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Event #57879, Tower of the Ironwood Watch, was set up as RPG, the PCs are RPG, but I am getting an error saying event was PFC not RPG.

Any ideas why?

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Hi all, looking for feedback.

The newer modules I am looking at are:
The Dragon's Demand
Tears at Bitter Manor
Wardens of the Reborn Forge

In the experience of my fellow GMs, how long have these modules taken to run? Like, how many 5 hour sessions would these modules take?

People that have run this give me feedback.


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Hello everyone!

I would like to welcome Christopher Berg as the new VL for the Stuart/Jensen Beach region of Florida.

Please say HI everyone. :)


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Good news, everybody!

Unlike Professor Farnsworth, I mean it. We have a new convention in Orlando that has asked us to provide Pathfinder Society games in their gaming area.

Introducing CONjure, presented by DreamCon.

It runs August 1st through 3rd.

GM 4 slots and get into the con for free. GM 6 or 7 slots and I can see about getting you space in a hotel room (to be shared with up to 3 other GMS).

I am setting up the schedule based on getting a lot of walk in and new players so a lot of low level and Season 5 low levels scenarios.

If there is a lot of interest for experienced players I can add other scenarios.

This is two weeks before GenCon, so I understand some cannot even think about this.

For those not hitting GenCon or any other big ones like DragonCon or Origins, come on out to Orlando and play some PFS.

Plus, JOEL HODGESON of MST3K is a guest!!! (fanboy squeeling)

Warhorn is under construction. I believe other non-PFS games are going to be offered as well.

Orlando Venture Captain.

Sovereign Court 5/5 5/5 * Venture-Captain, Florida—Orlando

Hello everyone!

Update on DiceTower 3.

There are ONLY 200 TICKETS LEFT.

Please sign up ASAP.

Dice Tower 3 is this July 4th weekend. Dice Tower is an amazing convention with a strong focus on board games, which I know a lot of us like just as much as Pathfinder. The people who run this family friendly convention wants to increase its RPG offerings and we have that covered.

Tickets are $55 for 5 days of gaming. The convention runs from Wed. July 2nd till Sunday July 6th. The hotel is wonderful and reasonable at the rate of $85 per night in the heart of the convention district of I-Drive.

PFS will run from July 3rd till July 6th.

This is the current schedule for Pathfinder Society at Dice Tower 2014:

You must send me your proof of purchase for the convention to get cleared to sign up for sessions.

The schedule is designed to offered modules not often seen at Cons in the past, and the most current Season 5 scenarios available for play.

There will be an Adventure Path and the three part Fiend and Destiny of the Sands series.

Please look at the schedule; buy your Dice Tower 3 ticket, sign up to play.

See you all next Fourth of July!

Shane Murphy

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At Hurricon 2013, in Orlando, we gained Florida's first 5 start GM:

Kristie Schweyer!

Everyone congratulate the Pirate Queen on her quest to complete ALL THE GAMES! 17_n.jpg

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Hello everyone,

I am excited to make the announcement of Central Florida's second Venture-Lieutenant.

The new VL of Melbourne and the Space Coast is Samantha Dumont.

Samantha is currently organizing a PFS convention in Palm Bay (south of Melbourne) so if you want to meet our new VL, please feel free to sign up for and attend SpaceCon this October.

If you need to contact her, she can be reach

That is all, roll for initiative!

Shane Murphy
Orlando (and Space Coast) Venture Captain

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Hello all,

Orlando has a new VL, and his name is Nick Adams.

Nick brings a lot of willingness and eagerness (in addition to game experience) to the community and I look forward to him helping me in providing even more PFS available locally.

Congrats Nick!