger


Cryptic; Trickster mythic path


Female (may change when shapeshifted)





Special Abilities

Mimicry, Perfect Copy; Cryptic abilities; Trickster abilities


Neutral Evil




Most if not all


Cult Leader, Mastermind, Saboteur, Usurper, Manipulator, and all-around Arch-Villain

About Wolf-And-Raven

Born in northern Stormwind a Doppelganger, the creature that one day would become known as Wolf-And-Raven was approached early in its youth by a trio of Norns, who divined the future of the shapeshifter; the name the Doppelganger took was of two of the three animals the powerful seer fey had in their company, the third being a viper. When asked why they had only given two of the animals, the Norns directed her south, to the Yuan-Ti of the Sombersong Woods, to "bear the third in flesh". Wolf joined itself to the Yuan-Ti heroine Ssnethra during the age of the Heroes of Haven, and upon the warmaiden's death was declared by the dying champion to be her heir and replacement, and authorized to wear her form to prove her ascension.

Wolf, after undergoing the Rite of the Petitioner and emerging as a female Yuan-Ti while retaining her shapeshifting abilities, has ruled the Olympian Yuan-Ti for eons since, likewise retaining her Doppelganger near-immortality and combining her instinctual cunning with the serpentfolk's guile and deceit. She has become a mastermind on a planetary level, being deeply involved in several extravagant plots, including the overthrow of Olympian rule by Queen Vashti and at least three Senkakuan civil wars. Her whereabouts are a mystery, and given her ability to wear the face of anyone she's ever seen combined with her longevity, she could easily be hiding in plain sight anywhere on Finiens.