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77 posts. Alias of Isaac Duplechain (RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32).

About Sevarkoh Zane

Medium Arkanian Offshoot Jedi 5
Destiny 3; Force Points 7; Dark Side Points 4
Initiative +6; Perception +4
Languages Basic, Arkanian
Reflex 20; Fortitude 16; Will 18
hp 52/52; Threshold 16
Speed 6
Melee Lightsaber +9 (2d8+2)
Melee Lightsaber +4/+4 (2d8+2)
Base Attack +5; Grapple +5
Str 10; Dex 18; Con 10; Int 10; Wis 14; Cha 12
Talents Lightsaber Defense (x3)
Feats Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (simple, lightsaber), Skill Focus (Endurance), Weapon Finesse, Dual Weapon Mastery I, Attack Combo (Melee), Force Training
Skills Use the Force +8, Endurance +12
Possessions 7,000 credits, 2x lightsabers (blue)
Twin Strike (DC 15/25/30)
Rising Whirlwind (DC 15/20/25/30)
Battle Strike (DC 15/20/25)
Sevarkoh was fortunate to have been taken by the Jedi. Most of the offshoots are treated as second-class citizens by Arkanian purebloods. Sevarkoh trained as a Jedi and followed Revan in the Mandalorian War. He followed Revan into the Unknown Regions but deserted when Revan and Malak fell to the Sith. He was unable to return to the Jedi Order and not willing to join the Sith. He has mostly tried to keep his head down since returning, fleeing the occasional Sith recruiters/assassins who pay him a visit and trying to fight Darth Revan and Darth Malak any way he can.