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Full Name

Ser Weyland Wylde


Shadow's Status


HP = 4/9 | AC= 15 (T 13) (FF 12) | (CMD 16) F+2 | R+7 | W+4 | Ini+ 4 | Per +5 | Harrow Points 2


6'5" - 265




Common, Sylvan

Strength 13
Dexterity 16
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About Ser Weyland Wylde

Vigilante (Avenger) 2 - Kitsune (Appears Human)

Init +4; Senses Perception +5
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (Studded Leather - Dexterity +3)
CMD: 16
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +4
Speed 30 ft.
BAB +2
Melee Spiked Chain - + 5 - 2d4+1
CMB +3
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 11

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Vigilantes are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Feats: Realistic Likeness
When you are in human form, you can take the shape of a specific individual.
Prerequisite: Kitsune.
Benefit: You can precisely mimic the physical features of any individual you have encountered. When you use your racial change shape ability, you can attempt to take the form of an individual, granting you a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks made to fool others with your impersonation.

Traits: Addicted Friend - +1 Knowledge Local

Resilient - +1 Fortitude

Tactician - You gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks. In addition, once per day when you make an attack of opportunity, you gain a +2 trait bonus on the attack roll.

Drawback: Overprotective - If one of your allies should fall unconscious from hit point damage, you take a –2 penalty on attack rolls and skill checks as long as you are farther than 10 feet away from your fallen ally.

Skills: 6+2+1 (Favored Class) - (Ranks)
Acrobatics (Dex) +9 (1), (+8 in Armor)
Appraise (Int),
Bluff (Cha) +5 (2),
Climb (Str) +5 (1), (+4 in Armor)
Craft (Int),
Diplomacy(Cha) +4 (1),
Disable Device (Dex),
Disguise (Cha) +8 (5),
Escape Artist(Dex),
Intimidate (Cha) +4 (1),
Knowledge (dungeoneering)(Int),
Knowledge (engineering)(Int),
Knowledge (local)(Int) +7 (1),
Perception (Wis) +5 (2),
Perform (Cha),
Profession (Wis),
Ride (Dex),
Sense Motive (Wis) +10 (2),
Sleight of Hand (Dex) +8 (2),
Stealth (Dex) +8 (2),
Survival (Wis) +5 (1),
Swim (Str), and
Use Magic Device (Cha).

Gear: 8 SP

Spiked Chain 25 GP
Dagger (5) 10 GP
Studded Leather 25 GP

Bandolier 1 GP
Backpack 2 GP
Grappling Hook 1 GP
50' Silk Rope (2) 20 GP
Pitons (2) 2 SP
Small Mirror (Small) 10 GP
Thieves Tools - 30 GP
Disguise Kit - 50 GP [10 Uses]

Special Abilities: Dual Identity
Seamless Guise
Social Talent - Social Grace: The vigilante selects any one Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skill other than Perception or Use Magic Device. Whenever the vigilante is in his social identity, he receives a +4 circumstance bonus on checks with the selected skill. At 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter, he can select another skill (with the same restrictions) to gain this bonus. Sense Motive

Vigilante Talent - Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain)

Racial Traits:

+2 Dex & Int -2 Str
Bite 1d4
Low Light Vision

Fast Shifter (Su): (over Kitsune Magic) You were born with an innate talent for switching between your natural forms. Using your racial change shape ability is a move action instead of a standard action. This racial trait replaces kitsune magic.

Change Shape: (Su) A kitsune can assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex. The kitsune always takes this specific form when she uses this ability. A kitsune in human form cannot use her bite attack, but gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear human. Changing shape is a standard action. This ability otherwise functions as alter self, except that the kitsune does not adjust her ability scores and can remain in this form indefinitely.

Agile: (Ex) Kitsune receive a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks.

Appearance & Personality: Weyland is tall dark and handsome. His hair and eyes are dark. He has a strong muscular build and a penetrating gaze. He dresses in fine but not extravagant clothing.

Background: Isoru grew up in Korsova the son of middle class artisans who pretended to be Humans. Not a life of squalor but not a life of privilege either. Isoru's identity was Kosu, son of a merchant but the young Kitsune was bored by such a life style he would often go to the shingles to fight and live a wild life.

His young friends though grew into teenagers and became addicted to drugs sold by the crimelord Gaedren. Kosu never participated as his was not a life of hopelessness. Still seeing his friends degenerate as they did effected him deeply.

Isoru hit on an idea, he would create a new persona, a Knight a Human from Taldor who was a great warrior seeking to come to Korsova to start a new life. Ser Weyland was the name of his new persona. This man could go among the humans of great wealth and gather information that a merchant's son never could...

From the shadows though Isoru would avenge his friends!

Circa 208 Weyland:
Male Age 31 (Adult)
Goal – Wealth (Weyland is a degenerate gambler)
Motivation – Duty
Virtue – Pious
Vice – Miserly

Destiny Points 1/1 Left

Abilities and Specialties
Agility 3 [Quickness 1B]
Animal Handing 2
Athletics 3 [Strength 1B]
Awareness 4 [Empathy 1B & -1D]
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 4 [Resilient 1B][+2D Quality BoFM]
Fighting 6 [Longblabes 2B]
Healing 2
Language 2
Knowledge 1 [Weyland is poorly read with the exception of the scripture of the Seven].
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 3 [Charm 1B+2B] [Convince 1B] [Seduce 2B]
Status 2
Stealth 2 [Disguise - 2D]
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 4

Blood of the First Men [Increase Health by 2 – Add +2 to all Endurance tests]
Lucky [Once per day re-roll single test, take the better of the two results]
Pious - Once per day call upon faith to gain an extra +1D on a single test.
Sponsor - A person of quality will vouch for you.
Anointed Knight - Add +2 to all status tests. As a free action, once per day increase both Combat and Intrigue Defense and all passive abilities results by +5 for one round.
Famous - Get B in Status for any Persuasion Charm or Seduce Tests]

Honor Bound [Re Roll all 6's and must accept second roll even if worse than the first.]
Haughty [-1D all Awareness rolls involving Empathy.]
Flaw - Ward
Flaw - Debt

Intrigue Defense - 9
Composure – 12
Initiative - 3

Health - 14
Combat Defense – 10
Armor Rating – 3 (when worn - Hard Leather)
Longsword - Damage 4+1 (+1 when wielding 2 handed)
Move - 4 (2 in Armor)
Initiative - 3

Glory - 0

Common Clothes.
Noble Clothes.
Hard Leather Armor.
Bastard Sword. Adaptable. Powerful. Reach 1.

Wealth -

Ser Weyand Wylde - Circa 121 AC:


XP = 40

Spent 40 - Persuasion 10, Cunning 10, Dedication 15, Strength 5.

+1 Glory

Male Age 27 (Adult)
Goal – Power (I seek to create my own House)
Motivation – Greed
Virtue – Courageous
Vice – Ambitious

Destiny Points 2/2 Left

Abilities and Specialties
Agility 3 [Quickness 2B]
Animal Handing 2
Athletics 3 [Strength 1B]
Awareness 4 [Empathy 1B]
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 4 [Resilient 2B][+2D Quality BoFM]
Fighting 6 [Longblabes 2B]
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 2 [-1D Unsteady]
Persuasion 3
Status 3 – Household Knight [Reputation 1B]
Stealth 2 [-1D Obvious]
Survival 2
Thievery 1
Warfare 2
Will 4

Blood of the First Men [Increase Health by 2 – Add +2 to all Endurance tests]
Lucky [Once per day re-roll single test, take the better of the two results]
Toughness +1 Health per Resilience bonus.
Pious - Once per day call upon faith to gain an extra +1D on a single test.
Stubborn - Add bonus dice from Dedication to Composure.

Honor Bound [Re Roll all 6's and must accept second roll even if worse than the first.]
Flaw - Obvious (-1 Stealth)
Flaw - Unsteady (-1 Marksmanship)
Nemesis - The Furious Frey

Intrigue Defense - 10
Composure – 14
Initiative - 3

Health - 16
Combat Defense – 10
Armor Rating – 5 (when worn)
Longsword - Damage 4+1 (+1 when wielding 2 handed)
Move - 4
Initiative - 3

Glory - 2

Common Clothes.
Noble Clothes.
Bastard Sword. Adaptable. Powerful. Reach 1.
Full Plate Mail

Wealth - 762 Silver Stage
+24 Gold Dragons

Sofia Blackwood

Appearance & Personality Weyland is tall dark and handsome. His hair and eyes are dark. He has a strong muscular build and a penetrating gaze. He dresses in fine but not extravagant clothing.

Weyland is courteous to smallfolk though he will not respect them if they appear to be disrespectful to him. He drinks and eats heartily but his true weakness is the opposite sex.

History Born in 97 Weyland was the second son of Lord Jasper Weyland destined to be a knight but never Lord of the House. As a young boy Weyland learned the fighting styles the traditional combat of Westeros and excelled at it, besting the House Weapons Master as a young teen. In fact, he won a few combat rounds against greater opponents as a squire in 111 AL’s gaining notice as a swordsman.

When his father Lord Jasper was selected as Master of Laws on the Small Council in 113 Weyland was left behind at Rain House. Weyland was frustrated with being left behind, he thought he should have come with his father to King’s Landing to make a name for himself, instead he was left to rot in the Stormlands.

Accolades went to young men his age and only slightly older. Bored at home with peace in the land, Weyland became involved with a common girl, Heidi, as his paramour. Their shared passions resulted in the birth of Weyland's bastard son Chris Storm. While his father refused to recognize the bastard Weyland put a great deal of energy into the child's well-being.

By 117, Weyland’s life of tranquility was energized by pirate raids in the Stormlands. Standing tall in the thickest of the fighting when the pirates were finally put to the sword, Weyland was inducted into the Knighthood for his bravery.

Despite his love for his paramour his father arranged for him to be wed to Ilya of House Estren, a comely young girl from a house aligned with the Lannisters. Weyland soon learned to love Ilya and she accepted Weylan's son though she did not adopt him. After two years of trying Ilya was finally ready to give Weyland the legitimate son who would push Chris out as the object of Weyland's affection. Unfortunately Ilya died during delivery and so did his newest son. Weyland was grief stricken and found comfort in the arms of Ilya's chambermaid, Gretchen. This union created yet another bastard for Weyland, Kritus Storm, another son.

House Estern was furious at Weyland's involvement with the chambermaiden but Weyland shrugged off their protests and decided to raise Kritus the same way he raised Chris, as if the child was legitimate. Lord Jasper was exasperated with Weyland's inability to control his libido and tried to convince Weyland to settle down again.
Weyland refused and in 119 petitioned House Naelaron to accept him as a House Knight so that he could be out from under his father’s thumb. Weyland required the House to provide for both of his paramours and both of his bastards but with his fighting prowess to add to the House it was a worthwhile investment.

Though Heidi and Gretchen bear ill will towards each other Weyland refuses to see it and puts his love for his sons first allowing them to bicker as they will. Between the dullness of his duties and the bickering of his paramours, Weyland has sought out new conquests though they never seem to go much farther than a few weeks until he is on to the next one.

With the grief he receives from his father via ravens Weyland was surprised to see a raven with actual pertinent information, it seems a succession war is brewing in King’s Landing. Perhaps there is opportunity in this…

Lady Carolyn Wylde (Wife to lord Jasper), Lucas Wylde (heir), Ser Adrian Wylde (Cousin), Gwayne Wylde (Smaller Bro)

Same one Lord Lleston Estren, he is here alongside the rest of his family which we can say you know at least in passing Ser Joseph Estern, Ser Leonard Estern, Maid Lonella Estern

Background Event Noble son of House Wyland from whom he parted ways.

House Wylde
Located in the Stormlands

Seat Rain House (located along the southeastern shore of Shipbreaker Bay on Cape Wrath).

House Motto - Strategy in Arms

The lineage of House Weyland is long and storied in its production of excellent warriors. Any man with arms can swing a sword but knowing when to swing the sword is more important than how hard you can swing it. Fights are won with strength of mind not strength of muscle.

Coat of Arms - A blue green maelstrom on gold.