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Human Male Wizard (Abjurer) 3 | HP = 17/20 | AC = 11 | Init +1 | Per +3


Str -1, Dex +1, Con +3, Int +3, Wis +1, Cha +0

About Vikral Ramshaan

Vikral Ramshaan:
- Human Wizard (Abjurer 3) - Sailor
Strength 8, Dexterity 13, Constitution 16, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 12, Charisma 10.

Human: Feat, Resilient - +1 to 2 Abilities - Proficient Skill - Insight.

Languages - Common & Draconic

Proficiency Bonus - Intelligence, Wisdom & Constitution (Feat)
Sailor Skills - Athletic & Perception
Wizard Skills - Knowledge Arcana & Investigation.

HP = 20.
AC = 11

Personality Trait - I stretch the truth for the sake of a good story,
Ideal - People - I am committed to my crew mates not to ideals.
Bond - In a harbor town, I have a paramour whose eyes nearly stole me from the sea.
Flaw - I can't help but pocket loose coins and other trinkets I come across.

Equipment - Navigator's tools, belaying pin, 50' rope,lucky stone (from sea floor), common clothes, 9 GP.

Special Ability - Abjuration Savant
Arcane Ward - Absorbs Damage.


Cantrips 3 (Known) - Blade Ward, Mage Hand,

Spells Per Day 1st - 4
2nd - 2

Known - 1st 8 - Chromatic Orb, Feather Fall, Detect Magic, Sleep, Grease, Mage Armor, Jump, Comprehend Languages
2nd 2 - Gust of Wind, Scorching Ray

Variant Feature - Bad Reputation.

Adventure Hook - Shatterkeel’s Trail

Months ago, Gar Shatterkeel destroyed the your ship by conjuring a powerful storm. Dozens of sailors died, and now the character intends revenge. Hunting him down has proven difficult, but you have heard he hides somewhere along the shores of the Dessarin River.

Backstory: Vikral grew up in the city of Luskan an orphan in the streets of that rough city. Living in the shadows of the Captains and their dark allies the drow, Vikral quickly learned that power only respects power.

Once old enough he joined crew to sail the seas and perhaps even profit from piracy if it came to it. Soon enough he realized that he was not cut out for the intensive labor the life of a sailor would require. While tireless his frail frame had difficulty performing some of the functions on the ship.

Still he made sure that his toughness shown through never backing down from a fight. His reputation for a being a tough, if not competent, fighter grew and he was able to avoid fights through intimidation via a silver tongue rather than actual fisticuffs.

That silver tongue caught the eye of the weather wizard, Aldous Marouf. An aging bachelor wizard, Aldous had no one to pass his legacy on to, at least until he met Vikral. After a few years on the crew of a Kurth ship, Vikral was brought under the wing of Aldous. Six years was a long time to be apprenticed and to serve on a crew that changed personnel so frequently.

Now nearly 30 sitting in a tavern in an Inn at Red Larch, Vikral thinks fondly of that crew, his sponsor in the Art, and laments the bastard that sunk the ship, Gar Shatterkeel. He is around here, somewhere in this area of the Realms and Vikral will find him and give him pay back to be certain...