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Full Name

Vaard Ono'barv


Cold Sun Lizardfolk HP 75/75, AC 18


Humanoid 2/ Warlord (Steelfist Commando) 4 // Marshal 1








Lawful Neutral


Draconic, Common

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Vaard

Ability scores above are given without magic item modifiers.

Hit points: 2d8+5d10+7*(2+1) (constitution with belt of physical might)+4*1 (Marshal bonus hit points)= (8+4+6+7+10+5+10+21+4)=75
Speed: 30 ft, Swim 15 ft
Initiative: +2

Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1
Initiator Level: 6
Standard melee attacks (without maneuvers or stances):
Shield Bash: 1d20+10 (6 BAB, 4 strength with belt of physical might), 1d4+4 bludgeoning (discipline weapon for Broken Blade and Steel Serpent)
Bite:1d20+10, 1d4+4 (discipline weapon for Broken Blade and Steel Serpent)
Claw (x2): 1d20+10, 1d4+4 (discipline weapon for Broken Blade and Steel Serpent)
Standard Ranged attack:
Javelin: 1d20+8, 1d6+4
CMB: +10

AC: 18 (10 +2 dex, +5 natural +1 dodge)
Fortitude:+10 (+3 humanoid HD 2, +4 Warlord 4, +3 Con), +12 vs death effects, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or poison effects (Indomitable Presence)
Reflex: +3 (+2 dex, +1 base)
Will: +4 (+3 cha, +1 base)
CMD: 22 (10+6 BAB + 4 str + 2 dex)

Maneuvers Readied:
Counter Step (Counter)
Warning Roar (Counter)
Dizzying Venom Prana (Boost)
Pride Movement (Boost)
Shards of Iron (Strike)
Flurry Strike (Strike)


Improved Unarmed Strike (bonus):

You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.

Benefit: You are considered to be armed even when unarmed—you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you attack foes while unarmed. Your unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, at your choice.

Normal: Without this feat, you are considered unarmed when attacking with an unarmed strike, and you can deal only nonlethal damage with such an attack.

Multiattack (1st):
This creature is particularly skilled at making attacks with its natural weapons.

Prerequisite: Three or more natural attacks.

Benefit: The creature's secondary attacks with natural weapons take only a –2 penalty.

Normal: Without this feat, the creature's secondary attacks with natural weapons take a –5 penalty.

Extra Readied Maneuver (1st level bonus):
You have learned how to increase your ability to maintain martial forms in your mind.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to initiate a martial maneuver.

Benefit(s): Select a martial maneuver using class that you possess one or more levels in. You may ready an additional martial maneuver from your maneuvers known from that class.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times, applying it to multiple classes (if you possess multiple initiator classes) or multiple times to single class. This feat may not alter maneuvers readied from the Martial Training feat chain.

Victorious Recovery (3rd):
You learn how to use victory over a foe to your advantage, repositioning yourself and recovering a martial maneuver.

Prerequisite(s): Able to initiate maneuvers.

Benefit(s): Once per encounter, you may recover maneuvers equal to your initiator modifier when you reduce an opponent to zero or less hit points.

Greater Unarmed Strike (Steelfist Commando 3rd bonus):
Your unarmed attacks show a master's skill.

Prerequisite(s): Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +3.

Benefit(s): Your unarmed strikes inflict more damage than ever before, inflicting damage as indicated below. The damage listed is for Medium creatures. Adjust damage amounts according to size if necessary.

Pack Attack (Warlord 3rd level Warleader bonus, Combat, Teamwork):
You are skilled at surrounding your enemies.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: When you are adjacent to an ally with this feat, the first time you melee attack an opponent, you can spend an immediate action to take a 5-foot step, even if you have otherwise moved this round.

Normal: You can take a 5-foot step only if you have not otherwise moved in a round.

Broken Wing Gambit (Combat, Teamwork) (5th):
Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you make a melee attack and hit your opponent, you can use a free action to grant that opponent a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against you until the end of your next turn or until your opponent attacks you, whichever happens first. If that opponent attacks you with this bonus, it provokes attacks of opportunity from your allies who have this feat.

Disciplines Known:Golden Lion, Broken Blade, Steel Serpent, Solar Wind, Thrashing Dragon.

Stances Known:

Pride Leader's Stance:
Discipline: Golden Lion (Stance); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Stance


By adopting the mannerisms of commanding lions of the great savannahs, the disciple inspires heroics by his presence. By adopting this stance, the initiator and all allies within 20-ft. of his position gain a +4 morale bonus to saves vs fear effects and demoralization effects. The radius of this effect increases by 10-ft. per five initiator levels starting at initiator level 6.

Pugilist Stance:
Discipline: Broken Blade (Stance); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Stance


By adopting a powerful kickboxing stance, the initiator positions himself for lightning fast, potent strikes with his hands and feet. While in this stance, unarmed or discipline weapon strikes inflict an additional 1d6 points of damage.

Maneuvers Known:
1st level:

Shards of Iron (Strike):
Discipline: Broken Blade (Strike); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Melee attack
Target: One creature
Duration: Instant


By mimicking the speed and piercing power of the legendary shattered blade of the founder of this discipline, the disciple makes a hard jabbing strike at his opponent's vulnerable spots for maximum pain. The initiator makes an attack against his target foe and if successful, the target is staggered for one round in addition to normal damage.

Pride Movement (Boost):
Discipline: Golden Lion (Boost); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Target: One adjacent ally
Duration: Instant


By having a watchful eye on the flow of combat, the disciple knows when to spur an ally into a better position. As a swift action, the initiator may grant a move action to an adjacent ally. This ally may then use this move action immediately to move up to his base speed, as if it were a free action taken on the initiator's turn.

Hunting Party (Strike):
Discipline: Golden Lion (Strike); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Melee attack
Target: One creature and one adjacent ally
Duration: 1 round

When two or more soldiers converge on a single target, the odds of victory increase and the disciple with the knowledge of this strike can assist his comrade's potential lethality. When this strike is initiated, a successful melee attack may grant one adjacent ally who is attacking the same target an attack of opportunity against that target.

Dizzying Venom Prana (Boost) (Su):
Discipline: Steel Serpent (Boost); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Next melee attack or ranged attack
Target: One creature
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Fort negates

By focusing his ki onto a weapon, the disciple readies a spiritual poison which dizzies and confuses the minds of his foes. After initiating this boost, the next melee or ranged attack that the disciple makes staggers his foe for 1 round. In addition, if the target fails a Fortitude save (DC 11 + initiation modifier), the target also suffers 2 points of Wisdom damage. This is a supernatural ability.

Flurry Strike (Strike):
Discipline: Broken Blade (Strike); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 standard action
Range: Melee attack
Target: One creature
Duration: Instant


The disciple of the Broken Blade learns to maximize openings in his opponent's defenses and makes lightning fast attacks whenever possible. As a standard action, the initiator may make two attacks at his full base attack bonus.

Brawler's Attitude (Boost):
Discipline: Broken Blade (Boost); Level: 1
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instant


By using the skill of the empty-handed warriors that came before him, the disciple focuses his will to using his body in less conventional ways in combat. When initiating this boost, the initiator gains a +4 competence bonus to his next CMB check when using his unarmed strike or discipline weapon to perform the following combat maneuvers: dirty trick, disarm, grapple, or trip.

2nd level:

Warning Roar (Counter):
Discipline: Golden Lion (Counter); Level: 2
Initiation Action: 1 immediate action
Range: 60-ft.
Target: One allied creature
Duration: Instant


Witnessing a clear and present danger to an ally, the disciple shouts out a well-timed warning and aids his ally in defending against an attack. The initiator makes a Diplomacy check opposing an opponent's attack roll made on an ally. If successful then the attack is negated.

Counter Step (Counter):
Discipline: Broken Blade (Counter); Level: 2
Initiation Action: 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instant


With a twist of his body or a nimble hop, the disciple of the Broken Blade avoids a blow with a practiced step. The initiator makes an opposed Acrobatics check against an attacker's melee attack roll. If successful, the initiator may make an immediate 5 ft. step to a location that is not being threatened by his attacker without provoking attacks of opportunity. If no such square exists, then this counter cannot be used.

Other Class Features:
Warlord Gambits (Ex):

At his core, the warlord is a warrior who relies on both skill and daring; without this he is but any other combatant. By setting himself to danger, does his true skill shine, or so the motto of the warlord goes. At 1st level, a warlord selects two gambits as methods by which the warlord can recover expended maneuvers. Each gambit possesses three aspects—a risk, a rake, and a reward.

Each gambit's risk describes an action that the warlord must undertake in order to attempt to recover an expended maneuver. The warlord begins a gambit as a swift action, effectively diving recklessly into the act he is attempting. The warlord then performs the action described in the gambit, and if he is successful, he regains maneuvers (see below). If he is not, he suffers the rake of the gambit and only regains a single maneuver of his choosing. While performing a gambit, the warlord may add his Charisma modifier to the d20 check(s) to aid in accomplishing the gambit as a luck bonus. A warlord may attempt the actions of a gambit, but without declaring the attempt a gambit attempt by spending a swift action to do so, the character does not regain any maneuvers nor does he suffer a rake for failure. The character may initiate a maneuver while performing a gambit (if the maneuver helps him accomplish it) but he may not recover the maneuver used to achieve the gambit as part of the reward.

A gambit's rake is the penalty that the warlord suffers if he attempts his gambit and fails, such as failing a trip attempt or failing to strike an opponent with a charge attack. Each gambit possesses a unique reward that the warlord enjoys for succeeding at that gambit. All gambits possess the same rake; the warlord only regains a single expended maneuver and suffers a -2 penalty on all d20 rolls for one round. A warlord who succeeds at fulfilling his gambit immediately recovers a number of expended maneuvers equal to his Charisma modifier (minimum 2) and enjoys the unique reward for each gambit. Allies who would receive benefits from a warlord's successful gambit must be within 60-ft. of the warlord and must be able to see him perform the action. Finally, gambits may not be initiated outside of combat due to their reliance upon the stresses of battle to bring out the best of the warlord.

At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, the warlord selects an additional gambit.

Gambits Known:
Brave Gambit:
Risk: The warlord attempts to make a successful charge attack against an opponent (if the character has the ability to make multiple attacks at the end of a charge, the initial first attack must be successful for this gambit's success).

Reward: The warlord's actions embolden his allies and sets his spirit alight with courage; the warlord and his allies gain a morale bonus to damage equal to the warlord's Charisma modifier on the next attack they make or until the warlord's next turn.

Victory Gambit:
Risk: The warlord successfully reduces an opponent to 0 or few hit points with a melee or ranged attack on his turn from either a standard attack or full attack action.

Reward: The warlord and his allies gain a morale bonus on attack rolls equal to his Charisma modifier on their next attack roll.

Unbreakable Gambit (with errata:

Unbreakable Gambit

Risk: The warlord attempts to succeed on a Fortitude or Will save against an extraordinary ability, maneuver, power, spell, or spell-like or supernatural ability. This gambit is used on effects where the result of a successful saving throw either negates the effect or results in partial or halved effect. This gambit may not be used on effects where the result includes the (harmless) result. Unlike other gambits, this one can be attempted as an immediate action instead of a swift action.

Reward: The warlord is emboldened by his ability to resist his opponent's attack, and regains a number of hit points equal to three times his Charisma modifier.

Source of errata

Tactical Presence (Ex):
At 2nd level, the warlord's innate charisma allows his very presence to aid and assist not only himself but his allies as well, just by his being around. Adopting a presence is a move- equivalent action, and only one presence may be maintained at any given time. At 7th level, the warlord is capable of adopting a presence as a free action.

Indomitable Presence:
At 2nd level, the warlord shines as a beacon to his allies on the field of battle, inspiring them to fight with him to their last breath. All allies within 30-ft. of his position gain the benefits of the Die Hard feat, and may add the warlord's Charisma modifier to Fortitude saves versus death effects, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or poison effects as a morale bonus.

Dodge Bonus (Ex):
At 2nd level, the steelfist commando is especially capable of avoiding attacks and gains a +1 dodge bonus to his Armor Class. This improves by +1 at 6th level and every four levels after (to a maximum of +5 at 18th level).

Force of Personality (Ex):
At 3rd level, the warlord's forceful personality and bold, headstrong nature assist him in resisting the influence of others. Where others use personal serenity, awareness of the world around them, or plain old sensibility, the warlord gets by with endless nerve. The warlord may add his Charisma modifier in addition to his Wisdom modifier to determine his Will save bonus. If the character is ever able to add his Charisma modifier to his Will save through use of another ability (for example. the paladin's divine grace) he may only add his Charisma modifier once to his Will save.

The warlord excels in the theater of war because he knows how best to work with his allies. At 3rd level, the warlord becomes an ever more capable commander and may share tactics with his allies. First, the warlord gains a teamwork feat as a bonus feat (he must meet the prerequisites for this feat to select it). As a standard action that the warlord performs, the warlord and allies within 30- ft. of him can share teamwork feats that they possess with each other, acting as if they both possessed the teamwork feat that they are sharing. The warlord can only share one teamwork feat at a time, either one of his own (with all allies within 30-ft. of him) or an ally's (in which case only the warlord receives the ability to use the teamwork feat he does not possess). The warlord and allies retain the use of this feat for 3 + the warlord's Charisma modifier in rounds. The character may use this ability 1 + Charisma modifier times per day at 3rd level (minimum of 1), and one additional time per day for every four warlord levels the character possesses.

Tactical Flanker (Ex):
At 4th level, the warlord is exceptionally gifted at working with his allies to bring down opponents and his skills assist any who ally with him. When flanking a target with an allied creature, both the warlord and the ally may use the warlord's Charisma modifier (min +2) for the bonus they receive on flanking their opponent.

Racial traits:

Hold Breath (Ex):
A lizardfolk can hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 times its Constitution score before it risks drowning.

Mythic Tiers: Marshal 1
Mythic points: 7/7

Mythic Surge (Su):
You can call upon your mythic power to overcome difficult challenges. You can expend one use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the result of the original roll is revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll. The bonus die gained by using this ability increases to 1d8 at 4th tier, 1d10 at 7th tier, and 1d12 at 10th tier.

Mythic Power:
Mythic characters can draw upon a wellspring of power to accomplish amazing deeds and cheat fate. This power is used by a number of different abilities. Each day, you can expend an amount of mythic power equal to 3 plus double your mythic tier (5/day at 1st tier, 7/day at 2nd, etc.). This amount is your maximum amount of mythic power. If an ability allows you to regain uses of your mythic power, you can never have more than this amount.

Hard to Kill (Ex):
Whenever you're below 0 hit points, you automatically stabilize without needing to attempt a Constitution check. If you have an ability that allows you to act while below 0 hit points, you still lose hit points for taking actions, as specified by that ability. Bleed damage still causes you to lose hit points when below 0 hit points. In addition, you don't die until your total number of negative hit points is equal to or greater than double your Constitution score.

Marshal's Order: Advance (Ex):
As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to inspire a tactical advance on the field of battle. This allows you and each of your allies within 30 feet to take either a single move action of the character's choice or a 5-foot step, as long as you or your ally has the ability to take such an action (for example, an unconscious character still can't take an action). The action granted by this ability doesn't count toward the number or type of actions a creature is allowed to take on its turn.

Marshal's Order: Rally (Su):
As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to rally your allies. This gives you and each of your allies within 30 feet the option to reroll any one d20 roll after the roll is made. The granted reroll must be used before the beginning of your next turn, and the creature must take the result of the reroll, even if it is lower.

Mythic Path Abilities:

Additional Order (1st):
Additional Order (Ex): You learn an additional marshal's order ability. You can select this ability twice.

Mythic Feats:

Extra Mythic Power (1st tier):

You can store more mythic power than your tier would normally allow.

Benefit: You gain two extra uses of mythic power each day.

Equipment: MW Morningstar, MW Heavy Wooden Shield, 10 Javelins, Quiver, Potion of CLW, Potion of Bull's Strength, Battle harness and pouches
Belt slot: Mankini of Physical Might (+2 to STR and CON 'at the cost of dignity')
In addition to warlord class skills, Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Profession, Ride, and Survival are class skills for humanoids with racial hit-dice. Bluff is also a class skill from Vanguard Commander, but perception is not.
Total Skill Points: 30 = 6 (Int)+4 (humanoid 2)+16 (warlord 4)+4 (FCB)

Acrobatics +11 (+9 w/ shield) (6 ranks , 2 Dex , 3 CS, -2 ACP when using shield)
Sense Motives +8 (6 ranks, -1 Wis, 3 CS)
Diplomacy +12 (6 ranks, 3 Cha, 3 CS)
Survival +8 (6 ranks, -1 Wis, 3 CS)
Bluff +12 (6 ranks, +3 Cha, 3 CS)

Under attack. Always under attack. Whether it was another Cold Sun tribe, the Blackscales, the Poisondusk, or the settlers from Galifer, Vaard Ono'barv's tribe has been threatened from without for as long as he can remember. As a child he helped defend against raids from rival tribes. After his tribe's previous chieftan was killed in a raid and Pooma assumed control, Vaard vowed never to let it happen again.