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Wizard 6/Mage of the third eye 10










Ancent, common, celestial, ...

Strength 7
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 24
Wisdom 20
Charisma 20

About Reviarti

6wizard (primalist)/ 10 Mage of the third eye

Arcane graduate
Unshakeable concentration

Craft wondrous
[Bounus] Scribe scroll
Craft magic arms and armor
Craft golem
Eldritch eye
Eyes to the sky (auto detects all skrying)

Skills 9 per level +1 at first level

16 diplomacy
16 bluff
16 knowledge (arcana)
16 spellcraft
8 knowledge (engineering)
4 survival
4 swim
16 perception
16 sense motive
16 use magic device
1 acrobatics
1 intimidate
8 profession (cooking)
8 knowledge (geography)

Concentration +27 (minimum 28)

Str 7
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 24
Wis 20
Cha 18 (+2)

Magic item -
Wand of make whole
Satchel of holding (type II)
Mystic tattoo (shy woman) (special ink, more like paint then a tattoo. You can't really "tattoo" a snail. Underneath shell.)

Special ablities-

Hear me out-
With a dc 30 diplomacy check, ... Can shift a creature (or creatures) attitude to her and her companion to unfriendly from hostile, for one minute. This allows her to make a proper diplomacy check to calm crowds, locals, etcetera...
This does not work on creature above 5 HD, and is really just there of dealing with commoners.


Is a zif who, by human standards is a genius. By zif standarda, she is quite intelligent. She Left Zif society at a young age, acting as a scout of sorts, to see how the majority of people would react to them. It went over well-
She graduated an arcane collage at the age of ten, and crafts constructs. She wanders around, looking for a school that could teach him more. Her time sight needs honing, and perhaps she could start on his psionic talents. She is also trying to find a way to recreate her greatest success- a life-spark construct. So far, any attempts to do so hate resulted in anything from wasted Material to arcane explosions. She treats her companion much like one would treat a brother. She has an imperial accent, as the zif haven't changed thier accent since they got here.

Her companion is a young clockwork lifespark agathion (leonial) that has a small ego, knowing he is a created creature. The fact that he isn't a real dragon is a very touchy subject, and he often denies that he isn't "real".