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Hi every one!

The Tijuana RPG and Tabletop Fest 2017 is almost here. It is Totally Free at Tijuana, Mexico. Border city with San Diego California.

We like you to come and play or be DM as you like. And do a Binational roleplayers relationship for the fun!

Last year we have a DM from San Diego and he put a D&D 1sth edition Mega Duengeon. He get a lot of fun and many players play with him forthe first time 1st edition.

I invite Any DM to come and help with any PathfinderSociety Content.

Many Prizes at the end of the event.


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Hi, i am still looking for players and DM's for convention in Tijuana Mexico this saturday Feb-20-2016, The convention is Free, If you are ineterested please contact me by e-mail : TijuanaGeek@gmail.com

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Hi people!!!

This September 7 2014 GET READY for action.

I am the organizer of Tijuana RPG Fest. Is an RPG convention TOTALLY FREE.

Came and Play with us. We will have Pathfinder Society and much more. Magic the Gathering and other war games.

If you wand to Dungeon master a table get in touch. Tijuanageek@gmail.com

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I want to Share the event that Tijuana RPG organize in Tijuana , Mexico.

We will try our best to improve next year. And i want to Thanks Paizo for the support.

Go to Tijuana RPG Fest 2013 VIDEO.

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Hi everyone i just like to share some pic's of our participation in the event Encuentro Rolero in Mexicali, Mexico.

This is the second event they made in this city and the first time i participate. There was like 60 people they play many games like D&D 4th, 3.5 and D&D NEXT.

Vampire the masquerade, All flesh must be eaten, and of course Pathfinder Society.

You can check the pic's i take in my fanclub of FB Tijuana RPG.


And can check the videos in the youtube Channel:


See ya later guys :)

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Hi. I'm Miguel from Tijuana Geek. VC of Tijuana, Mexico.

I have Problems reporting the sessions. I don't know what i'm missing.
I follow the instructions but Mike keep telling me i haven't report anything. I have like 10 Sessions reported.

Maybe i miss a send button or Something. I have experience Reporting with the Wizard Event Report software and didn't have any problem.

Can some body help me please. I want to do this right.