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Full Name

Samen Vloe Firenze


| Arcane pool: 6/7 | HP: 65/65 | AC: 18(+stf bonus) (12 Tch, 15 Fl) | BAB: 6, CMB: +11, CMD: 23 | F: +9, R: +7, W: +10 | Init: +2 | Perc: 2, SM: 2


| Speed 30ft | Active conditions: None. | Spells: 0th: AS, Det. Mg, RoF, Arc. Mk, RoF 1st: (Elemental) Frostbite 3/3, Det. elem 2/2 2nd: bladed dash 2/2 Frigid Touch 2/2 Shatter 1/1 3rd: Infuse Self 2/2 Planar Inquiry 0/1


Male Neutral Oread Magus (staff magus)(Elemental Paragon) 9








elemental pantheon




Common, Oread, Sedime, Undine, Benthic, Ifrit, High Ifrit, Sylph, Maker Script, Exhume, Creak, Rasp



Strength 21
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 5

About Samen Vloe Firenze


Melee: Quarterstaff+6+5+1+3 (1d6+7+2+3) (BAB+STR+wepFocus+enhancement)

Acid resist: 5


Lvl 0:
Acid Splash
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Read Magic

Lvl 1: 5/day
magic weapon
shocking grasp
color spray
detect elementals
True Strike
Monkey Fish (Minor aspect of Rain)

Lvl 2: 4/day
bladed dash
rock whip
Frigid Touch
Defending Bone
Alter Self
Stone Call

Lvl 3: 2/day
Greater Magic Weapon
Infuse Self
Planar Inquiry
Tactical Adaptation

Infuse Self:

0) you cannot change into your own race (so no extra strength for you for "turning into an oread")

1) You gain resist 5 (energy) as appropriate

2) You gain "Fire in the Blood" or whatever the appropriate template is, so you heal that type of damage too

3) You get a +2 to the physical stat, but it is ONLY the typical stat for that race (so this spell would grant +2 dex for turning into an ifrit, for example. )

4) You also gain the Spell Like Ability of that race

5) duration is 1 hour/level, this isn't a game-breaking ability


For now I will say that you can try out essences you've seen in elen form so far (so for example you could try out Moon, Smoke, and Stars, but not Dust or Rain (if there is such a thing))

---You gain resist 5 (force)
---You gain "Ice in the Blood" (so this is different, COLD heals)
---You get a +2 CON
---You also gain the Spell Like Ability: disguise self once per day. Lasts 24 hours.
---Temporarily learn Doppish, the language of the Dopplegangers.

---You gain resist 5 (electricity)
---You gain "Storm in the Blood"
---You get a +2 to Con.
---You also gain the Spell Like Ability to cast "Obscuring Mist" 1/day (caster level = character level)
---Temporary language: Exhume (smoke dialect) (also related to Kapnos)

--- +2 AC (similar to bark skin in effect)
--- +2 wisdom
---- Speak the Fey language "Creak" (I use Polish in google translate)
----"Berries in the Blood" eat any kind of berry as a free action to activate the healing that is similar to "Fire in the Blood" etc
---SLOW (20 ft / rd base speed)

detect elementals:

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M/DF


Range 60 ft.
Area cone-shaped emanation
Duration concentration, up to 10 minute/ level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You can detect the aura that surrounds elementals. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area.

1st Round: Presence or absence of elementals.

2nd Round: Number of elementals in the area and the strength of the strongest elemental present. If you are of an opposing element, and the strongest elementals’s strength is overwhelming (see below), and the creature has HD of at least twice your character level, you are stunned for 1 round and the spell ends.

3rd Round: The element type and location of each elemental. If an elemental is outside your line of sight, then you discern its direction but not its exact location. If the element type is unusual, you must roll a spellcraft (that the staff gives you access to) to see how well you interpret the "aura".

Aura Strength: The strength of an elemental....etc...

Feats, Talents, and Traits:

1st: power attack
3rd: elemental spell
5th (bonus): Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
5th: Weapon Specialization (Quarterstaff)

Class Features:
Use 1 point arcana to gain fly 30ft for min/lvl.
Use 1 point arcana to gain burn (1d6) for min/lvl.
Use 1 point arcana to gain swim 30 ft for min/lvl.
Use 1 point arcana to burrow (dirt) 30 ft for min/lvl.
Empower 1/day
Elemental Scent (it works like scent, but only for elementals 1hr/lvl)

+2 on conc checks during spell combat.

Abbygailiwy's kiss:
1/day go invis for up to 1 hour/lvl.

social - Unintentional Linguist = +1 trait bonus to linguistics, +1 language, linguistics is a class skill
magic - magic lineage (frostbite) (metamagic is one level cheaper with this spell)

Acid resist 5
Treacherous Earth - Make 10ft difficult terrain 1/day.
Stone in the blood - fast healing 2/day/lvl with acid dmg.


Linguistics 9 + INT + CS + 1(trait)
Spellcraft 9 + INT + CS + SF
knowledge arcana 9 + INT + CS
knowledge history 5 + INT + CS
knowledge planes 9 + INT + CS

Craft (calligraphy) 9 + INT + CS


Quarterstaff +3
Chain Shirt +2
cloak of resistance +2
belt of str +2
charm of int +2
Amulet of elemental strife
2d8+3 healing potion
Sustaining Spoon
Dust of Dryness (For Stof)


10-minute Background (incomplete):

Step 1: Background and Concept elements (at least 5) (history, description, personality)
Samen Vloe Firenze is the youngest of the Firenze family. He stands tall, which belies his young age. His thick muscles belie his gentle disposition. Barely an adult, he is not ready to set out into the world alone. While his mind is sharp, elen make no sense to him, and he is often angering people without knowing why. If there is a way to say something wrong, he will find it. Therefore, he tries his best to remain quiet around others, as it tends to lead to less trouble.

The only reason he didn't end up in the mines like all the other children around Rokerenge was his particular apptitude for penmanship. His job is to take notes and keep records at the mine. Many consider this a waste of his muscles, but father encouraged him to use his mind rather than his might.

One day, while translating a memo into the four racial languages, it struck him how each script ties into the culture of the respective elen race, but common seems unrelated to all of them. Where did this language come from? It shares hardly any elements with the others. There must have been some other culture, lost to history and the dark, that spawned the language. Perhaps the races were once not tied to individual gods, but tied to the entire pantheon?

Historians laughed at him when he brought up the idea, and priests scolded him, accusing him of blasphemy. Regardless, he studied, experimented, and tinkered until he was able to tap into a type of magic not tied to the gods, yet touched by all their elements. He inscribed the symbols into his own flesh, simultaneously empowering his magic and branding himself a heretic.

His mother and siblings yelled at him for hours for doing this to himself, but in the end, father was able to convince them that while Samen is different, he is still family and still loved.

To summarize:
-Big, gentle, young, and not well-spoken.
-Lived a coddled youth.
-Believes a heresey against all the faiths, that all elens are fractured off a unified race.
-Tattooed magical markings on himself that glow with elemental magic.
-Has a love of learning new languages and studying cultures.

Step 2: Goals (one character, one player)
Player: I want Samen to learn to stand up for what he believes in.
Character: Samen wants to prove that elen are all one race.

Step 3: Secrets (one known, one unknown)
Samen knows that his father was hiding money from his mother, but not why.
Samen doesn't know that his beliefs are perceived as a threat to society by the religious elite.

Step 4: People (at least two allies/friends and one adversary)

Krissa Rentwyrth - A Slyph girl his age, very beautiful and popular. She considers him to be a friend and finds his offputting personality amusing. Samen, who doesn't get a lot of attention from girls, would like their relationship to be more, but has no clue how to talk to anyone, let alone girls.

Fillipo Guetanni - A Ifrit friend from youth, he now works deep in the mines.

Carl Birotta - An Ifrit bully. He constantly torments Samen, burning his papers, ridiculing his appearance, and being a general twit. While Samen could easily defeat him in a one-on-one fight, he is reluctant to do so without understanding Carl's position. He continues to be vexing, regardless of the quantity of Samen's inquiry.

Step 5: Three Memories, Mannerisms, or Quirks
-Samen is very patient. His initial response to violence is confusion rather than vengeance.
-When lost in study, he forgets about other Elen.
-He will gladly worship any of the gods, but gives no devotion to any of them.


Changes Magic Warrior ("Elemental Paragon")

1) Gain history and ditch dungeoneering as printed; do not do the other switch (planes makes way more sense for elementals)

2) No scrying bonus save. Instead, +2 on reflex saves vs Fire, Water, Earth, and Air keyworded spells.

Disadvantage on cha checks. If you are interacting with inquisitors, priests, or even a particularly pious individual, you will make the starting reaction to the group (or just yourself, if alone) unfriendly.

If you disavow your beliefs (pretend to be a follower of Volcano exclusively, for example), you will lose your "Magic Warrior" abilities until you repent in some way.

​3) At 8th level, you can cast Protection from Energy once per day, caster level = character level. You choose the energy type when you cast it (but not sonic)

4) No idea about the 19th level thing, but we have like 5 years to get there

5) For the "beast shape" thing:

--Duration is one minute per level, just like the original ability

--It says you only get one ability at a time from the list, so:

--At 3rd level, let's say you have access to exactly one "aspect" (just like one animal/mask). This cannot be changed. You will eventually add the other aspects.

This could be:

Air: Fly 30 feet

Earth: Burrowing through dirt 30 feet (the ability to walk through stone walls is insane for 3rd lvl char)

Fire: Burn

Water: Swim 30 feet and water breathing

--5th, 7th, and 9th will add in one more "aspect" ,so at 9th you have access to all of them (but still only one aspect per activation, you just have more choices)

--The whirlwinds and vortexes have a hideous amount of rules baggage. I might allow something fancy for your aspects at higher levels, but these four elemental aspects as written are on-par (or probably a bit better) with the original set.

--Same thing with full blown earth glide.