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question #1:

1. Why is your character fleeing Galt? Are they from a neighboring nation? What attracts them to this expedition? Be specific!

Valmont held considerable animosity for the country and people of Galt before he ever went there due to the long arm of the eternal revolution murdering his mother. He journeyed there from Liberthane to see for himself and his worst assumptions were confirmed. His animosity grew and he was constantly at battle with his alter ego, the Baryog, to keep from going off the deep end and killing those he had grown to hate. He fed that anger at night by running interference and messages for all sorts of fight clubs and thieves' guilds.

When he saw the opportunity to leave and be a part of something new, Valmont knew he could not pass on it. He would bury his anger in his work and in crafting new things. Perhaps he would still be able to offer payback to Galt and its people from a new home.

question #2:

2. In character, write your pitch to the noble as to why your character should be taken along. The rendezvous point is a secret, so you must convince the noble that your character is trustworthy.

Viscount Aristide, I am both pleased and humbled that you deigned to speak with me.

My name is Valmont Lafayette and I have been earning wages as a businessman here in Galt.

Valmont paused to see if he had the Viscount's attention. I am, first and foremost, an engineer and a crafter. I know what it means to build something, whether it be a toy or a city. Valmont took another breath and then continued, I have managed to put together a small team of employees who I believe will be immensely valuable in this venture. This team includes a driver, three smiths skilled at crafting hand tools, and a handful of laborers. In order to build, you need tools, and I can ensure that you have the tools in ready supply.

Valmont stopped for a moment and looked the Viscount squarely in the eyes. I have also made arrangements and set aside the funds to purchase and build my starting business facilities.

This brings me to my last point. Valmont paused on that last word in order to draw the Viscount's attention. Although I have seen some success here, the atmosphere is not to my liking. Though the volatility lends itself to quick, one-time gains, it is not conducive to long term business growth and that is something I have always longed for. I believe this is my chance to make something of myself and I hope to become a part of it.

question #3:

3. Long term, what role does your character hope to play in the fledgling community? Start a business? Range outside the town to scout for threats? Serve in or lead the militia? Found a temple to their deity? Establish a thieves' guild? Dream as big as you like!

a. Start a business- Valmont wants to grow a business dedicated to manufacturing military equipment (specifically guns) and scientific and medical development: Lafayette Enterprises. This would include (at least) a foundry, a gunworks, a university, and a medical center. Ideally, this business would heavily employ half-orcs.
Note: this will grow from his original smith business. Although his original craftspeople may be human, he will intend to set up an apprentice program to feed in half-orcs. Think Stark Enterpises or Wayne Enterprises.

b. Establish a thieves' guild- The Baryog would like to run the night of the city while Valmont Lafayette influences the day. Or, more specifically, he would like to dominate whatever section of the city is most heavily settled with half-orcs.
Note: this will grow from his original group of laborers being upgraded into scofflaws. From there, cutpurses and such can be recruited.

c. Start a new "philosophy"- Valmont (and the Baryog) would seek to unite the half-orcs under a unified banner consisting of Lafayette Enterprises, the Baryog's gangs, and a variation of ancestor worship where one would revere the gifts of one's ancestors as a foundation for building something greater.
Note: this unification will start from a classroom being built shortly after the original smithy and it will (hopefully) have an acolyte (specifically an ancestor oracle) recruited to teach. Think of this as founding a new religious "philosophy"- the half-orc nation

Note: of course, all the half-orc stuff could be dropped and he could do everything else without it, or do none of it.