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Full Name

Weiss/Divine Thief Eon


HP 73/73


AC:23 | T:17 | FF:17 | (+3 vs traps/haunts) | CMB: +13 | CMD:24 (+4 DT) | Fort:+8 | Ref:+16 (+3 vs traps) | Will:+6 | +3 vs curses/haunts | Init:+6 | Perc: +24 (+5 vs traps/haunts, +3 vs surprise) | Speed: 30 ft.


UnRogue 10 (Relic Hunter)












Common, Infernal, Celestial, Draconic, Katapeshi



Strength 10
Dexterity 22
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Weiss?

Female Human (Vudrani) Unchained Rogue (10) (Relic Raider)
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Perception +24


AC 23; Touch 17; Flat-Footed 17; (+6 dex, +5 armor, +1 natural, +1 deflection)
(+3 vs traps and haunts)
HP: 73 (10d8+20)

Fort +8 (3 base+2 con+3 resist)
Ref +16 (7 base+6 dex+3 resist) (+3 vs traps)
Will +6 (3 base+0 wis+3 resist)
+3 vs curses/haunts


Speed 30 ft
Space 5ft; Reach 5ft

+1 Dagger +14/+9 (d4+7), melee, crit 19-20/x2, P or S
TWF +1 Dagger +12/+12/+7/+7 (d4+7/+4), melee, crit 19-20/x2, P or S

Shortbow +14/+9 (d6), range 60ft, crit x3, P
Dagger +13/+8 (d4), range 10ft, crit 19-20/x2, P or S

Special Attacks
Sneak Attack +5d6
Debilitating Strike


Acrobatics +19 (10 rank+3 trained+6 dex)
Disable Device +21 (10 rank+3 trained+6 dex+2 circumstance)
Escape Artist +19 (10 rank+3 trained+6 dex)
Perception +24 (10 rank+3 trained+6 focus+5 competence)
Stealth +26 (10 rank+3 trained+6 dex+2 racial+5 competence)
Climb +13 (10 rank+3 trained)
Survival +14 (10 rank+3 trained+1 trait)
Knowledge (Local) +12 (5 rank+3 trained +4 int)
Spellcraft +18 (10 rank+3 trained+4 int+1 trait)
Bluff +18 (10 rank+3 trained-1 cha+6 focus)
Sleight of Hand +21 (10 rank+3 trained+6 dex+2 racial)
Appraise +12 (5 rank+3 trained+4 int)
Use Magic Device +12 (10 rank+3 trained-1 cha)
+10 Bluff to lie, +5 to feint, -5 to pass hidden message
+5 Perception/Disable Device vs traps
+5 Perception to notice Haunts
+5 Spellcraft to ID cursed items
+3 Perception to avoid being surprised
+4 survival in an urban or underground environment



Str 10 0
Dex 22 +6
Con 14 +2
Int 18 +4
Wis 10 0
Cha 8 -1

Base Atk +7/+2; CMB +13; CMD 24 (+4 on Dirty Trick)

1 Two-Weapon Fighting
FS Skill Focus (Perception)
B Weapon Finesse
B Improved Dirty Trick
3 Combat Expertise
5 Two-Weapon Feint
B Greater Dirty Trick
7 Agile Maneuvers
FS Skill Focus (Bluff)
9 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
B Improved Two-Weapon Feint

Orphaned (You grew up separated from your birth parents, and had to learn to watch out for yourself.)
(+1 Survival, Survival is a class skill)
Magic Rogue (Refluffed from Classically Schooled) (Being a thief in Katapesh, it paid to know who was casting an Alarm spell and who was just faking it. You learned to tell the difference)
(+1 Spellcraft, Spellcraft is a class skill)

Racial Modifiers
Focused Study (1st, 8th, 16th)
Heart of the Slums (+2 Stealth/Sleight of Hand, +4 on Survival checks in urban and underground settings. In addition, roll twice when saving against disease, taking the better roll.)

Class abilities:

(1+4/6 bonus rogue talent)
Sneak Attack +5d6
Finesse Training (Weapon Finesse, Daggers)
Trapfinding +5
Danger Sense +3
Curse Sense +5/+3
Debilitating Injury (-4(-6) AC, -4(-6) attack rolls, or halved speed, cannot 5ft step)
Rogue's Edge (Perception, Disable Device)
Disable Curse 1/day
(At 8th level, a relic raider can attempt to disable a curse as she would a magical trap. This ability acts as remove curse, except instead of a caster level check, the relic raider attempts a Disable Device check (DC = 15 + the DC of the curse). Disabling a curse takes 2d4 rounds, and the relic raider cannot take 10 or 20 on this check. A relic raider can use this ability once per day at 8th level. At 12th level and every 4 rogue levels thereafter, a relic raider can use disable curse one additional time per day.)
Advanced Talents

Rogue Talents
2 Underhanded Trick
4 Minor Magic (Detect Magic as SLA at will)
6 Combat Trick
6 Major Magic (True Strike as SLA 5/day)
8 Trap Spotter
10 Feat


Combat Gear: 20 arrows, +1 dagger (2), dagger (6), grappling arrow (2), caltrops, Spring-loaded Wrist Sheath (2, Holding wands of Invis and Silent Image), Wand of Silent Image (23 charges), Wand of Invisibility (45 charges), Wand of CLW (50 charges), Potion of Fly (2), Potion of Haste (2), Tanglefoot Bag (4), Sunrod (5), Potion of Jump (2), Dust of Tracelessness (2), Universal Solvent

Other Gear: Masterwork Thieves' Tools, Bag of Holding (Type 1), Mask of Stony Demeanor, Eyes of the Eagle, Ring of Deflection +1, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Masterwork Shortbow, +1 Shadow Mithril Shirt, Cloak of Resistance +3, Belt of Dex/Con +2, Headband of Int +2, pickpocket's outfit, silk red cloak with worth 10 gp (currently somewhat faded, tattered, and in two halves), holy symbol (her butterfly dagger sheath is a symbol of Desna), handy haversack, bedroll, belt pouch, chalk (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, iron pot, mess kit, mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves’ tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, 21 gp

Skill Unlock Info:
5 Ranks: You remain alert to sounds even in your sleep, and the normal DC increase to Perception checks when you are sleeping is halved. The distance modifier on the DC of Perception checks you attempt is reduced to +1 per 20 feet.
10 Ranks: The distance modifier on the DC of Perception checks you attempt is reduced to +1 per 30 feet. In addition, you gain a +5 bonus on Perception checks to notice or locate an invisible creature or object.

Disable Device
5 Ranks: Reduce the time required to disarm a trap or open a lock by taking a –5 penalty on your Disable Device check for each step by which you reduce the time required: 2d4 rounds, 1d4 rounds, 1 round, a standard action, a move action, a swift action.
10 Ranks: You can disarm magical traps at a –10 penalty even if you lack the trapfinding ability. If you possess the trapfinding ability, when attempting to disable magic traps, you never trigger them, even if you perform the trigger action (such as looking at a symbol). If you fail the check, you can still trigger the trap, and you can’t use this ability to bypass it.

Physical traits:
The Divine Thief Eon, or 'Weiss' (It's complicated, wait for the backstory) is a shrimpy 4'7" tall girl of 17, and doesn't look like she eats enough. Her belt holds eight daggers on it in a holster on the small of her back that's shaped in the image of a butterfly (Four daggers are holstered on either side), and she has a mysterious red tattoo around her bellybutton area that she got on a dare while she was absolutely plastered one night. Her skin is a Vudrani brown, but unusually her hair is a silvery white and her eyes are a stark, FF0000 shade of red. She keeps her hair down 90% of the time, only pulling part of it up into a bun when she's planning on seeing some particularly serious action. Her arms are covered by her red cloak, which extends down to cover her hands and loop over her middle fingers. Unfortunately, the cloak itself is ripped in half, and the tattered rear of it falls to just below her knees. The rest of the cloak is tucked into her belt, the ripped part hanging over her belt as the frayed end of the cloak falls to just below her knees as well, a little bit lower than the other part. Her cloak of resistance is silvery and mostly transparent, worn below the upper part and above the lower. She wears kneehigh boots, since anything less always felt like it wouldn't keep the sand out and old habits die hard even in new lands.
The thief is a kindhearted girl who makes a point to be upbeat and optimistic, since she feels like being kind to others will let them be kind to others in turn, and she takes her responsibilities seriously. She's not without her secretive side, though. She's frequently vague when people ask about her past, often laughing it off with a joke or mentioning how it doesn't really matter what anyone's past is--only where they're going in the future, 'and my future is as bright as the sun in the sky!' Her lack of experience makes her frequently naive and she's known to occasionally get herself into trouble out of a sense of impulsiveness, but despite her questionable decision-making skills and somewhat frequent foot-in-mouth moments she's always doing her best to make new friends and help people.

She has more than a few superstitions as well, being a somewhat eccentric follower of Desna who believes that staring at the sky and talking to it about your problems at night will help you come to some proper answers. She also believes that the higher you are, the better Desna can hear you and that whenever it rains, somewhere inside the rain someone is having the worst day of their life. Despite her faith in her goddess, she's never learned to use a starknife and she's never actually traveled... just thought about it a few times. Her real love is the night sky.

Over her time adventuring, she's developed the idea that while she wears her magical mask she speaks as the Divine Thief Eon herself, and while she is still a good-hearted individual, she is more prone to trying to let herself remain mysterious while it's on. This serves her well when it's time for business, but it's still her underneath the mask, and the second she pulls it off she usually rubs her cheeks with a laugh since being so calm and cool still makes her face feel super stiff afterwards.

In Katapesh, and elsewhere in the region, there are rumors of a divine being known as the Divine Thief Eon. Some say he's a demigod of his own who simply refuses to grant clerics powers so as to hoard it for himself. Others say he's a divine agent of Norgorber. The stories vary with the times, but what's indisputable is that there's a thief of unparalleled renown and ability going back to the very beginning of the city--and quite possibly even before. On several occasions the Pactmasters and their minions have claimed to have caught and executed the criminal, and yet each time he appears again, leaving his signature stylized E marks in any place where he's stolen something. He's said to be able to escape anything, get into anywhere, and to change his form as he sees fit.
In reality, he doesn't exist. The mantle of the Divine Thief is tied to nothing more than a simple cloak held by the original man--a burglar who made a name for himself by stealing a potent artifact right out from under the noses of the Pathfinders in the early days of Katapesh. In order to incite fear in them, he left a note in which he declared himself the Divine Thief Eon, for he was eternal and would not end his work until the age of man died. He passed on what he knew, alongside the cloak, to a successor. They did the same, and over time the legend changed and twisted to what it is today, but a set of three simple rules were kept secret from all but the highest echelons of thiefdom, the sorts who could hope to compete for the title of the divine.

1: The owner of the divine mantle is the Divine Thief, Eon, and their actions are the actions of that same Divine Thief. So long as the mantle remains, Eon is eternal.

2: Only the one who steals the divine mantle from the previous Divine Thief shall become the new Divine Thief. Blood shall not be shed in this competition. In this, Eon shall forever remain the pinnacle of the art of thievery.

3: In order to allow for both rules to be followed without bloodshed, the mantle is not to be worn while the Divine Thief is performing a burglary. If Eon is caught, he was never Eon. If the cloak is found, the there is a new Divine Thief as soon as the theft is discovered. Thus, the mantle can never be found on the Divine Thief as he acts and the cycle may continue forever.

There are a great many stories of those who held or aspired to hold the divine mantle and become the Divine Thief Eon, but this latest story is that of a nameless girl left an orphan on the streets of Katapesh.

The thief girl who became Weiss who became the Divine Thief Eon never had a family, or even a name. Her first memory is of hunger, and her second memory is of begging for food on the streets of Katapesh. She can't remember for certain, but she's pretty sure she'd been doing it every day before then, and a lot of the days afterwards. As a Vudrani, her peculiar hair and eye color made her an Asprishya, or 'untouchable,' to her people and she learned to tell Vudrani from others at a glance by their hateful stares on her. Unfortunately, begging didn't ever manage to sate the rumbling in her stomach and the girl had to learn to scavenge for herself. Desperation led to her finding out that her fingers were deft and her mind was sharp, able to pick out which targets had pocket change they wouldn't miss if she happened to borrow a few gold. She was nobody special, so she was able to become another face in the crowd and exist as a nameless, faceless no one. Whenever anyone asked for her name, she'd slowly shake her head and then wink at them before running away through a crowd.

Possessing a fascination with literature and the luxury of literacy, the girl learned to use her deftness to intuit her way through picking locks in order to enter bookstores in the middle of the night and puzzle over the tomes to determine what they meant. She was caught several times, fined on some occasions, and without money set to work as a slave for months at a time until she paid it off--she just thanked her lucky stars that she wasn't found to be a thief since she never intended to take the books, leaving all the commerce involved completely intact. While doing her stints as a slave girl (and responding to whatever name she was given), she wound up pestering anyone she could find whenever she had a break to help her learn the letters of the books she found so interesting--and as it turned out her sharp mind made her an exceedingly quick study. After her fourth two-month stint as a slave to pay off such a fine, she'd mastered reading in Common. She learned other languages on her own, having also learned how to take enough care that she avoided being caught.

Just reading the books of others wasn't enough for her. She wanted to make enough money to own her own books, and a place where she could keep them. She thought up a plan to become a guide for people from out of town--who better to know Katapesh than a girl who had seen the city in and out, and knew every vendor and every secret shortcut or escape route? The only problem was that she needed a name.

The girl thought about it for days on end, until she saw a man selling a beautiful mythril dagger at the bazaar to a trader she was somewhat familiar with. The blade shone in the sun and sparkled with the same color that her hair did, and there was a single ruby set in the pommel. He called the blade 'Weiss,' a word that at once seemed to her both memorable and distinctly foreign sounding, giving a certain mystique that she liked.

It'd do. The girl became Weiss, and Weiss carved out a very small business for herself as a guide, while still occasionally using the homes of the rich or the careless as impromptu libraries, and the hidey-holes of the city as impromptu homes or else to avoid the wrath of the guilds, which she didn't have the money to join.
Everything changed one day when a man bolted past her in the street in a brilliant red cloak.

Weiss followed him. She wasn't sure why, but she followed him through the twists and the turns of Katapesh's streets, until he was cornered in an alley by a man who looked to be a pactbroker's enforcer. She hid behind a pot and watched as the man tried to jump up a wall, but was bisected by a greatsword as the cloak that he wore was torn and rent in twain. The enforcer muttered something about 'good riddance to thieves,' and she instinctively winced as he walked away with the man's bag and weaponry.

She ran to the half-a-man who had been sliced and offered him a drink of water--the only thing she could think to help end his suffering, and he looked at her with dim eyes as he told her a story. He told her of the Divine Mantle, and its history, of the three rules and their meaning.

Eon told her to steal it from him, so that the cycle could remain unbroken.

Weiss protested. He insisted, saying that it was better if it went to someone who knew its worth than someone who may never take it off or might sell it to a pawn broker who could ship it to Desna-knows-where. In the end, Weiss swore, and the man died with a small smile on his face. She stole the cloak from his corpse, and after cleaning it off as best she could she took to wearing it. No one seemed to notice the mantle on her, that she could tell, but just to be safe she never took it off. Suddenly, she had a legacy to live up to.
Suddenly, she felt very small, and very incomplete.

She followed the rules properly, only removing the cloak once as an act of desperation as she went to multiple shops in the bazaar and took various items from them--not a lot from any one person, and only what she would need to consider herself prepared to challenge herself and grow. At each place, she left the Divine Thief's signature E mark, even though she was prepared for her time as the 'demigod' to end as soon as she was done.

As luck would have it, however, she returned to find the cloak unstolen. Locate object spells, in the past the great equalizer against those who would play the mantle's game, could no longer properly locate the cloak since its form had been changed. Legend lore gave nothing, and even attempts to Speak with Dead on the corpse had resulted in nothing. By sheer luck, Weiss had managed to evade detection and the results of the inevitable Legend Lore would be weeks away from completion (and a vexing riddle, as that spell always is).

With her thieving of what she needed done, she refused to take off the cloak. The current Divine Thief believes that the power was given to her so that she could someday become a phantom who could take from those who would abuse their riches and power, to give to those who needed help. However, she's aware of her shortcomings. Wanting to adventure to broaden her horizons and hone her skills, she heard of a mission to reclaim and rebuild Kelmarane. It seemed as good a place as any to start the process of becoming a worthy successor to the title that she honestly hadn't earned, so she enlisted and went off to fight for the town's freedom.

She wound up falling in with a group of fellows who also went on the same mission, and the party had a good number of adventures together. She parted ways with them shortly after the defeat of a thief lord who had tried to take a magical artifact that was rightfully theirs, believing that besting the boss of an entire ring of thievery meant that she'd grown enough to properly perform her duties as the Divine Thief.

She was very, very wrong. While she proved herself competent enough at hiding and protecting the cloak to avoid having it taken from her during the heist she planned, she underestimated how many of the city's eyes were upon her due to their party's retrieval of an ancient and very valuable artifact. Her attempt at stealing a prized jewel from the collection of a merchant who was known for being both cruel and merciless in his business dealings was a complete failure, and while she escaped the guards her face had become known to the security staff of the city. Making matters worse the name 'Weiss' had spread around alongside those of her fellow despite her best efforts to remain anonymous, meaning that for the first time the guards would have a name to go with the face to make tracking her much easier.

Faced with few other options considering the harsh nature of Katapeshi justice, she stole her way onto a ship and sailed off to wherever it was going in order to start over and gain additional experience so that she could make a dramatic return to her homeland's stage in the future. As it happened, that ship was a Varisian trading vessel which was bound for Korvosa. She arrived in Korvosa roughly around the time that the plague hit the city in earnest, and was actually among those who came down with the hideous disease. While her natural resistance to diseases let her handily avoid the worst of the illness, she was nonetheless left thankful to the heroes who had a hand in curing it. While doing what she could to help the less fortunate as well, she'd heard the rumors of the queen's possible recent regicide, as well as the disbanding of one of the police forces and their leader's subsequent attempt on the Queen's life. The news worried her, particularly since the Queen seemed to not properly die when shot in the temple, a sure sign that someone had gone beyond being a simple human.

Feeling her urge to meddle for the greater good welling up inside her, she decided to use her skills to track down the heroes who had just saved the town and offer them what services she could. She wanted to find a way to grow her skills and help bring happiness to the people of her new temporary home town of Korvosa while she was at it--and with neither the connections nor the confidence necessary to try doing something on her own she knew that finding a group of like-minded adventurers would serve her well, as it had in the past.