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Full Name

Thomas Bryson Andrews


Human Field Technician Squad Leader






English (native) [0], German (accented) [4]


Infinity Corp operative

About Thom Andrews

ST 10 [0]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 14 [80]
HT 10 [0]

Secondary Stats:
Basic Lift: 20lbs

thrust- 1d-2
swing- 1d

Hit Points: 10/10
Fatigue Points: 10/10
Will: 14

Perception: 14

Basic Speed: 5.5
basic dodge- 8
basic move- 5

Computer Expert IV [20]
+4 to Computer Hacking, Computer Operation, Computer Programing, Electronics Operation, Electronics Repair, and Engineer; checks with these skills take -40% of the normal time. +4 to all reaction rolls with computer programmers and technicians who see you work.

Hot Pilot II [10]
+2 to gunner, navigation, and pilot; checks with these skills take -20% of the normal time. +2 to all reaction rolls with people who see you fly.

Intuitive Mathematician [5]
You can perform astrogation without a computer, do any level of engineering design in your head, and solve differential equations almost instantaneously. You never need a calculator; you yourself are far faster than that, and even faster than many computers.

Security Clearance I [5]
You have access to a relatively narrow range of secrets on a “need to know” basis.

Code of Honor (soldier) [-10]
An officer should be tough but fair, lead from the front, and look out for his men; an enlisted man should look out for his buddies and take care of his kit. Every soldier should be willing to fight and die for the honor of his unit, service, and country; follow orders; obey the “rules of war”; treat an honorable enemy with respect (a dishonorable enemy deserves a bullet); and wear the uniform with pride.

Duty (Infinity; 15 or less) [-15]
Your occupation and social situation saddle you with a significant personal obligation toward others, and occasionally require you to obey hazardous orders. The GM rolls at the beginning of each adventure to see whether it comes into play. Being “called to duty” could delay your plans, or be the reason for the adventure! Alternatively, your boss might give you a secret agenda to pursue, or his associates might harass you while you are officially “on leave.”

Sense of Duty (Homeline USA) [-10]
You feel a strong sense of commitment toward a particular class of people. You will never betray them or abandon them when they’re in trouble, and you must always act in their best interest.

Mundane Background [-10]
My coworkers are aliens and bio-engineered super soldiers from alternate dimensions, and I'm a nerd from a small town in western New York... You must buy off this disadvantage if you wish to use supernatural advantages actively or learn any skill related to the supernatural or the weird.

Attentive [-1]
excels at tuning out distractions
(+1 to lengthy tasks, -3 to notice even important distractions while working)

Dislike (scat) [-1]
must avoid feces whenever possible

Incompetence (artist) [-1]
really terrible at making any kind of art
(cannot buy ranks; extra -4 to default rolls)

Incompetence (musical instrument) [-1]
really terrible at playing any kind of music
(cannot buy ranks; extra -4 to default rolls)

Habit [-1]
often mutters "in your timeline maybe..." under his breath when others say something he thinks is false

basic background:
Thom Andrews was born and raised in the quaint little town of Wilson on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, about half an hour from the famed Niagara Falls, on the world he has learned to call Homeline. Growing up he enjoyed boating on the lake with his family and tinkering with any kind of electronics he could get his hands on. He was a bright boy and excelled in school; he may have been valedictorian of his class if the New York State Board of Regents hadn’t required two years of art or music for graduation (both of which he received Ds in).

After graduating from High School, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology (an hour or so from home) on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Thanks to a friendly rivalry with several Army ROTC cadets who lived across the hall from him freshman year, he joined an intramural boxing team to supplement his modest Air Force personal combat training. With his gift for math, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Thanks to the ROTC program, he graduated without any student loan debt but instead owed Uncle Sam four years of service. He qualified for flight school and spent most of his four-year term stationed in Germany, flying high-altitude spy planes. He was a decent pilot and when offered an opportunity to pilot high-end fighter jets he signed on for another two years.

As he approached the end of his extended service he was approached by a representative of the Infinity Corporation with an offer to come work for them. With his unique combination of skills and experience he accepted a position as a field technician: a field agent with the technical abilities to operate and maintain the organizations proprietary parachronic technology. After undergoing orientation and training in the unique tech over the last several months, he is preparing for his first field assignment.