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Full Name

Threnody Nocturne


Tiefling bard (arcane duelist) 9 [ HP: 81/81 AC 24 T 15 FF 20 (50% miss chance) | BAB +13/+8 CMB +7 CMD 20| Fort +6 , Ref +11, Will +7 | Init +4 Prc: +12 Prof (sailor) +12] Disruptive












Common, Infernal, Halfling, Dwarven, Polyglot



Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Threnody 'Thren' Nocturne

BAB: +6/+1
Full attack: +9/+4 by weapon, dmg by weapon +1
AC: 24, touch 15, flat-footed 20
CMB: +7 CMD: 20
Fort: +6 Ref: +11 Will: +7
Hero Points: 0
HP: 81
Leadership score: 12
Weapons/Armor: Proficient in all simple weapons, longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, whip. Proficient in light armor and shields, no arcane spell failure for using bard spells in light armor.


Athletic, Arcane Strike (bonus), Combat Casting (bonus), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier), Disruptive (bonus), Leadership, Fencing Grace
Traits: Shackles Seafarer (+1 Knowledge (geography)/nature while on the ocean; +1 Swim and class skill), Resilient (+1 trait bonus on Fort saves)


Acrobatics +17, Stealth +18, Climb +15, Perform (singing) +15, Profession (sailor) +12, Swim +17, Perception +12, Intimidate +15, Spellcraft +15, Knowledge (geography) +15

Native Outsider: Thren counts as an outsider with the native subtype.
Size: Medium, speed 30'
Darkvision: 60'
Skilled: +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Stealth checks
Fiendish resistances: Fire res 5, cold res 5, electricity res 5
Prehensile tail: instead of fiendish sorcery, Thren can use her tail to retrieve small objects as a swift action (ARG p. 169)
Thren doesn't have the darkness SLA but also suffers no racial penalty to her Charisma score (already reflected above).
Languages: Common, Infernal, Halfling, Dwarven, Polyglot
Bardic performance: 4 + Charisma mod rounds/day, +2 rounds/level after first. Starts as move, maintain as free. (21/23 total rounds)
Types of performance: 1) Rallying cry: may make an intimidate check each round, allies in 30' may use the check instead of a save against fear/despair effects or make a new save each round. Audible components, replaces countersong. 2) Distraction. As bard. 3) Fascinate: As bard. 4) Inspire courage (+2): As bard. 5) Inspire competence (+3). 6) Bladethirst (see APG, p. 80). 7) Dirge of Doom 9) Inspire greatness
Arcane bond: As the wizard class feature, Thren's rapier is her bonded weapon.

Spells per day (includes Charisma bonus): 6/6 1st, 5/5 2nd, 3/4 3rd
Spells known:
0-detect magic, prestidigitation, mage hand, dancing lights, mending, ghost sound
1-expeditious retreat, grease, silent image, cure light wounds, featherfall
2-cure moderate wounds, cat's grace, heroism, versatile weapon
3-haste, displacement, good hope, see invisible

Additional gear (nonmagical):


A waxed sailor’s coat that has deep pockets and is reinforced in key areas around the shoulders and torso. It weighs 5 lbs and is otherwise statistically serves as padded armor. You may wear the coat over other armor but of course it loses its own value as armor (but will still help keep you dry and hold stuff in its pockets, etc.) (S)
A change of clothing (a “Pirate’s Outfit” - 2 lb, note the weight only counts if you’re not wearing it); Grok has done her best to find items that suit your build and even your taste from what she might be able to glean from your current outfit. This is “sailor-suitable” stuff, lightweight and dries easily. (S)
Two masterwork daggers with sheathes (1 lb e)
A brass knife with sheath (0.5 lb) - same stats as a dagger but with the “fragile” feature; these are commonly carried by seamen because they don’t rust. (S)
Air bladder (0.5 lbs)
Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs)
1 Blanket (3 lbs) (S)
Gear Maintenance Kit (2 lbs) - Everything you need to keep the rest of the contents of the kit in tip-top shape, e.g., sewing kit, wax, whetstone, etc. (S)
Grooming Kit (2 lbs) - individualized for your personal hygiene needs. (S)
Hip flask (0.5 lbs Medium)
Mess kit (1 lb) (S)
Waterskin (when full, 4 lbs Medium)
Masterwork backpack (4 lbs.)
Tea: 50# (some donated to ship's stores) (S)
Courtier's outfit with 50gp of jewelry (S)
Swallowtail necklace (175 gp)
Scrimshawed ivory bracelet (300gp)
Spell component pouch
Trail rations, 7 days
Quarterstaff (in quiver)

Gear (magical/masterwork):


Rapier +2, adamantine (2 lbs.) -arcane bonded
+1 mithral shirt (12.5 lbs.)
Bucker +1 (5 lb.)
Shortbow +2 w/60 arrows (2#, 3#; 0 lb. in quiver)
Lesser gloves of archery (1 lb.)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (-)
Bone wand of cure light wounds (14)
Cloak of resistance +1
Belt of incredible dexterity +2
Ring of protection +1
Elixir of Swimming
Potion of cure light wounds
Sleeves of many garments (1 lb.)
One Reason to Live (2 lb.)
Efficient quiver (2 lb.)
Perfect pillow (S)
Animated portrait (S)
Cold iron dagger (2 lb.)
Free Captain Letter of Marque (0 lb.) (S)
Wayfinder with cracked ioun stone (+1 Acrobatics, Swim)

GP: 1446 SP: 5
Total personal weight: 12 (everyday), 37 (adventuring). Items marked "S" are stowed on the ship. Unmarked items are carried on her person.
Light encumbrance: 43#, 50# with masterwork backpack.

Mary-seastress, human
Carlos-warrior, halfling
Derrick-carpenter , human
Ursa-dwarf woman
Rotgut, alchemist 1

Threnody was born into one of the noble Houses of Cheliax, loyalist House Sarini of Kintargo. As a tiefling, she was considered about as well as dirt. Her life was one of slavery, drudgery, and abuse. She put up with it for years until she managed to sneak away one night on an outgoing ship. It was unfortunately one of the Navy's ships; fortunately, it got sank by a pirate ship and she managed to talk the captain into taking her on. She's moved from ship to ship since then as fortunes have changed, picking up a few useful skills for the pirate's life. Her personal skills (as in her class abilities) were first developed as a slave, as she doesn't share the Cheliaxian disdain for halflings and her basic bardic skills developed there. She's tuned them since (no pun intended) into the skills that make the most sense for someone living on a ship. Threnody stuck around on the Aurora's Kiss because she just liked the atmosphere; sticking it to her homeland's ships was fun too. She served in the crow's nest as a lookout as well as boosting morale with her performances.

Threnody's goals for the future are to enjoy her freedom, stick it to Cheliax from time to time, and see what life throws her way. She's not used to being free to do what she wants, so she's still working this out.