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For one of our own

To the Paizo community. One of our own needs help. We have created this fundraiser page in his name and in his honor. His medical condition is serious and continues to worsen.

We understand that times are tough all around. The goal is attainable if we all are able to do a little something.

Please, and thank you for your consideration, and time.

Sovereign Court

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::rattles around::'s so empty...and quiet...


Somebody say something!!!!

My (coffee) filter has broken!

The clouds are marshmallow FLUFF!

I have chocolate milk in my nose, my boobies are in a shirt.
I dance on the roof of my head in the buff! My meds are speaking to my tushy. Where is my cherry picker? I had a baby once, then once more, and another of them makes three, three for me. Not you, my milk babies. I was sane but them I married Moorluck, now I'm crazy, or was I crazy to start with? The Mods say I am, but I like it, I like it, I like my spam.

Sam I am.

Dear Fawtlies and other members of the Paizo community:
We have a very important announcement to make now, and we ask that you refrain from posting as we make it (or, if you accidentally find your post in the middle of our series, please delete it immediately).
Thanks for your cooperation,
The Fawtlies