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About Riktor Van Mander


Name: Riktor van Mander
Race: Human (Nevarran)
Class: Mage
Specialization: None
Languages: Trade Tongue and Orlessian, read Ancient Tevene.

Level: 1
Hit Points: 22+1d6
Mana Points: 14+1d6
Spellpower: 14
Speed: 13

Background (Circle Mage)

A mage of the circle, trained from a young age in the control of their powers.
- +1 Magic
- Focus (Arcane Lore)
- Gain native tongue, Trade Tongue and read Ancient Tevene.
- +1 Will Power


Communication - 0
Focus - None

Constitution - 1
Focus - None

Cunning - 2
Focus - None

Dexterity - 3
Focus - None

Magic - 4
Focus - None

Perception - 0
Focus - None

Strength - 0
Focus - None

Willpower - 3
Focus - Self-Discipline


Defence (10+Dex): 13
Armour: 0


Arcane Lance - Magic (Arcane Lance) Test. Inflict 1d6+Magic on a successful ranged attack.

Quarterstaff - Dexterity Check. Inflicts 1d6+1 damage.


Weapons: Quarterstaff
Armour: None
Gear: Adventurer’s Backpack, Waterskin, Lantern, Lamp Oil x 10, Rope x 40yrds, Chalk x 2, Flint and Steel.
Undercloths x 7, Mage’s robes x 2, Ornate Mage’s Robes, Traveller’s Outfit, Pouch x 2, Tent
30 x Sheets Paper, Pencil x 3
Coin Gold 0 - Silver 2 +3d6 - Copper 87


Casting Time: Major Action - Target Number: 10 - MP Cost: 1-3 - Test: None - Requirements: None
For every MP spent heal 1d6 damage.

Rock Armour
Casting Time: 1 Minute - Target Number: 10 - MP Cost: 3-8 - Test: None - Requirements: None.
Gain an armour rating of 4 for one hour. For every additional MP spent increase the spell’s duration for 1 hour.

Casting Time: Major Action - Target Number: 11 - MP Cost: 2 - Test: Willpower (self-discipline) Vs Spellpower - Requirements: None
On a successful save -1 on all ability tests until next turn. On a failed save they also cannot act.


Chirurgy: - The art of healing.
Novice: Healing is a Minor Action.

Goals and Ties

Short Term Goals: Power, but not at any cost. Anything that could bring shame on his family or Mage’s in general is no use.
Long Term Goals: The Staff of the First Enchanter. There, and only there, will Riktor be able to make a significant impact on the world of the Circle.

Ties: Van Mander. As a proud member of the Van Mander household, Riktor has a responsibility to respond when needed.

House Van Mander is a minor with relatively few resources,at least compared to the great houses that rule Thedas. Trade relations across the nation of Nevarra and beyond mean the family is pleasantly wealthy but not large enough or powerful enough to draw the eye or wrath of the larger houses, a state that rumour suggests is one they’ve worked hard to maintain.

One oddity of the house is that it produces an unusually high number of Mages born each generation. Among the sprawling web of siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles most generations would see at least two or three Mages born every generation, and it is whispered by many who dislike the freedom Nevarran Mages have that it is these spellcasters that allow the steady fortunes of the House.

Riktor Van Mander was one of the Mages his generation has produced, a fact discovered when he was set upon by thieves and made his skin as tough as stone to defend against there attacks. After a joyful celebration he was sent to learn at the Nevarran Circle in Perendale.

Thanks to the Nevarran traditions surrounding magic, this was not the brutal separation most Mages undergo, but rather a period of study and training to better understand and use his Maker gifted abilities. One of the main differences was the usual focus on magic as it pertained to the end of life, the theories behind Necromantic and Entropic magic.

Perhaps through a desire to help, or perhaps because all things needed balance, Riktor also learned the basics of healing and healing magic of the Creation school. Balance was an important factor in magic, after all - a Mage was one who altered the world for a brief moment by drawing on the malleable reality of the Fade, and an unbalanced mind tended to do...dangerous things.

Even within the relatively safe Circle of Perendale did not fully insulate the young Riktor from the more unseemly side of the both the Circle mages and there Templar ‘Protectors’, alas, as the curse of Blood Magic and the risk of a broken Mage becoming an Abomination existed even there. Several of Riktors friends failed there Harrowing and were put down by the Templar, and others joined the ranks of the Tranquil. Some by choice. By Riktor never considered such an idea. His family has a proud tradition - not only did produce many Mages, but pure Mages, who resisted the call of Blood Magic. Of course, other fates affected them, but such was the Maker’s Will.