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Allen Neuendorf




DM/ 10th







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Chaotic Good


J-Ville Fl




It Business Consultant

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 14

About Pen2paper

Started playing D&D back in the early 80's. Created a slew of homebrew dungeon's and love all types of game play. I try and honor the true meaning of adventure with my stories (modules) and would love to finally see one through from start to finish. (laughs- these things never seem to end!)

I have a great love for creating and deeply enjoy it. I would be one of those people if allowed inside the developers cube who would never want to go home and would come in early. I just have that much desire to create.

I currently have (2) daughters (age 3), a son (11), and older daughter (12) and work for a fairly large company as a consultant. Every other weekend I get to unleash my modules onto my players for a day and deliver new exciting landscapes and ideas into the pathfinder world. I do have an adversion to storebought modules but only because players are so darn sneaky they will read the stuff ahead of time so I generally either "mask" the module I have or just create my own using the world based modules and game aids (with maps).

Current works:
Currently working on a large scale set of Oriental based adventures (Tian) as well as finishing the War beneath the Sea sage which will relaunch for my players next fall. (Hopefully to conclude it)

If you are in the Jacksonville area and looking for players.. drop me a line.