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| HP: 14/14 | AC: 12 (12 Tch, 11 Fl) | CMB: -2, CMD: 9 | F: +2, R: +1, W: +3; (+2 vs llusion, -2 Vs trap/hazards) | Init: +2 | Perc: +2 (-2 vs Surprise), SM: +0


| Speed 20ft/15ft | Arcane Reservoir: 1/5 | Spells 1st: 1/4 | Active conditions: Medium Encumbrance.


NG Gnome Arcanist (Brown-Fur Transmuter)



About Posh Nanjet


===Posh Nanjet===
Neutral Good Arcanist of Gozreh
Male Gnome HP: 14
Init: +2 Senses: Low-Light Vision; Perception +2 (-2 vs surprise), Sense Motive +0
Speed: 20ft

AC: 12 Touch: 12 FF: 11 (+ 1 Dex +1 Size)
Fort: +2 Ref: +1 Will: +2; +2 vs Illusion, -2 vs Trap/Hazard

Cold-Iron Dagger +0 (1d3-2/19-20x2)
Quarterstaff +0 (1d4-2/x2)

Light Crossbow +3 (1d6/19-20x2) 20 Bolts
Ray of Frost +3 (1d3/x2)

====Prepared Spells==== Concentration +5
**Level 1 - 2/day +1 CL Transmutation, +1 DC Illusion (Cast 4/day)**
Monkey Fish, Snapdragon Fireworks (Ref DC 16)

**Level 0 - 5/day Prep**
Detect Magic, Message, Open/Close, Ray of Frost

**Spell-Like Abilities - each 1/day**
dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals

SQ: Arcane Reservoir: 4/5 , Consume Spell, Potent Magic

Str: 6 Dex: 13 Con: 14 Int: 18 Wis: 10 Cha: 14
BAB: 1 CMB: -2 CMD: 9
Feats: 1) Breadth of Experience
Exploits: Potent Magic (+2 CL or DC per AP used)
Trained Skills: Craft (Wondrous Item) +11, K (Arcana) +11, K (History) +11, Linguistics +9, Spellcraft +9, UMD +7
***Can do following untrained*** +6 All other Knowledge Checks, +2 All Profession Checks

Traits: Strong Swimmer, Transmuter of Korada, Resourceful
Drawback: Sentimental
Favored Class Bonus: 2/6
Language(s): Ancient Osiriani, Aquan, Azlanti, Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Gnome, Orc, Sphynx, Sylvan
Combat Gear: Cold-Iron Dagger, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbow w/20 bolts
Other Gear: backpack, spellbook, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin: 10g


Transmuter of Korada: You learned the secrets of transmutation from a follower of the empyreal lord Korada. Whenever you cast a spell from the transmutation school, its effects manifest at +1 caster level. Additionally, select one of the following transmutation spells: bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, eagle’s splendor, fox’s cunning, or owl’s wisdom. Once per day when you cast that spell, its duration is doubled. A spell affected by this trait cannot be modified further by the Extend Spell metamagic feat or similar abilities.

Resourceful: Choose one Craft (Wondrous Item) or Profession skill when you gain this trait. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with that skill. In addition, the time required for you to create a magic item is decreased. You require only 8 hours for every 1,500 gp in the item’s base price (instead of the normal 8 hours per 1,000 gp). You can create potions and scrolls whose base price is 375 gp in just 2 hours; potions and scrolls with a base price more than 375 gp but less than 1,500 gp take 8 hours to create, just like any other magic item.

Strong Swimmer: Your faith in Gozreh’s grace gives you the confidence to swim without fear. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Swim checks, and can hold your breath for an extra 2 rounds when underwater.


Sentimental: You are sentimental, and your thoughts often stray to the past at inappropriate times. You take a —2 penalty on Perception checks to avoid being surprised and on Reflex saving throws to avoid traps or hazards.


Level 0

Level 1

Alter Winds
Crafter’s Fortune
Comprehend Languages
Enlarge Person
Feather Fall
Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Monkey Fish*
Protection from Evil
Share Language
Silent Image
Snapdragon Fireworks*

Level 2 ---can’t actually cast these yet---

Aboleth’s Lung
Aggressive Thundercloud
Mud Buddy
Summon Monster II
Whispering Wind


”Ack..Ugh” grumbled Posh as he reached for his cane and struggled to his feet. Something cracked in his back...again. ”Oh, I hope that’s not permanent!” he mumbles as a twinge of pain snaked through his spine. The white haired man hobbled through his humble apartment and hoisted himself up to see out the window.

The cluttered apartment was but a hovel compared to the one he’d had in Absalom. Back when he was part of the ’Archivist Guild’ contracted by the ’Dark Archives’...they’d taken care of the researcher. Smiling as his mind drifted back to those days, the gnome recalled his years of research with pride. So many much magic! ’I was able to see so much without even leaving the building…’

Posh’s wandering mind returned to the present suddenly. ”Huh? OH, right.” Squinting through the window, he could just make out his message box, flag up. Time to see what the committee had to say! The interview process had been grueling. Sure...he was no longer in the prime of life...but he’d seen much in such a short century or so. He had experience to share! Making his way out to the box, the gnome’s mind began reliving some of those experiences.

’Well...there was my time at the University...that’s how I got the job with the Guild.’ he considered. Pausing a moment to rest on the stairs, he tugged at his white mustache absentmindedly. Spotting the railing was coming loose again, he sighed. ”Damned owner should keep this fixed!”

Seeing no one around, the man rolled his eyes and dug through his pockets for anything useful. Finding only a coil of wire, he eyed the railing for a long while. Smiling, he set to work wrapping the wire around and through the holes left by the nails. A few minutes later, his work complete, Posh stood in front of his mail slot. Taking a deep breath, he nabbed the letter.

Hands trembling, they’d already turned him down once, he slowly unfolded the parchment….

~Sir Posh Nanjet~

It is the pleasure of this committee of the Bountiful Venture Company to accept your request to join the settlement.

Though we still have reservations regarding your advanced years, we believe your varied talents would prove useful to those cut off from more appropriate materials. We have your liability waiver on file and we keep it thusly. The Bountiful Venture Company and Andoran Government shall not be held accountable for any injuries or death you encounter on your trip.


Senator Andares

P.S. Thank you for fixing the table.

”Yes!” exclaimed the short man, jabbing his staff into the air. ”I’m still useful for more than fixing odds and ends!” Glancing towards the stairs, he noticed ’Mrs Williamson’ and calls out. ”Sorry for the outburst Ma’am. They’re sending me to study the old Azlanti Ruins! My research days aren’t done yet!”

’I’ll show the Guild...needing younger blood...Need to brush up on my Azlanti, but I’m sure it’ll come back to me.’

”Gozreh be praised! I’m headed to the sea to study the ancients! Bet there’s another couple hundred years in me yet.” Without another word, the older man scurries back to his apartment for the last time and begins packing.