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I'm currently running Rise of the Runelords and have a player who is wanting to craft magic items. He is poring over the item creation table to try and make items that basically do the same as existing items for cheap.

I remember a quote here, by I think Jason Buhlman, that if the table would allow you to create a magic item that does the same thing as an existing item but at a greatly reduced cost to use the cost of the existing item. Unfortunately my searchfu has failed me and I cannot find it.

Can anyone point me where to find that? I could just make a GM ruling to the same effect but would like to have the dev quote to back that up anyway.

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Can spells from a staff or wand be counterspelled? This came up in a recent game and the GM thought that they could but I didn't think so. I thought I saw somewhere that you have to observe the spell being cast which you couldn't do with a spell from a staff but I can't find requirement in the counterspell rules now.

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If you use the improved familiar feat to get a celestial/fiendish version of an ordinary familiar do you still get the bonuses associated with that familiar. For instance would a fiendish cat still give the +3 on stealth rolls or a fiendish fox +2 to reflex saves or do the fiendish versions give nothing at all?

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I was just reading in another thread that when making sneak attacks from invisibility only the first attack is a sneak attack. Is this the same when using Flurry of Stars? Does only the first shuriken get the sneak attack damage?