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Full Name

Rethovel wa Naonal




Hexcrafter Magus [11]







Special Abilities

Faint aura of Evil






Common (Taldane), Abyssal, Elven, Infernal, Azlanti, Tien, Hallit, Jistkan


Nomad, Pathfinder, Demon Hunter

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About Rethovel

"I will take your soul,
I will steal your pride,
I will throw you back to hell.
Back to hell, feel my rage...
This is the art of wrath!"

- Throw Back to Hell

One artist's vision of Rethovel!

A second artist's vision of Rethovel!

Who does your character love unconditionally? Your character has to give a damn about something, or else they are not a person with feelings.

"...Naona. She may not have been the beginning of my world...but she was its middle, and ultimately, its end. If there truly is an afterlife, she may be there now frowning down on me for my actions, but without knowing, that does not change how I feel.

Many years ago, our paths crossed - Naona the Elven Wizard, Talek the former Paladin, Lorimar the blind Oracle of love, and Val Corsac the exiled Magus. We four wandered here and there across Avistan, from Brevoy to Cheliax, from Mordant Spire to Taldor. Along the way we met Willem who we redeemed from a life of crime to become a Ranger, and Ardyn, the adolescent Elf Sorcereress. Naona had names for us in the Elven tongue, which she taught us all. Me, she did not call Val, but rather "Rethovel", meaning "strong sword". I was the youngest, age-wise even younger than the childlike Ardyn, but among my fellows, as years stretched into a decade of us always being together. I felt truly as if I had found a family and a home.

Also along the way I acquired the black-blade Imanisericors, who had a "mission" for me, and by extension us as a group. It took us to the far north, to the eastern portions of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords where it bordered the Worldwound...and that is where we fell. Talek charged off on a matter of honor but became a murderer and died in disgrace. Lorimar was grievously hurt and retired to Absalom where he lived out the rest of his life in happiness. Willem's family were caught up in demonic assault and he retired with those who survived to Nirmathas, where he continued to fight, but then against enemies more mundane...and mortal. Ardyn, Naona, and I continued on to Mendev, where the full wrath of the demonic hordes of the Worldwound broke against the Wardstones and the Crusaders. Imanisericors revealed ancient wisdom to us, and we fought our way into the abyssal darkness and captured a rare artifact which we managed to escape back to Mendev with and put in the hands of one of the knightly orders...but the wound took its toll on us too.

Naona, I learned only then, was present in Mendev in 4638, in the city-fortress of Drezen, when the demonic hordes overwhelmed all. She was one of but a dozen survivors who were set free after experiencing months of daily horrors and nightly violations...beyond thinking about - they were set free specifically to spread the tale of horror that awaited those who stood before the demons. Naona was so strong though...she hid the darkness that had afflicted her deep inside, and found a new joy in learning and life that no Elf I have ever met experienced, since with such long lives many things seem almost passe to them.

It turned out that Naona's dark experience had left her with a burning curse that ate away at her life in decades where others of her kind would have centuries...and our near-brush with death in just the edges of the Worldwound were enough to break her chains on that roiling evil. She was consumed, from within, mere days after we returned to safety in Mendev...and in her final moments, wanted us not to mourn, wanted us to live our lives and enjoy what we still had, in honor of her memory.

When Naona died, Imanisericors went silent and broke...and as for me...

To Naona, it was always a boyish love, she thought - me being not even twenty and her being decades beyond when I met her. But to me, she was my everything. Before I met her, I was listless, fighting for no reason, enjoying the thrill of combat but hating to kill...wandering aimlessly with no purpose and no true joy in anything. After I met her, her joy and wonderment at the world around us invigorated me like nothing I could describe...and I will not dishonor the feeling or the memory by starting now.

When she died, it broke me. I lashed out with all of my arcane power, destroyed buildings, killed livestock, injured many, flew through the air on the wings of rage and lashed out with the pain of fury and loss...and I brought a curse down upon myself.

I literally split in two. Where once was a 30 year old human man, now were two younger Tieflings, but very, very different. The two halves of me - the part that used his power to protect others, and me, the part that burned in rage and pain and loss, that was scarred by darkness and had seen too much death. That "parting" is still a blur in my memory...but I know that my "double" assumed the name Castigar, and remained in Mendev to join the crusade against the Worldwound. I became Rethovel Wa Naonal - Elven for "The strong sword who mourns the bright one."

My power decreased dramatically - it was as if I was a boy of 20 again, new to holding a sword and new to wielding my magus powers with it...and my aging has slowed as well, denying me escape from this cursed life even from the early death granted to humans. I know not whether Castigar was also reduced in power, or if he kept that which I lost...

Also unsure is what happened immediately next, or the nature of the curse. Ardyn returned to Kyonin - I imagine the ordeal of making a new family and then losing them all in the span of just a decade... I don't want to think about it. Ardyn was like a little sister to me, and even if she will not recognize me anymore, I would give my anything for her to have a long and happy life, free from pain and darkness and horrors like we have already been through. If my live could be given to stop the spread of the Worldwound so she could live in relative peace, I would.

Naona was my life, and losing her tore me apart.
Ardyn is all I have left of that life, and cursed or not, I will not let a dark fate befall her."


Who does your character revile?

"Other than Castigar, who is a reminder of all that I have lost...the demons of the Worldwound. They, and they alone, have the full focus of my ire. Thanks to them, even from before I was born, my world was shattered. Without them, Naona and I... things could have been different.

There are no words to mince here, no tales to tell. I will not be content until the Worldwound itself is closed and every demon walking the face of Golarion is consumed by the darkest, most painful disintegration imaginable by whatever powers of destruction and wrath will hear my cry.

I will not live to see that day, but may the wrath-fueled shade of my soul will never rest until this is accomplished... in Naona's name."


What does your character want? What is your character's current goal? Why did your character join the Pathfinder Society?

"The Pathfinders provide an opportunity to seek out ancient knowledge and mysteries - things that can be used to push back the roiling chaos from the north. In my early travels with the Society, I obtained another intelligent longsword - Gamin the Misforged, broken like I am - we are fit company for one another. I also carry Naona's rapier with me still. It took a long time, but I was at least able to do for Gamin what I was unable to do for so many others, and now Gamin the Reforged has decided that he will still tolerate my flawed hands and heart...gods know why.

And what do I want? What I want can never be, and is not worthy of mention. Even if she returned, she would turn from me in disgust as I am now, and even as I was would only love me as a mother or aunt loves a young boy. What I want will never be.

In its place... I want the power to destroy demons. I will sacrifice all that I am and all that I might ever be to destroy them so they can never do to Ardyn or anyone else what they did to Naona. I will take whatever path I happen across to gain this power. I will travel with whatever party of explorers or adventurers or mercenaries I must in order to achieve this. My path will be a dark one, this I know...but the honor and the good are found in the ends, not the means. So be it. Let me bear the brunt of scorn and disgust for my burnt and dark frame. Let no eye look on me with love or compassion ever again.

I will wreak my vengeance, and I will not be denied."


"Even in these chains, you won't haunt me
Even in these chains, you won't break me
Even in these chains, you won't take me
Even in these chains, you won't stop me"

- Big Bad Wolf

"So know this is that armageddon coming
A flood that goes beyond the refuge high upon the summit
A sun become hole, black hold on consumption
Spun inside itself into a beacon that has summoned
That creature of the deep that leaves a pit inside your stomach
That rumbling beneath that bodes arrival from above, and
That nature of the beast that feeds upon the will to numb it
That monster brought the seed of life, well now I have become it..."

"...Behold a pale horse in my gaze
High upon it Death in a rage
He said he had the truth that I crave
So my sword through his chest I gave"

- Nice to Meet Me