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Hi all,

I'm chiming in just to make an humble suggestion to Paizo. I love your company, the one and best at making not only rich RPG adventures but also enriching it with all sorts of possible goods: cards, minis, mats...everything is there, great ideas and great support.

But...there's a but...I do not play, nor I want to, PFRPG. I'm 41, 2 children, been playing since my 10's and still running a weekly game with many friends.

PFRPG (nor DD 5 to tell the truth) just isn't suit for our needs: we no longer want to focus on many of the very accurate, but also time consuming, things of such systems.

Not that they are wrong: they are great. Still buying now and then books just for the read.

But, not for playing: we are getting old, we are many (as many as 7) at the table, we need simple, fast rules, simple sheets, few things to remember between sessions if one weekend is missed.

So, we turn to other systems, more suited to our lives and to the impossibility to follow a more complex game. Yet, we love good stories, we love minis, mats, cards, everything that enriches the experience.

In fact, we now can spend more than when we were younger in gaming, and we do, but the one thing I never buy is AP.

I love them. I love the stories, the ideas, the big battles. But, as I do not use PFRPG, many,many pages of material are lost to me.

Monster appendix, item appendix, lore things, many stat blocks and similar.

So, I do not buy them because if I did, I would have huge chunks of material I would never use and that would make running a game a chore just to skim that material.

So, here the dirty proposal: what I would love is a reduced version of APs, in one single book, streamlined down to the story and main events, quests, battles, but no stats.

Perhaps also some trimming down the subquests, something 100% from the original material but more apt to simpler systems.

I would buy something like that in one heartbeat and I think I'm not alone. In simpler system you can just make up checks, simple monsters and the like.

Now, I realize that APs are meant to support PFRG, but there are so many now that perhaps it's possible to make some experiment on old APs, the best selling ones.

I'm not a serial poster, please do not take this as anything more than an humble suggestion and wishfull thinking of a Paizo fan...just getting older and lazier :)