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"The city is primarily a compound of interconnected square stone towers. There are no windows, and all portals leading into the structures are sealed."

"Two creatures were seen making entrance."

A small light-construct emerges from the small robot's central eye showing the appearance of the creatures. Click the link above

Using Prestidigitation to create a small illusion of the creatures.

Amalgus' Eidolon goes scouting. It looks like when I made the eidolon it didn't save, so that needs to be redone. It has full ranks in Stealth and Perception, so this is pretty much what it's built for.

Subject 22 made two projected inquiries regarding scenario 3b. All others accepted rules at given value.

Applicants are resourceful, but unnecessarily quarrelsome. All parameters currently within projected expectations.


The Knight called Amalgus had yet to show his face, but that did not mean his presence was not felt. Each person who signed up had the distinct feeling they were being watched by more than just the officiators.

Amalgus' Eidolon is watching the tests carefully, Stealthed and Invisible.