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It's been a while since I was on the Forums much. It looks like all of the old links are broken. At one point, it was said all of the old serial webfiction would me maintained and available "in perpetuity" in addition to the ability to buy and download the stories. I haven't been able to find the older serial web fiction with searches and, as I mentioned, the old links don't work any more. I've finished buying all the novels. Is there still a way to access to the older series web fiction for free? Or do I have to buy it now?

Is it just me, or does this module have an extremely high number of things that want to drink my blood? We haven't even headed up to Nal'Shakar yet, but it seems like everything wants my personal blood.

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Hey, this is my first time trying this, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. We just finished Wrath of the Righteous, one of my friends ordered the updated Curse of the Crimson Throne, and they asked me to run it. This is my first table top campaign. Previously I've run LARPs and the first 4E module, but this will be the longest, most in depth thing I've been responsible for (you know, other than work). I've been dropping in on this forum in order to steal ideas, and I figured what the heck, let me try. Here goes nothing.

I had some advance notice of us doing this, before the hard cover came out, so I went out and found the 3.5 Module online plus the Korvosa book, and I was able to read my way through them while we were finishing up the last adventure path. I hadn't quite finished the hardcover before we started, but I was pretty deep into it. Another friend picked up the Hook Street module, and I plan on interweaving that into the Adventure Path.

My players shouldn't be here. If you are, shoo. I don't want you reading my plans in advance.

Komara Mormont - Half-Orc (Varisian) Sorceror (Ectoplasm Bloodline). His Varisian family left Ustalev for undisclosed reasons, heading west to Varisia for a better life. Alas, luck was not with them, and Belkszen raiding parties stole most of the family. Komara's grandfather escaped and was able to hire a group of adventurers to retrieve his missing family. Unfortunately, they were only able to rescue his daughter, who suffered the usual unpleasant orkin experiences leading to a childbirth eight months after her rescue. The three of them have lived in Korovosa ever since. When Komara was a young man, his mother committed suicide, no longer able to live with her memories. Komara joined Pharasma's Crows, those men and women hired to cart Magnimar's dead to the Grey District.

That was pretty much his backstory. He's a Goth wannabe (like Victorian Goth) who is kind of creepy. I decided that the Orcs who kidnapped his family were a strange group who believed that by sacrificing people to Scarwall, they could keep the Haunted Castle from expanding it's presence. Most of this group died when the adventurers rescued Komara's mom, while the rest of his dead family awaits him one room into Scarwall. When his mother died, her spirit was pulled by her grief and terrible past back to Scarwall, which he'll hopefully be able to free eventually. Komara's conception just outside Scarwall is the reason for the Ectoplasm bloodline. He also has a weapon the adventurers brought back with the rescued mother, a long sword with a strange fanged skull for a hilt. He keeps it in memory of his mother, and because it's a little creepy. Eventually he'll learn that symbol is from that of the Warlord Kazavon. Additionally, he lives in the same district where Hook Street it, and he's had a few strange dreams due to that module's artifact. He doesn't know most of this yet though.

He was framed for murder by Gaedrenn Lamm. I modified that bit so that the murder victim was the result of one of Rolth and Co's experiments, and that Lamm was just covering it up because he's terrified of Rolth.

Corvin Castus Imbrex - Chelish Noble Courtly Hunter Roof Runner with Giant Fossa Animal Companion. He's a Noble who left his family (the Imbrexes, with a more distant relation to Jeggare) because his uncle was in good with the Hellknights and had an enslaved animal menagerie. He rebelled by following Cayden Cailean and eventually freed the menagerie (earning his Animal Companion) in doing so, and left his family. His father died when he was a child, and his mom was killed a year later. He's recently found evidence linking his mom's murder to Gaedrenn Lamm.

Originally, he was gong to be an Arkona. I nixed that before the hardcover of the module came out, because the 3.5 module and Korvosa book said the Rakshasa took over so long ago, I assumed there were no more human Arkona, just the Rakshasa. The hardcover references brainwashed or ignorant humans, but I've killing that idea. My plan is to have House Arkona totally empty by the end of the story. I've also mucked around with the backstory a little. Gaedrenn Lamm was one of Corvin's mother's lovers. She'd left him after a few years, but she had been cheating on her husband with him, and she was the only woman he ever actually cared for. She was very active with the political houses and learned something dangerous (most likely the Arkona secret). She went to Lamm for help, due to his underworld connections, but she was murdered soon afterward. Lamm found the body and took her wedding ring as a momento, but he had nothing to do with the death itself. I'm going to introduce some questions into Corvin's parentage, where his father might not be the man he remembers, it could be Gaedrenn or even someone else. I'm hoping to keep this going until the Harrowed Deck of Many Things shows up, in which case I'm going to stack the deck and give him the "Get a Keep card" which will end with him being determined as the last surviving Arkona (thus putting him back in the family he originally wanted to be part of) and giving him Arkona Manor.

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