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Full Name

Ruhk Ekensköld


Envoy 1 - HP 10/10 SP 7/7 | EAC 12 KEC 13 T 11 EFF 11 KFF 12 | Ft +0 Rf +3 Wi +2 | Init +1 | Perc +4 |










Common, Akitonian, Draconic, Azlanti

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Ruhk "The Dandy"

Class: Envoy 1
Theme: Xenoseeker

INITIATIVE: +1 (+1 Dex)

MOVE: 30'

HIT POINTS: 10 (4 Human, 6 Envoy)
STAMINA POINTS: 6 (6 Envoy, 0 Con)
RESOLVE POINTS: 4 (1 Lv + 3 Cha)
EAC: 12 (+1 Second Skin, +1 Dex)
KAC: 13 (+2 Second Skin. +1 Dex)
Flat-footed: 11/12
Touch: 11

Fort: +0
Ref: +3
Will: +2

Melee Attack: +0
Ranged Attack: +1

Baton (Tactical 1H: Melee
Attack: +0, Dmg: 1d4 Crit: 20/x2, Range: 0

Baton (Tactical) 1H: Range
Attack: +1, Dmg: 1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Range: 20

Battle Glove: 1H Melee
Attack: +0, Dmg: 1d4 Crit: 20/x2, Range: 0

PulseCaster Pistol 1H: Range
Attack +1, Dmg: 1d4 E, Crit 20/x2, Range: 30


Theme Knowledge
You are trained to seek out, identify, and interact with alien
life-forms. Reduce the DC to identify a rare creature using Life
Science by 5. Life Science is a class skill for you, though if it is a
class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a
+1 bonus to Life Science checks. In addition, you gain an ability
adjustment of +1 to Charisma at character creation.



Bonus Feat: Humans gain one bonus feat at lv 1.
Skilled: +1 Skill point per level.
+2 Cha



For every character level you have (and whenever you gain a new level), you gain 1 Stamina Point. In addition, you gain a +4 bonus to Constitution checks to continue running, to avoid damage from a forced march, to hold your breath, and to avoid damage from starvation or thirst. You also gain a +4 bonus to Fortitude saving throws to avoid taking damage from hot or cold environments, to withstand the harmful effects of thick and thin atmospheres, to avoid choking when breathing in heavy smoke, and to avoid fatigue caused by sleep deprivation.

Skill Synergy:
Choose two skills (Diplomacy/Sense Motive). These skills become class skills for you. If one or both were already class skills, you gain a +2 insight bonus to those skill checks instead.



Envoy Improvisation (Get ‘em!)
As a move action, you can choose one enemy within 60 feet. Until the start of your next turn, you and your allies gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls made against that enemy. The bonus persists even if the enemy moves beyond 60 feet or out of line of sight or hearing.
At 6th level, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to grant this bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls against all enemies who are within 60 feet.


You are an expert at dealing with challenges that test your skills, be the challenges social or otherwise. At 1st level, when attempting a Sense Motive check, you can roll 1d6 (your expertise die) and add the result of the roll to your check as an insight bonus. You can use this and other expertise abilities as long as you have at least 1 Resolve Point remaining. At 5th level, anytime you roll your expertise die, you gain a +1 bonus to the result. At 9th, 17th, and 20th levels, this bonus increases by 1. At 13th level, you roll 1d8 as your expertise die instead of 1d6.
Beginning at 9th level, you have even greater expertise with skills to which you can add your expertise die that you have also selected with the Skill Focus feat. For each such skill, once per day when rolling your expertise die to add to that skill, you may roll the expertise die twice and take the better of the two results.



(8 Envoy, +2 int, +1 Human, = 11 ranks)

Acrobatics +4 (1 Rank, +1 Dex +3 Trained, -1 Armour)
Bluff: +7 (1 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Culture +6 (1 Rank, +2 Int, +3 Trained)
Diplomacy +9 (1 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained, +2 Synergy)
Intimidate +7 (1 Rank, +3 Cha, +3 Trained)
Life Science +6 /1 Rank, +2 Int, +3 Trained)
Perception +4 (1 Rank, 0 Wis, +3 Trained)
Profession (Poet): +4 (1 Rank, 0 Wis, +3 Trained)
Sense Motive +6 (1 Rank, 0 Wis, +3 Trained, +2 Synergy)
Sleight of Hand +5 (1 Rank, +1 Dex, +3 Trained)
Stealth: +4 (1 Rank, +1 Dex, +3 Trained, -1 Armor)



Tactical Baton
Battle Glove
Pulsecaster Pistol
1 spare battery
Second Skin
Enviromental clothes
Traveling clothes
Formal Clothes, 3 Sets

240 Credits



Ruhk was always an outgoing person, even as a child. He prefered the outdoors to the indoors, exploration to studies, and friendships to money.
As he grew older, he would knuckle down and learn, if only to allow him to fit into multiple layers of society.
His greatest dreams were always to travel further and further afield, and eventually into space.
Ruhk is driven by an insatiable need to discover new things, and finding that there was a society more or less sharing his desires made him grin.
Begging, borrowing and smoozing, Ruhk slowly aquired enough wealth to be able to travel to Absalom station.
And in the meantime he kept studying, sharpening his skills and parcticing his charm.



Ruhk was blessed (or cursed) with hair that started turning white at a young age, and by his 20tieth birthday his mane of hair is snow white, giving him a somewhat older appearance.
His beard his cropped short and shows similar signs, having developed a salt and pepper colour (More pepper than salt so far).

His skin has taken on a slightly weatherworn look with an almost permanent tan due to the time he spends outdoors.

With a nickname like "The dandy" it is not surprising that Ruhk cares a great deal for his outwards appearance, as long as there is water to be had, he bathes or washes every day, cleans his clothes and combs his hair.
In addition, he has a habit of adorning himself with jewellery whenever he gets a chance(most of this is later given away to friends or lovely ladies)

He is quite a clothes horse, always looking to find the latest fashions and figure out the way to wear them with the best flash and flair..