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using the "Rebuild at 2nd Level" and the "Core Campaign" rules to create a sort of backstory for a PC. My thought goes something like this...

1) Create a Core game PC. A martial type I think, maybe a Paladin...

2) Play them in 3 old scenarios. Ones like Silent Tide or Black Waters maybe... Old school games that maybe get referenced in later scenarios.

3) Then , when they would go to 2nd level, re-create them as a much older PC - advancing the age and changing the stats as much as I can to create the illusion of a PC who aged. And so I would have a PC who was a Martial Type at first level (with the stats to do that well) and who later became a spell caster (maybe a Sorcerer? or Bard? if they were a Paladin formerly), and now has the stats to do THAT well.

4) and by jumping from the Core campaign to the Standard, I could keep referring to "Well, it was different back in MY DAY. We did things differently back then, things were a lot simpler ...." and "You young'uns don't know how soft you got it. Back in MY DAY we didn't have things like Spring Wrist Sheaths or Potion Sponges...". I can see a ton of RP things with this idea. "Well, the Society called me back outta retirement to help beat some sense into you young'uns..."

5) Heck, I could even use one or two of my Judge re-plays to run them thru Confirmation or the Wounded Wisp and talk about "how it really was back then!"