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Scarab Sages

I have a question: If you have multiple animal companions from a single class(a cleric from two diferent domains) for instance a Separatist cleric of Gozreh takes Animal domain from Gozreh and Scalykind(saurian subdomain) from a diferent diety:
-1st he would get an animal comapanion at lvl 4 (cleric lvl -3 = druid lvl, taking boon companion at lvl 5)
-2nd and another one at lvl 6(because of the separatist penalty) (cleric lvl -2 = druid lvl, taking another boon comapanion at lvl 7)

He would efectivly have at lvl 7 2 full strenght druid animal companions.
My question is would this be legal for organized play, and can you bring both on a single encounter considering they are both from the same class?

So is this correct or have I wrongly interpreted the rules? (links below) /scalykind-domain/saurian /animal-domain ic-archetypes/separatist