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Inspired by the "Ask Uncle GoatToucher" thread, I thought I'd create a thread where anyone (specifically the next poster) could give advice/help/guidance to any of the queries asked here and then ask a question of their own for the next poster after them to solve. And so on in that fashion.

I'll go first:

Dear next poster, how would you get a cabbage to eat a lettuce?

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A while back, I took part in a forum game called "World of Creation" (as my alias, Gorilla Grodd) and really enjoyed it. However, it has since dried up so, I thought I'd create a new version of that particular thread and see where it goes!

So the rules are, as setup by the creator of the original thread, as follows:

Imagine a world shortly after it's created. Think of Earth right after the seven days of creation. Of course, this world has no name. It orbits a Sun, has one Moon (so far), it has an Earthlike night/day, and at night you can see stars in the sky. Everything else is open to the imagination.

YOU are gods, goddesses, angels, demons, or any type of very powerful being. In fact, use your avatar picture and name. Where you came from is up to you. On the thread create or destroy something, depending on your alignment or point of view. Create a race, nation, tribe, whatever. Please stay in character based on your avatar. Let everyone know about where it is on this world. For example, is it in the far north, south, central region, underground, on the Moon(s), whatever you want.

These are their own words, not mine.

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So basically, I was reading my old fighting fantasy gamebooks and I had an epiphany. Coming up with various pathfinder campaigns using fighting fantasy as the setting! It would start off simple, taking a small group of adventurers on pre-existing missions (e.g. going into Firetop Mountain to find the treasure of the evil warlock, Zagor, or going into Darkwood Forest to retrieve the dwarfish hammer of Stonebridge) to provide a more wider range of options, then they can be tweaked, turning the great Yaztromo from a human wizard into a tengu arcane trickster for example. The possibilities could be endless!

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*Here's a little something I thought up to shake the world of Pathfinder a bit. Also, I don't know where this should go so please do put this thread onto another part of the forum that is more appropriate.*

For many years, the inhabitants of Golarion thought they knew about all the deities in the universe. But there was one deity that had eluded them all: Omnia, the All-God. No one (not even the gods themselves) is quite sure how a being of such great power could go undetected, for the All-God's power could be felt through out every plane of existence, with the Great Old One Cthulu and the Witch Queen Baba Yaga (who, for the most part, where actually stationed on Earth) being more shocked than anyone else. Omnia revealed to everyone that it (for the All-God possessed no gender) was able to hide its aura and that most recently had chosen to live as a human on Earth and had just died (thus returning to godhood) and decided to venture for pastures new.

With Omnia once again appearing, Golarion witnessed many sweeping changes as the God of Balance (unlike the other gods) was very active in dealing with the affairs of mortals and even created many a stir in the Outer Planes (such as: freeing Rovagug, claiming that the Rough Beast was a 'necessary evil', resurrecting the gods that had died - which included bringing back Dou-Bral and the spirit wolf Thron, even though both Zon-Kuthon and his herald were still present - and even resolved many tiffs with grace and in diplomatic fashion).

Despite living as a male human, the God of Balance does not have a true form - claiming to be a being of non existence - which only further baffles both mortal and god alike. As such, Omnia is usually depicted as a male (the All-God's race depends on the race creating the visage, eg humans will depict Omnia as a human whereas orcs will depict Omnia as an orc etc) with painstakingly handsome features (even followers of Zon-Kuthon and Lamashtu believe it to be a great insult to have Omnia scared or deformed in any way) but always dressed in finely kept nobleman's clothing (with priests instead garbing Omnia in the sacred outfit of the faith that they represent).

The All-God's relations with the other deities is, by far, the most intriguing. As Omnia is a being so bizarre and powerful (even to the Outer Gods of the Dark Tapestry) that all respect the All-God through fear and awe. The exact extent of Omnia's relations are mainly shaped by the mortal life it led and its need for balance to be maintained. How it reacts as whole to the other deities (for now, only the top twenty will be covered) is listed below.

Abadar: Omnia respects Abadar being the god of order in its purity and marvels at how grand cities can be, but nevertheless, finds Abadar to be quite stubborn and close minded. Not to mention something of a coward (as the god of cities wears fine plate mail armour yet prefers using a crossbow).

Asmodeus: Perhaps one of the more interesting relationships, Asmodeus firmly believes that he will always have the All-God's favour as Omnia's favourite colour is red (the colour Asmodeus has in abundance) and when Omnia suddenly appears the Prince of Darkness immediately pledges his allegiance, even when the former only seeks to talk (which causes great embarrassment for Asmodeus and the sniggering of the other deities is often heard).

Calistria: Unlike most who chase after the Savoured Sting (which usually ends disastrously once Calistria gets bored), Omnia prefers to let the elven deity do all the chasing as Omnia finds Calistria to be very dangerous and unpredictable (even though the All-God is much more extreme when it comes to lust and vengeance). Also, when Omnia was a child, the All-God was once stung by a wasp he/it squished and still possesses the 'scar' on his/its right hand middle finger. Thus the All-God claims that he/it too has felt the sting of revenge.

Cayden Cailean: One of the more relaxed relationships, Omnia finds the Drunken Hero to be reckless yet fun and overall, pleasant to be around. The All-God is always up for having a drink with Cayden Cailean and respects the former mortal's bravery and sense of justice.

Desna: The Great Dreamer is ever thankful to Omnia for resurrecting her old mentor, Curchanus (restoring his domains to him although Desna was still able to have the travel domain), though she is disappointed that Lamashtu still has control of the beast domain (but the All-God did state that Curchanus had the positive side of the domain - animals' being able to form strong bonds with indigenous peoples - whereas Lamashtu had the negative side - animals' fear and mistrust - while the All-God himself/itself had both sides, positive and negative). In addition, Omnia likes the thought of constant travel but believes that one should have a final destination (in the case of Desna's followers, the place they wish to have their final rest at) and often accompanies Desna on her never ending journey as he/it is the only being able to truly do so as well as to comfort her should she become saddened (the All-God's mortal life had made him/it something of a softie) but the Great Dreamer did have some sad moments that Omnia couldn't help with (as the All-God has no intention of killing Ghlaunder and alas developed a phobia of butterflies as a child - although he/it likes caterpillars and has no problems with moths).

Erastil: Omnia sees in Old Deadeye a stalwart ally and a true (albeit, a little overbearing sometimes) friend. On many occasions, the two have gone on great hunting trips (usually betting on who can bag the best prey) but they never kill what they catch or anything else.

Gorum: Though Omnia has no love of violence and bloodshed (a fact that the Lord in Iron knows very well), the All-God nonetheless gladly engages in combat with Gorum should the god of war seek to fight. However, though they both use great swords, Gorum wields his weapon with both hands but Omnia effortlessly uses just one. The outcome of the battles usually end in a tie, with Gorum winning the odd few (though the Lord in Iron, not that he would ever ask, suspects that the All-God goes easy on him).

Gozreh: One of the two deities (the other being Nethys) that claim to truly be one with the God of Balance, as both Gozreh and Nethys have a 'ying yang' concept. Omnia's own standing with Gozreh is somewhat awkward, because the All-God finds Gozreh's female side enchanting Omnia has to remember about Gozreh's male side. Although the Wind and the Waves remain completely unaware of this.













Other Names - the All-God, the True Creator, the God of Balance
Alignment - Neutral
Domains - All
Sub Domains - All
Favoured Weapon - It's Own Might
Places of Worship - Everywhere
Nationality - Earthling

This is it so far, I will be fleshing out the details at a later date.

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I was looking on the pathfinder wiki (in particular, about the calendar and holidays so I could incorporate Christmas, Halloween St Patrick's day, etc into my games) and I found that my birthday (March -Pharast in pathfinder- 26th) has a holiday on it (Conquest Day). So I was wondering, is there a pathfinder holiday that coincides with your birthday?

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Hey guys, I could really use some help again.

Firstly, how do I add items to my wishlist?

Secondly, how do I download things and what would you recommend?

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Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that pathfinder has reached the pinnacle of it's prime. So I ask you, what could they do next? (Please note, I don't know if anyone has done a thread like this).

For me, all I can see is them releasing one or two more bestiaries and/or a second NPC codex. But hey, there is plenty of possibilities for them. So let me know what you think, I will look forward to hearing from you! :-)

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Hey there everyone! How are you all?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel that the website needs some major updating (for example, the 4th bestiary has been out for a while and the website doesn't have it on the contents). Not that I am complaining, but when any new features are available the website should have those things to look at just in case you can't buy any of them yet.

But that's my thoughts, let me know what you think I would like to hear from you guys. :-)

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Greetings to you all, my friends, Jurassic Bard here trying out my registered character. As this is a serious thread, I'm not going to be silly and start typing random things.

Anyway, I am curious to know, what is your favourite bestiary (out of the ones that have been released) and what is your favourite monster (or monsters, as the case may be) in each one?

For me, out of all the bestiaries currently released, I think my favourite one is the first one and (aside from the dinosaurs) my favourite monsters would have to be: the owlbear from number one, the jabberwock from number two, the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing from number three and grendel from number four.

Those are my thoughts, please tell me yours. :-)

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Hey there guys, I would like to be part of the Taldor faction and add a profile picture. Please could you tell me how to do those things, I would be eternally grateful thank you! :-)