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Alpha Helmetcat

Sam chucklepurrs, and Rashida feels his tail curl around her arm and brush along the golden serpent armlet there.

"Now, now, my lady. It would never do for me to be so presumptuous as to provide an explanation for any of the Duchess' reasons for attending the Baron's fête. That is just bad manners among helmetcats."

If his eyes weren't already closed, Rashida would probably have imagined the tabby winked at her.

Alpha Helmetcat

As Rashida fumbles with her question, the tabby twists to look at her with slitted eyes.

"Yes, your contact with the youngest son of Roren has indeed precipitated this extraordinary measure on our part. But as you are already well acquainted with the lovely Duchess Kittington who has grown quite fond of you, it wasn't as hard a decision to make as you would imagine."

The smiling face of Sam is reassuring and calming.

"It will be a bit of adjustment however. At a more opportune time, we will reacquaint you with all your former memories. That, I admit, will definitely be trying for you as a human. Not everyone can be born a helmetcat." Sam pats a paw on Rashida's hand consolingly.

Alpha Helmetcat

Sam begins to purr almost immediately. He rubs his chin and helmeted cheek on Rashida's upper arm.

At the shocked reply, Sam says,"Impossible? Yes, indeed. Until I saw the need for it with my own eyes, I would never have suspected it could happen. Yet herewhen we are. Normally, we wouldn't allow such a thing, but all the non-futures suggest that interfering with the addition of you and the other will lead only to certain destruction of everything. And I prefer my everything to the Thing's nothing thank you."

Alpha Helmetcat

"Salutations, my lady Rashida. I am a simple helmetcat as you can see. You may call me Sam if it pleases you," the tabby says cheerfully, his smile big and happy. "I am happy to make your actual acquaintance. I have come to you today to inform that as of now, the helmetcats are aware of you and the other."

Sam looks extremely pleased with himself and approaches closer to Rashida, limping slightly.

"To commemorate the first non-Rorenson addition to the helmetcats' oversight, I offer this chance to pet me."

Without further preamble, Sam leaps at Rashida's chest without concern for whether she will catch him. And why wouldn't she? He's an adorable helmetcat.