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Full Name

Professor Theodore Brooks


Skinwalker Vivisectionist/Beastmorph; HP 33/33; AC 15 (11 T, 14 FF); CMD 16; CMB +5; F +4, R +3, W +2; Init +3; Perc +8;

About Professor Brooks

Professor Brooks
Male NG Scaleheart Skinwalker Alchemist (Beastmorph; Vivisectionist), Level 3, Init 3, HP 33/33, Speed
AC 15, Touch 11, Flat-footed 14, CMD 16, Fort 4, Ref 3, Will 1, CMB +5, Base Attack Bonus 2
Bite, normal +6 (+5) (1d6+6 (9), x2)
Bite, mutagen +8 (7) (1d8+6 (8), x2)
Claws, mutagen +8 (1d6+6 (8), x2)
Chain Shirt (+4 Armor, +1 Dex)
Abilities Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 8
Condition None

Carried by Prof. Brooks: Alchemy crafting kit, Backpack, masterwork (13 @ 30.5 lbs), Bandolier (empty), Bandolier (empty), Caltrops, Chain shirt, Chalk, Charcoal stick, Chess / Checkers / Backgammon Set, Courtier's Jewelry (Understated), Crossbow bolts (x30), Crowbar, Dagger, Dagger (x3), Diary, Travelling, Firebox (1 @ 1 lbs), Flint and steel, Flint-and-Wheel Lighter, Grappling bolt, Grappling hook, Heatstone, Hidden light ring, Ink (block, black), Ink, black, Inkpen, Kit, Writing (4 @ -0.5 lbs), Light crossbow, Marbles, Mirror, Pouch, belt (2 @ 2 lbs, Alchemical Boons), Pouch, belt (6 @ 7.5 lbs, Alchemical Usefuls), Pouch, belt (9 @ 3 lbs, Odds and Ends), Pouch, belt (empty, Alchemical Banes), Powder (x2), Silk rope, Smelling salts, Smokestick (x1), String or twine, String or twine, Tindertwig (x3), Torch (x2), Water purification sponge, Water purification sponge, Waterskin, Whetstone. Healer's and Surgeon's kits.

Carried by Net: Other Gear: Bedroll, Bell net, Bit and bridle, Blanket, Blanket, winter (x4), Feed (per day) (x10), Military saddle, Rope, Sack (1 @ 15 lbs), Sack (10 @ 100 lbs), Sack (6 @ 18 lbs), Saddlebags (2 @ 12 lbs), Tent, Hanging tent (you come from a city next to the Valley of Mists; hanging tents are a staple, because there is often very little solid or dry ground down there.)

Carried by Blockhead: Bulk, Tea, leaf (block) (worth 3 gp) (x2), Acid (x2), Alchemical glue, Alchemical glue accelerant, Alchemical solvent, Alchemist's fire (x3), Bag, bear (46 @ 28.06 lbs), Bit and bridle, Bloodblock, Casting plaster (x3), Charcoal, low smoke, Chest, Medium (15 @ 92.56 lbs, Food), Chest, Medium (9 @ 87.5 lbs, Alchemy), Courtier's outfit, Cutting board, wooden, Desnan candle firework (x3), Feed (per day) (x10), Fish trap, light, Folding chair, Ladle, Lock, simple, Lock, simple, Mess kit, Musical instrument, masterwork: Violin, Night tea (x20), Oil (x5), Pack saddle, Paper candle firework (x9), Polo gear, Portable alchemist's lab, Pot, Pot, Potion Case, Portable (17 @ 5 lbs), Potion Case, Portable (32 @ 18 lbs), Rope, Sack (1 @ 4 lbs), Sack (1 @ 5 lbs), Sack (10 @ 100 lbs), Sack (9 @ 39 lbs), Scholar's outfit (x2), Seasonings, local, Skewer, Skillet, Soap, String or twine (x2), Tanglefoot bag (x2), Tea, ceremonial (per cup) (x20), Tea, elven (cup) (x6), Teapot, Tindertwig (x16), Toiletries (Men's), Travel Food (Fair) (x4), Travel Food (Good) (x10), Traveler's outfit (x4), Tripod, iron, Wandermeal (x4)

Equipment for the day: