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Scarab Sages

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Our GM was kind enough to give us a write-up of the improvements to Stachys in Songbird, Scion, Saboteur, which I turned into an autosheet. The first sheet covers the default settlement statblock for Stachys, plus a reminder table of the distances to other towns for overland travel. The second sheet has the list of available improvements, alongside trackers for total GP spent and current Loyalty Points.

Changing the value in the "purchased" column from No to Yes (or a specific value) will increment the total GP and Loyalty counters, modify the town's stats as appropriate on the statblock sheet, and mark the row as green to show it has been met. The fields labeled "Misc. Loyalty Gains" and "Misc. Town Opinion Mods" can be edited freely to increase/decrease their values based on encounters, decisions the PCs make, and certain events. The field labeled "Onora Piscum's Opinion of PCs" is a simple tracker, and as long as the value stays above 0, it will modify the Town Opinion field as well.

Investments with a black background are unavailable until other improvements are built. Once those conditions are met, the formatting is removed. Note that you can mark improvements as bought without actually meeting the prerequisites at this time; this allows you to preview its effects on the settlement, but you're on your honor in-game.

Feel free to take a look around and copy a version to your personal Drive. From there, you can mark some of the rows as "Yes" to see their effects on the other values. You can also tell me what you think, whether there are any errors you see, potential improvements, or just general feedback. I hope GMs find it useful!

Link to Google Docs Sheet "Stachys Settlement Stats + Improvements (Template)"