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I've been reading through starfinder rules in preparation for running a game soon-ish. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and a few things that just make me go.. wha?

somewhere in the middle are spell chips. Reading the entry, you get to cast spells through a computer (but if I'm not mistaken not remotely) at 110% the cost of a spell gem, but can recharge the thing for what amounts to 99% the cost of the same kind of gem. Additionally, you get a flat +2 to any skill check required in the casting of the spell.

I haven't come up with many situations where this roundabout way of doing things seems better than using normal spell gems (it'd be a lot more tempting if you got a meaningfull discount over a new gem by recharging a chip) but I'm sure you clever people can come up with a few scenario's when these thematically quite cool things'd be usefull.

The one thing I could come up with off-hand was something like the creation spell where that +2 to skill checks could help you craft more elaborate things.

And that's where I'd like to kick off this discussion. Lets hear you guys' ideas ^_^