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Sojan!!!!! OMG!!!
Moorcock's Sojan stories = Awesome!

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To everyone who played in and help run this even at this years Gen Con.

My most sincere thanks for your eagerness, willingness, support, and forgiveness in helping us get an extremely ambitious interactive off the ground, and by Saturday.. flying.

This was my first big event, and I cannot thank everyone enough for chiming in with feedback and input, as well as the work wonderfully talented GMs who put so much extra effort into making sure some of our early mistakes were caught and corrected. Also, much thanks to all the players who weathered through Friday nights game rough start and offered advice and assistance to make Saturday's event so stellar. I appreciate everyone good faith and support.

With everyone's support, it increases the likelihood of more of these types of ambitious and unique events, as well as the experience writers, organizers and GMs need to make them run more effectively.

Oh and for those teams that gained the extra boon Defender of Absalom-
It provides +2 on all future Diplomacy checks in Absalom.

my most sincere thanks!

Tim Hitchcock

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I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed James Sutter's piece about the various worlds in Golarion's solar system.
It had a really nice, classic feel to its approach, in that way a lot of wierd fiction writers used to combine scifi/fantasy, before the genres tightened up their rules.
For me, I felt like it really stood out from a lot of the other FRPG stuff people have been writing over the past few years, as a lot of it becomes so typcast towards what the audience expects out of what is supposed to be FRPG. It was nice to see the lines blur more, because in between those spaces lurk opportunites to reawaken the wonder and imagination of gamers who (after years of playing in a planar-based multiverse) seem to know exactly expect at every turn.

So um,
thanks James.

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Calling on All Dragon Enthusiasts!!!

Dragon magazine is currently putting together their yearly “Top Ten Dragons of D&D” and we’re looking for some experienced players’ perspectives on the greatest wyrms (or wyrmlings) in D&D history.

If anyone would like to nominate their favorite D&D dragon NPC of all time please go ahead and chime in. Dragons from Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Eberron or any other D&D source material are all fair game. Do you fancy Dragotha, Pyros, maybe Chronepsis, Khisanth, or Skie…or any other dragon you remember from D&D?

Also, if anyone has an anecdote you would like to share about an encounter with a dragon from any D&D module or campaign (not a homebrew, but a dragon players and DMs across the world might recognize) please share it here, and you may just get your name in Dragon magazine. Please include your name and region if you would like to be named with your anecdote. Note that your anecdote may be edited or adapted to fit word count limits on the article.

Thanks in advance for nominations, thoughts, and anecdotes everybody!!!

Nicolas Logue and Tim Hitchcock