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Full Name

Targrish Spellstone


HP 115/166 | AC 34/35/36 | F +22 R +23 W +24 (Gr. Resolve) | Perc +20 |5: 1/1, 4: 1/1, 3: 1/1, 2: 1/1, 1: 1/1


speed 20 ft | focus 1/1| Hero 2 | Active Conditions:


NG male dwarf thaumaturge 14

About Targrish Spellstone

Targrish Spellstone
Thaumaturge 14

Perception +20; Darkvision
Languages Common, Dwarven, Jotun, Undercommon

Skills Acrobatics +20, Arcana +18, Athletics +23, Crafting +24, Diplomacy +20, Intimidation +20, Lore: Art +18, Lore: Esoteric +24, Nature +16, Occultism +23, Performance +20, Religion +16, Stealth +23, Thievery +24

Str +2, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +2, Wis +0, Cha +4

Items +1 Resilient Leather, Tradecraft Tattoo, Wyrm on the Wing, Warding Statuette, Bag of Holding (Type II), Wildwood Ink, Lifting Belt, Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator), Pendant of the Occult, Faith Tattoo (Grandmother Spider), Reading Glyphs, Healing Potion (Moderate)
Temporary Scrolls: 1st: grease 2nd: see invisibility 3rd: earthbind 4th: fly

Good Scrolls:
grease, floating disk, friendfetch, illusionary object, faerie fire, see invisibility, animal messenger, speak with animals, water breathing, web, invisibility

AC 34; Fort +22, Ref +23, Will +23; Gr. Resolve
HP 178

Amulet's Abeyance:
--Trigger: The target of your Exploit Vulnerability would damage you or an ally within 15 feet of you.
--Requirements: You're holding your amulet implement and are benefiting from Exploit Vulnerability.
--Effect: You forcefully present your amulet to turn away harm. You or a target ally within 15 feet gain resistance to all damage against the triggering damage. The resistance is equal to 2 + your level. (14)

Speed 20 feet

+2 Striking Kukri +26 (Agile, Finesse, Trip, Uncommon, Magical), Damage 2d6+5+4 Slashing

Chakri +24 (Uncommon, Recovery, Thrown), Damage 1d6+5 S +2Physical

Sneak Attack 1d6


◆◆Disturbing Knowledge (Emotion, Fear, General, Mental, Skill) Prerequisites master in Occultism You utter a litany of dreadful names, prophecies, and descriptions of realms beyond mortal comprehension, drawn from your study of forbidden tomes and scrolls. Even those who don't understand your language are unsettled by these dire secrets. Attempt an Occultism check and compare the result to the Will DC of an enemy within 30 feet, or to the Will DCs of any number of enemies within 30 feet if you are legendary in Occultism. Those creatures are temporarily immune for 24 hours.
--Critical Success The target becomes confused for 1 round and frightened 1.
--Success The target becomes frightened 1.
--Failure The target is unaffected.
--Critical Failure You get overly caught up in your own words and become frightened 1.

◆Bon Mot (Auditory, Concentrate, Emotion, General, Linguistic, Mental, Skill) Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy You launch an insightful quip at a foe, distracting them. Choose a foe within 30 feet and roll a
Diplomacy check against the target's Will DC.
--Critical Success The target is distracted and takes a -3 status penalty to Perception and Will saves for 1 minute. The target can end the effect early with a retort to your Bon Mot. This can either be a single action that has the concentrate trait or an appropriate skill action to frame their retort. The GM determines which skill actions qualify, though they must take at least 1 action. Typically, the retort needs to use a linguistic Charisma-based skill action.
--Success As critical success, but the penalty is -2.
--Critical Failure Your quip is atrocious. You take the same penalty an enemy would take had you succeeded. This ends after 1 minute or if you issue another Bon Mot and succeed.

◆◆Twin Weakness (Esoterica, Thaumaturge) Prerequisites mortal weakness or personal antithesis Requirements You're holding an implement and a weapon, you are using Exploit Vulnerability with mortal
weakness or personal antithesis, and the target creature is within reach of both your implement and weapon. As you make an attack augmented by your esoterica, you also press your implement against the creature, applying its weakness as your implement's energies sear the creature's flesh. Make a melee Strike against the target of your Exploit Vulnerability. On any attack roll result but a critical failure, you also press your implement against the creature, automatically dealing the additional damage from Exploit Vulnerability. This is in addition to any damage from your Strike, including the weakness the Strike applies from Exploit Vulnerability. This counts as two attacks when calculating your multiple attack penalty.

◆◆Boulder Roll (Dwarf) Prerequisites Rock Runner Your dwarven build allows you to push foes around, just like a mighty boulder tumbles through a subterranean cavern. Take a Step into the square of a foe that is your size or smaller, and the foe must move into the empty space directly behind it. The foe must move even if doing so places it in harm’s way. The foe can attempt a Fortitude saving throw against your Athletics DC to block your Step. If the foe attempts this saving throw, unless it critically succeeds, it takes bludgeoning damage equal to your level plus your Strength modifier. If the foe can’t move into an empty space (if it is surrounded by solid objects or other creatures, for example), your Boulder Roll has no effect.

◆Exploit Vulnerability (Esoterica, Manipulate, Thaumaturge) Frequency once per round Requirements You are holding your implement. You scour your experiences and learning to identify something that might repel your foe. You retrieve an object from your esoterica with the appropriate supernatural qualities, then use your implement to stoke the remnants of its power into a blaze. Select a creature you can see and attempt an Esoteric Lore check against a standard DC for its level, as you retrieve the right object from your esoterica and use your implement to empower it. You gain the following effects until you Exploit Vulnerabilities again.
--Critical Success You remember the creature's weaknesses, and as you empower your esoterica, you have a flash of insight that grants even more knowledge about the creature. You learn all of the creature's resistances, weaknesses, and immunities, including the amounts of the resistances and weaknesses and any unusual weaknesses or vulnerabilities, such as what spells will pass through a golem's antimagic. You can exploit either the creature's mortal weakness or personal antithesis (see below). Your unarmed and weapon Strikes against the creature also become magical if they weren't already.
--Success You recall an important fact about the creature, learning its highest weakness (or one of its highest weaknesses, if it has multiple with the same value) but not its other weaknesses, resistances, or immunities. You can exploit either the creature's mortal weakness or personal antithesis. Your unarmed and weapon Strikes against the creature also become magical if they weren't already.
--Failure Failing to recall a salient weakness about the creature, you instead attempt to exploit a more personal vulnerability. You can exploit only the creature's personal antithesis. Your unarmed and weapon Strikes against the creature also become magical if they weren't already.
--Critical Failure You couldn't remember the right object to use and become distracted while you rummage through your esoterica. You become flat-footed until the beginning of your next turn.

You can attempt to Exploit Vulnerabilities in one of two ways: either by invoking properties that repel that type of creature, or by attempting a more improvisational, ad-hoc method with your esoterica that can impose a custom weakness on any creature, albeit one that usually isn't as dire as a creature's existing weakness.
Mortal Weakness
After identifying a creature's weakness, you use a thematically resonant bit of esoterica to attune your attacks to your discovery. Your unarmed and weapon Strikes activate the highest weakness you discovered with Exploit Vulnerability, even though the damage type your weapon deals doesn't change. This damage affects the target of your Exploit Vulnerability, as well as any other creatures of the exact same type, but not other creatures with the same weakness. For example, when fighting a pack of werewolves, you might use silver shavings or crushed moonstone to deal damage that applies their weakness to silver to your attacks against any of the werewolves, but you wouldn't apply this damage to any other monsters with a weakness to silver.
Personal Antithesis
You improvise a custom weakness on a creature by forcefully presenting and empowering a piece of esoterica that repels it on an individual level; for instance, against a tyrant, you might procure a broken chain that once held a captive. This causes the target creature, and only the target creature, to gain a weakness against your unarmed and weapon Strikes equal to 2 + half your level.

◆Mirror's Reflection (Illusion, Magical, Manipulate, Thaumaturge) Requirements You're holding your mirror implement. You reflect an illusory image of yourself into another unoccupied space within 15 feet that you can see. You are treated as being in both spaces until the start of your next turn. For example, you can attack, Seek, and provide flanking - even with yourself. You occupy both spaces. Your mirror self mimics your actions exactly, but any effects you generate come from only one of your positions; you decide which each time you act. For example, if you made a melee Strike against a creature within reach of the reflection, you'd mime the actions of the Strike, but only the reflection would actually make the Strike. Anything that targets or would affect your reflection affects you and uses your statistics. Something that would target or affect both of you affects you only once. For example, a fireball that included both of you in its area would require only one save from you and damage you no more than once. When you move, you choose which square to move from, but the mirror effect ends (see below). Some events force you to determine which image is the real you, and then end the effect and cause your mirror self to disappear; this happens automatically at the start of your next turn. It also happens if you choose to move out of your space. Other benefits of this implement add more events that can end the reflection. The effect also ends when you fall unconscious, at which point you decide which version is truly you.

◆Intensify Vulnerability (Concentrate, Divination, Esoterica, Magic) Prerequisites Exploit Vulnerability Frequency once per round Requirements You're benefiting from Exploit Vulnerability, you can see the subject, and you haven't used Exploit Vulnerability this round. You present your implement and esoterica again, intensifying their effects on the target in a way unique to your implement. You gain the intensified vulnerability benefit from one of the implements you're holding, which lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

◆◆ Wyrm on the Wing (Abjuration, Invested, Magical, Tattoo) Activate command, envision; Frequency once per day; Effect The tattoo casts dragon wings on you. You can add the dragon claws benefit only if you know that focus spell and spend 1 Focus Point when you Activate the tattoo.

◆◆Lifting Belt (Invested, Magical, Transmutation) Activate Interact; Effect You lift an object of up to 8 Bulk as though it were weightless. This requires two hands, and if the object is locked or otherwise held in place, you can attempt to Force it Open using Athletics as part of this activation. The object still has its full weight and Bulk for all other purposes-you just ignore that weight. The effect lasts until the end of your next turn.

◆Reading Glyphs (Divination, Invested, Magical, Tattoo) Activate command; Frequency once per day; Effect You sync the tattoos with the text your fingertips are touching. By running your fingers across the text, you translate it, with glyphs on your knuckles showing the translation in a language you can read. Your tattooed glyphs can't translate encrypted or encoded text, language couched in metaphor, and the like, subject to GM discretion.

↺Wildwood Ink Activate Frequency once per day; Trigger A creature would detect you by Seeking; Requirements You're in a forest or similar natural area; Effect The tattoo casts tree shape on you before you can
be noticed. The duration of this spell is 10 minutes. If you've already Activated the tattoo, you can supply a separate casting of tree shape to recharge the tattoo instead of having the spell's normal effect. This allows you to Activate the tattoo again in the same day. You can do so multiple times each day, but only as many times as you continue to cast tree shape to recharge the tattoo after each use.

Occult Prepared Spells DC 26, attack +16; 5th Blink Charge; 4th Dimensional Anchor; 3rd Invisibility Sphere; 2nd Umbral Extraction; 1st Pet Cache; Cantrips Detect Magic

Focus Spells (1 points) Life Boost Range 30 feet; Targets 1 enemy Saving Throw basic Will; Duration 4 rounds
Life force from your patron floods into the target, ensuring they can continue doing your patron's will for just a little longer. The target gains fast healing 2.
Heightened (+1) The fast healing increases by 2. (14)

Harrow Cards
The Rabbit Prince
The Rabbit Prince represents the unreliability of hand‑to‑hand combat and how even cunning foes can lose to lucky novices. As long as you have The Rabbit Prince invested, it grants you a +1 status bonus to attack rolls you make as a readied action.
Activate [reaction] (fortune) envision;
Trigger You miss a creature with a melee weapon Strike;
Frequency once per day;
Effect Reroll the triggering Strike with a +1 status bonus. If you hit,
attempt a DC 15 flat check; on a failure, your weapongains the broken condition (if your weapon is already broken, it’s destroyed). If you’re at least 14th level, this flat check is DC 10. If you’re at least 17th level, this flat check is DC 5.

[i]The Juggler[i]
Suit Keys (Dex); Alignment chaotic good
The Juggler represents coordination and destiny. As long as you have The Juggler invested and you aren't carrying an item in two hands, you have a free hand (as you keep tossing the items in your hands back and forth, keeping one in the air at all times). You can use all items in your hands normally, so long as they can be used or wielded in one hand. If you can't act while you're carrying more items than your actual number of hands, you release all items you're holding or wielding. If you are at least 17th level, you instead have two free hands, as you can juggle an additional item.

Activate Interact; Trigger an item of 1 Bulk or less falls within your reach, or an attacker fails an attack roll to hit you or a creature within your reach with a thrown weapon of 1 Bulk or less; Effect You grab the triggering item. If all of your hands are full (including any extra free hands from The Juggler), you must immediately release an item, which can include the triggering item.

From as far back as you can remember, it seems you were always meant to enter a specific industry or profession, be it artistry, engineering, farming, herbalism, labor, merchantry, scribing, theater, or warfare. Perhaps your parents belonged to this profession and encouraged you to follow in their footsteps, or maybe a personal hero of yours inspired you to take up their calling in honor of their accomplishments.
Whatever the reason, the skills associated with that profession came naturally to you, but as time wore on and you grew older, you began to realize that this profession, while interesting to you, isn’t what you want to do with your life. The lure of glory and adventure beckons. You can always go back to the studio, farm, or stage once you retire,
after all!
This background is associated with the suit of Keys. Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity, and one is a free ability boost.
You gain the Assurance general skill feat and are trained in one of the following Lore skills associated with a profession, as befits your history: Art Lore, Engineering Lore, Farming Lore, Herbalism Lore, Labor Lore, Mercantile Lore, Scribing Lore, Theater Lore, or Warfare Lore. You also gain the following free action.
Lucky Break [free-action] (fortune) Trigger You attempt a skill check during Exploration or Downtime; Frequency once per day; Effect Draw a harrow card, then reroll the skill check. If you draw a card from the suit of Keys, add a +4 status bonus to the original roll and your reroll, then take the result you prefer as your actual result. If you drew any other card, you gain no bonus and must take the result of the rerolled skill check.

Ancestry Feats
Boulder Roll
Mountain's Stoutness
Rock Dwarf
Rock Runner
Telluric Power

Class Feats
Esoteric Warden
One More Activation
Scroll Esoterica
Scroll Thaumaturgy
Intensify Investiture
Elaborate Scroll Esoterica

Archetype Feats
Witch Dedication
Basic Witch Spellcasting
Basic Lesson - Life
Rogue Dedication
Sneak Attacker
Expert Witch Spellcasting

General Feats
Prescient Planner
Prescient Consumable

Skill Feats
Assurance (Athletics)
Dubious Knowledge
Incredible Scout
Powerful Leap
Quick Unlock
Tattoo Artist
Titan Wrestler
Quick Repair
Water Sprint

Additional Specials
Implements: Amulet & Mirror
Surprise Attack