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Strength 9
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About SycoSurfer

My mother Raele was a wizard adventurer. She had some skills and made a decent living traveling and seeking out new and exciting challenges. The curious nature of gnomes often get them in trouble, but without it they cease to have that life force they need to survive. Adventuring is also a way to meet other gnomes with that same passion for life in a live today by doing great exciting things mind set. That was how my mother met my father. He was a rogue with the agile maneuvers of a cat stalking it's prey. My mother told me stories of him and his amazing skills and feats he accomplished. Like all mothers I think she may have exaggerated, but the more we traveled the more I have heard things about Zeke... (Which was short for Zekafanji at least that is what my mother told me) and my mother would always smile. I liked to think that all these great stories I heard were actually my father. After my mom found out she was pregnant it was only a matter of deciding where to settle down and raise a child. Killing monsters isn't an option with a kid on the way so she decided to tell my father she was staying at the small village they finished their last adventure in. Gnomes aren't much for serious committed relationships so it was no surprise that my father decided not to stick around nor did my mom expect him to. However, before he left he gave my mother a scimitar he had gotten as a reward for their last mission together because he knew that his baby would be a boy and grow up to be a great swordsman just like he was. Then he was off and my mother was left alone in a strange village with nothing but a baby and the rest of her last cut. It wasn't long before she decided that staying in one village for to long would be a bad idea for her. So she decided to tag along with a traveling caravan. There arent many jobs for a woman with her skill set who is watching a baby. So, she allowed herself to be shown as a sideshow doing minor magic tricks and dazzling the crowd to make enough money to provide us with a decent living. She taught me a few of these tricks as I got older and when I started to show interest, but she could see in my eyes that I was a swordsman in waiting. I would always sneak off to watch the guards train. I'd ask questions and try to do what I could to help and learn. I was growing and my mother couldn't keep the scimitar from me any longer. When she presented it to me I was stunned and when she explained that it was my fathers gift to me and that he wanted me to be a master swordsman, I knew it was my destiny. Soon after I started training, but I would always notice my instinct to try to cast spells despite my prowess with the sword. Then one day after a long session of sword training I was doing some magic tricks for the kids around the caravan when a man approached me. He said I looked like my father but had more of my mother in me than I realized. I asked him what he meant and he called me a magus. I was unsure of the term, but he explained that it was a sword master wizard. It is a mix of the two... Part of my dad and part of my mom. For a few nights we talked and he told me he was a traveling researcher and professor. My mother recognized him and we sat around and I listened as they told stories of their travels together. He even told me a few of my old man that my mom was all to happy to hear. His time with us was way to short, but he said he had more research to do, but if I ever wanted to get out and accompany him he could always use a magus prodigy like me. After the professor left I could see the depression enter my mothers eyes. She was slowly losing her lust for life. The long repetitive life soon drained her and her bleaching came sooner than most usually come. I think seeing her old adventuring buddy broke her as she realized all she had lost. It was a serious illness and she never recovered. The last few months with her were so sad, but she told me to always be more and never settle into this type of life. We are adventurers and need to be exploring and living a life that is unstable. She told me I should seek out the professor when I was ready. It wasn't long after that she passed away. The caravan came to me and told me that if I wanted to stick with them that I needed to perform. I was furious and exploded. I'm not sure what happen exactly, but I know that after the day they told me I had to perform everyone avoided me and I realized I wasn't really welcomed around the caravan. So I packed my things and went on my merry lil way in search of the traveling professor. I found him in Ravengro. I told him that my mother had passed and that I knew I could never live the life of anything less than an adventurer. I told him I was there to do whatever he needed as long as he took me out on the road. We made a few small adventures where I was mostly his bodyguard, but it was actually only a companion on small travels. The Professor was getting up in age and didnt really adventure like he used to. He realized that this wasn't what I had in mind and he soon told me that I should venture forth and try to find real adventuring jobs. He gave me the name of a few inns and taverns and told me to go in and say I was Zeke's son and I was looking for work. I took his advice and found a few small jobs around the villages and was starting to make a decent name for myself and life was looking up. Then one day I got a letter letting me know the professor had passed and I was needed in Ravengro.