The Countess Almathrada's page

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Full Name

The Countess Almathrada, Bane of Avsilar


'Daughter of the Morning'


Aristocrat 40






Almost as old as the multiverse

Special Abilities

SQ: Absolute Timeline


Chaotic Evil


Running a tea-shop, watching as people she could be bothered to manipulate do exactly what she wanted and expected them to do

About The Countess Almathrada

To true sight effects, the Countess Almathrada looks to be whatever current shape she is using, and her alignment appears to be whatever she currently wishes it to detect as. Any attempt to read her mind is likely to end badly.
She is immune to practically all spells and effects, including many which might actually be beneficial to her. She cannot suppress this immunity. (Whilst her immunities include magical force attacks and electrical attacks, she does have the power to swat away with her hands or other body parts such effects which strike her if she feels so inclined.)
The Countess Almathrada has an absolute timeline; no matter who tries it, attempts to travel back in time and rewrite history where she has been directly involved always fail, and she herself cannot travel in time. She is 'invisible' to divinations about the future. Such magic always predicts a course of events as if she does not interfere in them, even though she may end up doing so and substantially changing them - although any 'destinies' changed by her will revert to their normal course once her interaction with them is removed, unless seven generations have passed with her meddling.

The Countess Almathrada is bad news for surprises, tending to take off guard anyone who tries to catch her flatfooted. Whilst this is an ability inherent to all Daughters of the Morning, in the Countess' case, as a mastermind villainess, she tends to see most things coming anyway.