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Full Name

Porter Keev the Coward




fighter(Seraphic Cohort from Kobot Q. 21e)







Special Abilities

Angelic Protector





Strength 16
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Porter Keev

Porter was once a Promising Paladin but shortly after he earned his knight hood he was deploy to a mission with his fellow knights. After hearing a the grimier details about hes mission fear choked him and he went AWOL. The 5 days Porter spend in the wilds ,he found no food or water, his feet blistered and his face burned in the sun and on the 5th night he cried out his god not expecting an answer. To his amazement a light append in front of him and said “ Porter you have forsaken me when i called you on your duty and now you called me in your time of need. what makes you better then me a hand of god; do you see all the waves from the a single stone tossed in to the waters of faith, or maybe hear all the payers from all that seek your shelter.?” Porter snicker as tiers rolled down his face “how truly blessed I am to be joined buy the one being whom I have scorned the most” “FOOL!” the avatar shouted “you have not scorn me nor our god it would take a far greater insult to that then you cowardice to do so. What you have done is kill you comrades, have forsaken your duty and as well as your destiny”the anger from the lights voice left a ill calm. Porter had not thought on his comrades since he ran the grim words pulled at his gut and had he have eaten the words would have purged him. Images of his fellow paladins hunted him for the moment a few of them he had been living with at the monastery for years all of hem he had shared at lest a meal. They where good men all good knights whom people inspired to be. “My destiny?” “Yes, your actions can not spare you from the invariable there is a evil you where meat to defeat you still must be do it.” “So what you want me to kill some grreeaatt evil. Well I got some news for you unless there is a winch behind you with a glass of mead and a ham hock I going to die here!". The effort from the burst finished off this weary body and he laid there in the dust. He awoke in a straw bed of a warm in, he would have thought the past week a dream if not for the pain he looked over a man in pristine armor it looked much like the armor of the paladins from his church. Porter turned to look at the man he and jumped when he saw he had no face but only to soft blue eyes."Good your a wake, lets try this again my name is Hozi I am a diva sent by your god to see that you fill your destiny. To help when you are in need I can take the form of what you would have been which is this shape I have now a reminder of your sin. It is how you go throw your repentance all though you will never be a paladin again." A look of shame went across Porter's face "how will I find this great evil?". "I don't know", Hozi answered "best to rest now"

Seraphic Cohort (Fighter) Some warriors are so pious a deity sends a heavenly emissary to aid and
protect the favored individual. These men and women are called seraphic
cohorts, and they form a bond with a celestial outsider. Alignment: A seraphic cohort must have a good alignment.

Angelic Protector: At 1st level, the seraphic cohort gains an angelic protector. The seraphic cohort can summon an eidolon as if he were a summoner equal to his fighter level. Variables, such as caster level and evolution points, are determined using the seraphic cohort’s fighter level. The seraphic cohort also gains, at the appropriate level, all summoner abilities related to the eidolon except bond senses, aspect, and greater aspect. The eidolon must take the angel form described in Ultimate Magic and must select all available primary and secondary evolutions listed under the angel model (or the new evolutions below) before selecting additional evolutions. This replaces all fighter bonus feats for this character.

Rejuvenate Eidolon (Sp): Three times per day at 3rd level, the seraphic cohort may cast lesser rejuvenate eidolon on his angelic protector as a spell-like ability. This becomes rejuvenate eidolon at 8th level, and greater rejuvenate eidolon at 13th level. At 10th level, the seraphic cohort may sacrifice all his uses of this spell-like ability to instead cast purified calling. This replaces armor training 1, 2, and 3.

Code of Behavior: A seraphic cohort earns the loyalty of a good outsider
through his adherence to a strict code of moral behavior. A seraphic cohort who does not champion the cause of good and righteousness in all his actions or who willingly or who knowingly performs an evil act instantly loses the ability to summon his angelic protector.The GM decides how and if this occurs and what the seraphic cohort must do to regain his outsider companion’s loyalty.Gray areas are few: the code of the seraphic consort is strict.

physical description:
outside of combat: he caries him self much like a veteran tired and sore. wile Hizo stays in a wisp from (much like Navi)

In combat:He takes his time waiting till he can advantage of combat with positioning. Hozi takes the from of a faceless knight that look every similar to Porter.

his code :

-not to comet any evil
-to peruse and destroy all evil outsiders on the Material Plane
-never to retreat