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Hello everyone,

I realize this has probably been answered before, but my searches are failing. I am looking to figure out if a character can take a 5-ft step if under an effect of hampered movement. I know the definition of 5-ft step says you cannot do it in darkness or difficult terrain, but what about other situations like under the effects of a Slow spell or in an area of poor visibility.

The slow spell looks like it reduces your actual speed to half its normal amount. I don't believe this would prevent a 5-ft step as it does not cost you 2 squares of movement for a distance of 5-ft.

The poor visibility (sidenote fog cloud? poor visibility?) says it is hampered movement and is a X2 modifier. This would mean that moving a distance of 5-ft would take 10-ft of movement. Is there a stated rule that addresses this issue either in a sourcebook or within a FAQ.



First of all does anyone remember a thread/post/faq/rulebook reading somewhere that talks about becoming dazed during your full attack? I seem to remember something about if you were dazed in some way during your full attack you could not continue it.

The main part of of this post is in regards to my fighter who can bull rush with attacks of opportunity. I receive an attack of opportunity versus an enemy who misses me. I was under the impression that all attack of any kind (iterative or natural attacks) are resolved on a per attack basis. Last night my game master stated that he has always run natural attacks as happening simultaneously. I was wondering if there was anything to describe the process for natural attacks. I have always thought about attacks being resolved one at a time.


From the magic section of the CRB it says that when summoned creatures die they "reform" for 24 hours. My question is what type of actions can they take while they are reforming? Are they conscious? Can they be communicated with?


During a session the other night I ended up using a dazing metamagic rod to cast wall of fire. It went off and the necessary creatures made their will saves as appropriate, most of them were dazed. The next round is where the issue arose. My wall of fire damaged them again and I asked for will saves. My GM informed me that in PFS it has been gone over time and time again that metamagic feats (or in this case rods) only apply to the first damaging instance of the spell. I since have done some looking around here on the forums and cannot find anything. I was wondering if anyone would happen to remember a forum or link or something that would apply to metamagic feats (or rods) only applying their effect on the first damaging instance of the spell.

Thanks ahead of time!

I apologize if this has been addressed in another post but I have a question: If you give a dragon a sword and it makes a full attack, is its bite still at 1 1/2 strength?

Rules for natural attacks state that when making attacks with a melee weapon, additional natural attacks are treated as secondary attacks. Normally this would mean that all natural attacks would be 1/2 strength bonus to damage....however the dragon specifically states that it gets 1 1/2 strength to its bite. Hence my confusion.

Thank you!