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Is it possible to remove Pathfinder Adventure Path #145: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6) from my pending order? I only want the other two items in my order.

So, I ordered these modules near the tail end of the Golem sale. Not sure if this is a dumb question or not, but I'm wondering with the influx of orders that are still pending their shipment, is it possible that one or more of the products I ordered would go out of stock before it was my order's turn to ship out? Either way, I will wait patiently. :)

Sadly money is a bit tight and I need to cancel all of my subscriptions. I hope to be back soon. Thanks. :)

Hi, I was wondering if you can cancel my subscription for the Campaign Setting as I have no interest in the Jade Regent Poster Map Folio. But rest assured, I will be back for Distant Worlds! *drools*

Also, I noticed that Order #1886636 still says it's shipping on my Order History Page, even though I have the books in my hands. Strange. Not that is matters much of course. ;)

Thank you for your time. :)

I noticed a pretty funny typo for the Giant Toe-Biter monster on page 35(37 PDF) Brinewall Ruins section. The apparently monster has 800 hp! The PCs are in for a long one there. ;) Just thought I point that out.

I'm about to start a Pathfinder game this weekend and well, considering I work until that date, I won't have any time to design a adventure and instead I'll be picking a module and using that. I was browsing around and I noticed Carrion Hill, my players are lovecraft fans so I thought this would be a good adventure to run.

My only problem is, that there is a good chance that there will be only 2 players (both are familiar with PF btw). But I will also be making a DMPC (looking to a healer it seems ;) ). So, in effect 3 PCs in total. What adjustments, if any, do I need to make to run Carrion Hill for 3 PCs? Should I bump them up a level? 20 point buy instead of 15? Extra loot? Those who have played/DM the adventure, what where some encounters that I should look out for in terms of challenge?

Now there is a chance that there will be another player joining in, but he will be a new player to RPGs in general. I'm confident in my ability to ease him into the game, even at 5th level, but I don't want the adventure to be too challenging for the guy. So, I'd like to keep that in mind as well with adjusting the adventure (and preferably on-the-fly adjustments, or quick ones since I won't know if the guy will show up until gameday).

Any advice would be welcome.

I finally got around to getting some Pathfinder books. Until now, I've been using my DM's books along with the online SRD. I had some extra cash lying around and decided to go headfirst and buy the Corebook, APG, Bestiary 1 and 2 along with Critical Hits and Conditions decks from Amazon. Yeah... that did a huge dent, but I'm excited. I've always wanted to get back into the GMs chair and I will now get the chance with Pathfinder!

Oh, when I do get my Corebook, I'll post whether it's the 3rd or 4th printing. I know some people where unsure what printing it was when ordering from Amazon.

Also, should I pick up the GM screen? I'm also considering the Paizo blank flip-mat along with some markers. The mat any good (my group doesn't use maps, but at times we do use grid paper for general positioning and so forth).

Now I got to find a spot to put this books... *walks off in deep thought*

I've been interested in PF for a while now, but haven't fully switched over, mainly because I was still satisfied with 3.5 and with my set of house rules. Now with the new Kingmaker modules, I'm really considering switching over wholesale.

However, one of my biggest beefs with 3.5 was the reliance of the "Big 6." I hated how other more interesting items were set aside because an Amulet of Natural Armor was more important for the "Game Math." I reduced down to Big 2 in my games (weapon and armor/shield) with the other bonuses spread through actual level advancement to encourage more exotic magic item use.

While reading the conversion guide today I noticed this particular entry: "...Not every PC should have a ring of protection, cloak of resistance, and belt of giant strength. The game does not assume that every PC has such items, so there is no reason to make them as common as they were in 3.5."

This is great news for me and I'm curious how much of this is true. I realize that the ability boosters are now Belts or Headbands, so I know the Big 6 is still present in some form, but how much is it reduced?