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Oracle Spell Slots:
1st - Level 5/7 | 2nd Level 6/6 | 3rd Level 1/4


Sorcerer Spell Slots:
1st - Level 5/7 | 2nd Level 6/6 | 3rd Level 2/4


Kitsune Seeker Oracle 6 / Tattooed Sorcerer 6| HP: 29/54 | AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 15 | Fort: +3, Ref: +8, Will: +5 | BAB: +4, CMB: +5, CMD: 1 |8 Init: +4 | Perception: +10 | Concentration: +9

About Shutai

Kitsune Nine Tailed Mystic Seeker Oracle 6/Tattoed Sorcerer 6
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (Kitsune Shapeshifter)
Initiative; +4 Perception +10

AC 16, touch 15, flat-footed 11
hp 54
Fort +3, Ref +8, Will +5

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Bite +8 (1d4+1, 20x2)
Claw +8 (1d4+1, 20x2)

Riven Darts (2 Essence Invested) - +8 (3d4x2 Force Damage)

Max Essence Invested - 2

Veils Known - 1
Riven Darts - Inflict 1d4 force damage plus 1d4 per essence invested. If bound to the Hand Chakra increase the number of darts fired by 1 per essence invested.

Oracle Spells Known - Lunary Mystery
Level 0 Spells (At Will) (DC 14) -
Detect Magic - Detect magical auras.
Mending - Fixes small, non-magical items
Read Magic Read scrolls and spells.
Create Water - Create 2 gallons of water.
Stabilize - Stops a creature from dying.
Detect Poison - Detect Poison in a food or item.

Level 1 Spells (7 per day) (DC 15) -
Cure Light Wounds - Heals 1d8 + level to one touched.
Forbid Action - Stop one action (DC 17).
Murderous Command - Force a foe to attack an ally (DC 18).
Touch of Truthtelling - Shows if a person is lying (DC 18).

Level 2 Spells (5 per day) (DC 16) -
Cure Moderate Wouns - Heals 2d8+ caster level.
Hold Person - Hold a person without being able to move (DC 19).
Protection From Outsiders - Block a certain type of Outsider, helping to resist attacks and spells.

Level 3 Spells (4 per day) (DC 17)
Cure Serious Wounds - Cure 3d8 + 1 per level.
Dispel Magic - Shut down or negate a magic spell.

Sorcerer Spells Known - Nogitsune Bloodline
Level 0 Spells (At Will)(DC 14) - Prestidigitation - Performs a variety of minor tricks.
Daze - Target loses their turn (DC 16).
Mage Hand - Move a small item.
Ghost Sound - Minor, non-vocal illusion.
Message - Send and recieve short messages.
Jolt - Inflict 1d3 Electric Damage as a ranged touch attack.

Level 1 Spells (7 per day) (DC 15) -
Mage Armour - Adds +4 to AC.
Charm Person - Improves a person's reaction (DC 17)
Snowball - Inflicts 1d6 of cold damage per level. Boosted by tattoo.
Stone Shield - Creates a 1 inch thick slab of rock for protection as an Immediate action.
Bloodline Spell - Ray of Enfeeblement - Reduce the strength of an opponent.

Level 2 Spells (5 per day) (DC 16) -
Hidden Presence - One target, plus one per three caster levels, cannot percieve you through any means.(DC 19)
Acid Arrow - Throw a arrow that does 2d4 damage, plus the same for 1 additional round every three levels.
Bloodline Spell - Invisibility - A +20 to Stealth and cannot be seen, but cannot attack or cast without ending the spell.

Level 3 Spells (4 per day) (DC 17)
Sundered Serpent Coil - Summon a single tentacle to grapple a single enemy within 5ft.

Spell Like Abilities
Dancing Lights (3 times per day) - Creates light in a variety of ways.
Acid Splash (3 times per day) - Inflicts 1d3 points of damage.
Disguise Self (2 Times per day) - Change appearance completely.
Charm Person (2 Times per day) - Change appearance completely
Misdirection - Trick and confuse spells or abilities that detect alignment and intentions.

Sutras (Once only)
Pearl of the Perceptive - Activates See the Unseen and creates a blue torch.
Pearl of Fiery Truth - See Invisibility and Daylight.


Str 10 Dex 18, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 17
Feats Varisian Tattoo (Conjuration)
Weapon Finesse, Shape Veil, Extra Essence
Traits Rescued, Possessed, Trustworthy.
Drawback Tainted Spirit
Skills Bluff +10, Craft (Food) +8, Disable Device +13(14), Diplomacy +13(14), Heal +6, Perception +7(8), Sense Motive +5, Use Magic Device +9(10).
Languages Common, Fey, Tian
Combat Gear Silken Ceremonial Robe, +1 Cold Iron Morning Star
Other Gear Masterwork Thieve's tools,
Wand of Scorching Ray (16 Charges), Wand of Inflict Moderate Wounds (10), Wand of Protection from Chaos (17), Alchemist's Fire (6), Scroll of True Strike
Sirona's Talisman
- +1 AC
- Three times a day use a metamagic feat that would increase the spell by 1 level for free.
Money - 102gp
Special Abilities

Oracle Abilities
Gift of Claw and Horn - Grants a claw attack for 1 round per level, seven time per day.
Oracle’s Curse. Shutai has the Ravenous curse. She cannot go a day without eating, but can only eat small amounts.
Tinkering - Allows the Oracle to disable magical traps, and adds half her level to perception to find traps and disable device.

Sorcerer Abilities
Bloodline Arcana - Allows Shutai to see through spells that obscure vision.
Touch of Agony - Inflicts 1d4 points of non-lethal damage for a number of rounds equal to half Shutai’s sorcerer levels.
Tattoo Familiar - Creates a familiar that can exist as a tattoo.
Altered Form - Gain the ability to change form for 1 minute per sorcerer level.

Possessed - Allows Shutai to use Knowledge checks untrained.
Rescued - Gain a +2 trait bonus on Cure spells.
Trustworthy - Gives a +1 bonus to diplomacy and makes it a class skill.
Tainted Spirit

Racial Traits
Affable - +1 bonus to diplomacy, bluff and knowledge local. One becomes a class skill.
Change Shape - Shift between human and kitsune forms as a standard action.
Kitsune Magic - .Add +1 to the DC of Enchantment Spells. Use Dancing Lights as a spell like ability 3 times per day.
Low-Light Vision - 60ft

Varisian Tattoo (Conjuration) - Adds +1 to the caster level of conjuration school spells and allows the use of Acid Splash
Weapon Finesse - Allows the use of dexterity to hit.
Magical Tail x 2 - Grants Disguise Self, Charm Person and Misdirection as a Spell Like Ability.

Favoured Class Bonus - +1 DC to Enchantment Spells