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Sczarni 1/5

I'm sure the vast majority of you guys who choose to play a Paladin look at what campaign your in. I thought I'd share my experiences with those 'paragons' of Lawful Goodness. What follows is a spoiler mostly spoiler free IC account as was submitted to the fellow who sent us out.

We were wandering the countryside in [REDACTED] and following the trail of our attackers we encountered a non-humanoid creature. She was a [REDACTED] who lived in the area and agreed to lead us to the lair of a vile [REDACTED] who we were in pursuit of. All was going well until the paladin used his detect evil ability. He then demanded to know why we shouldn't kill her. My suggestion that she was a sentient being who was helping us did not reassure the 'champion of good.' He eventually stormed off in a huff saying that she would betray us. No great loss in my mind but I was wishing that [REDACTED] had sent a fighter of less sure morality that I knew on this mission.

Later a fellow Silver Crusader, by the name of [REDACTED] went back to fetch him after we had found the entrance to the lair of the vile [REDACTED]. Soon we encountered a group of [REDACTED] and one surrendered after I skilfully thwarted his attempt to flee. I was unsure of the wisdom in accepting but another of my companions had an unusual veneration of life itself as she explained it to me. Fair enough. Hope she does as much for me when I need it.

Things got interesting at this point. After interrogating him and declining to rearm and re-armor the fellow I suggested we use some convenient manacles to lock him up and bring him back to town with us. His fate in town was hardly likely to be long.

Instead our paladin started to stab the guy with a dagger! He wasn't even asking questions! When his fellow Crusaders stopped him he explained that he wanted the prisoner at the verge of unconsciousness so that he could proceed our party and die to any traps the prisoner failed to mention. I was shocked. It is my recommendation that venture captions think twice before sending this fellow on any more sensitive missions. Our directives to explore, report, and cooperate seem lost on him.

I hear noble sacrifices are needed in Mendev.

May Desna smile on us all,

Trophel Durst