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San Juan, Puerto Rico.

If you have a dental plan, I’m sold.

This maybe a stupid idea, but what about creating a version of the Pain Elementals of the Video Game Doom? Since they are way weaker than the Beholders you can even make swarms of them.

Just imagine, instead of yet another swarm of insects, you get a swarm of one-eyed-floating-meat- balls throwing fireballs at your party.

She’s one of the few persons of this chat that I actually remember her name.
Hail to the queen, baby!

Of the D&D’s core books I only have the Monster Manual. The Beta for me is a chance to have ALL the rules in ONE PLACE, instead of having only the changes/updates of the rules in the Alpha document, and having to find a copy of the DM and Players manuals.

Thanks Papa-DRB!
It went up at lunchtime where I live. Tastes good!

DiegoV wrote:
New Mexico waiting here (were part of the USA but it seems many Americans dont actually know that... Ive been told by someone from Arizona, the state that borders us, that my English is very good... Seriously... So Im adding us to the 'world is waiting' list)!

Same here at Puerto Rico (an island on the Caribbean, Center America) for both parts: we are part of the USA and the wait.

Starting download as soon I find the link. Please stand by ...

I’m not subscribing, but I buy almost everything I found (even 3 copies of Dragon and Dungeon magazines of last year). I’m reserving the Patfinder’s Adventure paths in the comic book store I buy.

I have to admit that I haven’t read all, but even a few that I ask myself “why did I buy this?” surprise me when I read them.

Sharoth wrote:
I am INNOCENT!!! INNOCENT I tell you! How dare you blame me!

You are a PIAZOholic, admit it! (I don’t want to admit it myself, so I’m pointing my finger to others). <_<

When infiltrating a birthday party, I will not disguise the halfling or gnome as a piñata.

MarkusTay wrote:
Personally, I was waiting until the Pathfinder Cookbook Alpha comes out.

I’m not buying until they confirm the Caribbean sourcebook,..., I mean, cookbook.

Of course I don’t have this problem, just because I didn’t like the idea of having to buy at least 2 books of D&D 4 to be able to run a game, I got in a mad rage (ok, not that bad) and check the RPG area. End up buying “Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path - 7 Days to the Grave”.

Then, downloaded the last alpha version of the RPG, and buy the first and second part of CotCT and about 4 modules. In ... LESS THAN A MONTH!. :(

Ok, help me! :(

At a minimum keep me away from Lilith cookies, ..., too tempting. @(

Vic Wertz wrote:
Holy crap—I just realized that was 15 years ago. I'm so oldddddd....

Don’t get me started, every time a Star Wars movie get an anniversary I get depressed.